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Dealing with Customer Dis-service

By Zpunky ·
One of our accounting staff, Cindy, had to contact Dell Financial Services (DFS) because they sent us an invoice with 4 months of lease charges due on a leased server I?d returned last April. They were claiming we hadn?t returned the server; this in light of the invoice they?d sent in July charging us for a hard drive they said was not with that server when they received it. Cindy kept asking, ?So was there no hard drive or did you not receive the server?? The ?receivables rep? kept saying she didn?t have this information.

The rep did keep demanding a proof of delivery. Our shipper has sent us one that I will make available to Cindy. As the contact for all communications IT, I never received word from Dell that they did or did not receive the server, nor did I receive any word about a missing drive. We simply got invoices months later.

What was most astonishing was the more Cindy pressed for information and resolution, the more the Dell rep refused to provide information saying, ?I?m just Account Receivable, you have to talk to Customer Service.? Getting no where fast, Cindy asked for the Customer Service number. Cindy hung up and immediately called Customer Service (now here?s the kicker), Cindy recognized the voice of the Customer Service rep, who asked for our account number. When Cindy gave it to her, the rep paused, stuttered and said, ?Oh, I just spoke with you. After you hung up I talked to my supervisor and we found that you are supposed to get credit for the missing hard drive.?

First, there was not enough time for the rep to check on anything between phone calls, and then there was the rep?s prior claim that she was only Accounts Receivable.

Cindy got through the issue of the lease billings for the returned server and before hanging up asked for a confirmation number. The rep responded, ?We don?t provide confirmation numbers for these kinds of transaction.?

I cannot see the logic in treating a customer this way. We're not a big company, but we spent about $100,000 on our leases over the past three years. Do they really think we'll do that again after treating us this way?

Dealing with DFS over the past 10 months is probably the most frustrating customer service experience I?ve had in my 15 years of working in IT. Is this just my experience with DFS, or is this SOP dealing with these large computer manufacturers?

Besides walking with your wallet, how do you handle this kind of behavior from your vendor? What is the consensus out there?

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Not so much Dell as Dell Financail Services

by Zpunky In reply to Different Dell Support Ex ...

All of our systems have Gold support and three year warranties, thankfully. In the past 8 months I've had 2-3 systems a month go down with bad memory. The Gold Support is helpful, if not slow; it take about 2 hours of my time to perform all the tests on the memory before they will agree to ship out refurb'd replacement modules. Still, I can live with that and knowing we'll be up and running the next day.

I guess that's why I'm so shocked at the way I am treated by Dell Financial Services (DFS). All of these systems are on leases, our model was to lease and return on perpetual 3-year cycles. That's money in perpetuity, monthly lease payments with interest, that DFS has lost Dell. This year I have over $55,000 to spend on new, leased systems (that's face value cost, not lease cost) but with the rude, deceptive, aggressive, uncooperative, disorganized, condescending and patronizing individuals I've had to deal with at DFS, Dell will see none of that money; I'm going with Polywell, 10 miles away.

This decision is based solely on dealing with Dell Financial Services, not the significant system failure issues, or Gold Support (which is actually friendly), but the Financial Services people. Their bungling causes me at the very least 5 hours per lease, and we have 10 leases for all of our system; we purchased in staggered groups. I cannot justify the time they waste.

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Financial PR is lacking all around

by Tink! In reply to Not so much Dell as Dell ...

I've seen/heard of that all over. Especially when it's Accounts Receivable. But I think part of that can be accountable to the customers that fight against paying and have no justifiable cause for it. So many businesses and customers fight to save every possible penny and often that means finding frivolous issues to dispute. This, unfortunately, makes the A/R departments wary and unwilling to work with customers in general. Therefore when they encounter a customer such as yourself, who does have a legitimate issue, they are not very receptive.

Again, it's another case of the majority being illegitimate and making it harder for the minority that is legit.

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Mixed experience with Dell support

by NickNielsen In reply to Different Dell Support Ex ...

Normal support is best described as non-existent. Gold support is excellent.

The first time I called Dell was for a suspected power supply issue (spontaneous reboots). The CS rep apparently misheard the service tag or service code and I got normal [lack of] support. I was told that they couldn't troubleshoot the system until it had the standard Dell image on it; the only reason I was able to get off the phone was by agreeing to accept a Dell recovery CD!

The following week, I called back. During the initial conversation, the CS rep asked me to verify the service tag. I was immediately routed to Gold Support. After listening to me describe the symptoms, they shipped a power supply within 15 minutes.

(Aside: Over the next week, Dell dispatched a tech to replace almost every component inside and after it was all done, the PC was still spontaneously rebooting. Dell Gold had no qualms about shipping a replacement PC when the request was made.)

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10 service calls in 10 weeks on brand new Dell 1525

by bcasner In reply to Different Dell Support Ex ...

My wife's old Dell Inspiron 1100 died after 4 years of hard use. So we bought a new Dell Inspiron 1525. I would suggest that no one else repeat this experience. We have had 10 service calls in the first 10 weeks of ownership. Finally my wife got so mad that she spoke very sharply to the Dell CS rep and asked for a new one, as this is obviously a lemon. They refused, but did finally send out a service person. I should mention that we bought the 24/7 next day on site support package, thinking it would result in good support. No such luck, and I doubt I will ever buy another Dell.

Our company is thinking of switching to Dell, and I have spent considerable time talking to the decision makers to ask them not to do this because of the awful support.

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One thing to remember about Dell

by NickNielsen In reply to 10 service calls in 10 we ...

and HP and Acer and Sony and...and...

There is a vast difference between personal and corporate support.

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I've had better luck with Dell CS

by Tink! In reply to Dealing with Customer Dis ...

All my experiences with Dell CS have been satisfactory.

- We received 4 free printers with our order of new PCs. All had a 1 year warranty. Within less than a year they started jamming around the fuser unit one by one. I just called up Dell and they'd have me send in the faulty one and sent us a replacement. It was all very quick and painless. Did it 3 times. Note: I don't think the problem was necessarily bad design on Dell's part, I do a very specialized printing and alot of it. I think I just wore the poor things down. I have since switched to another printer for that and only use the Dell for normal documents. It - meaning the final original one - has now lasted for over 2 years. :) )

- One of the bosses' wife had a Dell laptop that was still under warranty. The monitor was acting up and in attempting to fix it, I discovered the Inspiron laptop thought it was a Latitude. (LOL. Identity crisis.) Called up Dell and they sent a tech in the next day. He fixed the monitor and replaced the motherboard all that day.

We never purchased any extra service plan. The above was done simply under the given warranties.

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That's life

by Oz_Media In reply to Dealing with Customer Dis ...

I've seen it from many angles, including teh service providers side and there's always something that is out of teh reps hands and they are expected to 'cover' for it and terminate the call however thay can.

I am not condonig it, but this IS business and it has become worse as dollars take over for any geniune concern about happy customers.

I had a similar issue with IBM, they sent me a enw HD for a notebook (they would have come and installed it but it would have been two days later and I wanted the HD right away). They rushed one to me the same day, I installed it and sent the old one back, in the box provided with the prepaid UPS postage.

A few months later they called looking for it. I had moved and no longer had the shippin ginfo handy, but as they had shipped it to me, they had a copy of it anyway. I explaine dit was already sent back, the rep apologised for the mistake and hung up.

About two months later I got another call asking, "did you manage to find the HD yet?"
I explained it had been shipped back already, the rep asked when, I told hiom several months ago. He again apologized for the call, explained that it wa sprobably a reciving issue and said he'd wipe the account clean so I didn't get called on it again. I never did.

After unpackign more boxes and finally getting settled in my new place, I ran across the old HD boxed and ready for delivery but I had somehow missed actually shipping it back. ooops, my bad.

After some thought, I dcided IBM had been good to me so I phoned, explained the problem and said I would sent it straight back, with my most humble apologies, of course.

But they said it had been written off, these things happen and not to worry about it. "Is there anythign else I can do for you today Mr.xxxxxxxxx? No? Thank you for calling IBM."

I have often raved about what great service they provide (when dealing with business class hardware). It is times like that that I am proven correct for my wierd ways. Then again, you always get what you pay for.

Dell= low end, no standardization, poor customer service, lower price. Is it worth it? Not in my experience.

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