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Dear IE, I'm leaving you for good

By typemismatch ·
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you're kidding right?

by typemismatch In reply to Dear IE, I'm leaving you ...

I hate to point this out but it doesn't matter how good firefox is, 99% or higher of users have no damn idea what it is you're talking about and will use whatever browser their operating system comes with. That being said, IE is here for good, get viruses from time to time but if you've got good virus software who cares. Even if firefox could do my work for me while I lie on the beach, I wouldn't use it .... why? well, most smart people know, when building a website that your visitors will be using IE so you build your site to support IE .... imagine no VBScript or ActiveX or other such things ... but yet again, if firefox did ALL those things, most people don't know what it is .... you can't ignore that little fact.

If I was MS I'd be laughing my *** off at these reactions.


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Agreed - easier than writing 'Stupid' on your forehead

by David Hamilton In reply to you're kidding right?

Yes, there are a large number of users who have no idea what a browser is (I've often had the response Word 97 to the question "Which operating system you are using?"!). Of course those same users are the reason that I'm being spammed to death at the moment - they've no idea about security, got viruses and their address book stolen and sold to spammers. Their ignorance is a problem, not a justification.

But the real point is that I've been watching the usage stats of various types of websites, and, only a week after it's release, Firefox 1.0 is already a 10% usage on certain types of websites - notably 'Software' and 'Weblogs'. In other words it is particularly 'net savvy' individuals who are using Firefox - the movers and shakers in the industry.

If you write a site that is IE-only, you would be:

a) Publicly advertising your ignorance of the internet and it's standards, and how to properly write a website.

b) Highlighting your ignorance to many of the movers and shakers in the internet community - the important people!

In fact - you're right: Keep your site as IE-only - that way we can easily identify you (and your clients, if you have any) as ignorant of the internet and disregard anything you say.

It's a lot easier than having 'Stupid' tatooed on your forehead, after all.


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are you insane?

by typemismatch In reply to Agreed - easier than writ ...

Who cares what the movers and shakers think? Really, I couldn't care less. You must be right up there if you think the important people decide what browser we use .... geez.

If I was selling products online or some form of online service do you really think I'd be trying to target the movers and shakers .... are we making movies here? I only care about the average and the average says IE and since everyone has it, unless you're a die hard linux user, then IE it will always be.

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No - just not marketing to sheep

by David Hamilton In reply to are you insane?

Hey Buddy - guess why the movers and shakers are the so called? Because they're the decision makers and influencers. They're the ones that marketing are always so keen to advertise to, remember? The vast majority of the rest are sheep who just follow. In experiments, Milgram found that 63% of people would actually hurt other human beings for no other reason that they had been given a command to...

Who cares what the majority think - they don't actually think at all since they're too busy following!!!

The whole point about writing standards-based websites is that you target everyone - not just those who are too ignorant to know what a browser is.


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Code reuse

by thedew In reply to are you insane?

You know, I think the fact that Outlook, IE, Windows Explorer, and others' reliance on the same HTML rendering component is a good example of code reuse, something that I continually try to acheive in my line of work.

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You couldn't be more right

by MadestroITSolutions In reply to Code reuse

I must say FireFox has lots of interesting features that I like (I am an IE user), but you know how much time I spend making the websites I design look the same in other browsers?
I somewhat favor Open Source and definitely don't like monopolies, but the fact of the matter is that it would be much easier to design web sites and program software if all the components were tightly integrated like you mentioned.

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I usually don't like MS bashing because...

by dgarvich In reply to you're kidding right?

Usually, people who are out to bash Microsoft and Microsoft products are doing just that... bashing. Often there is no real alternative to what the products offer in terms of functionality so I'll deal with the bugs.

However, the browser market is different. I was there when Netscape introduced tables, I've been there through every major browser, browser war, virus, vulnerability and feature. Lynx was my first browser and I still use it on occasion.

Now, I use Firefox exclusively for development AND browsing. There are very few sites which get rendered oddly and the additional add-ons in the form of extensions makes Firefox a much better platform for development.

Do I represent 90% of the market? No, but I do represent the more informed 10%. Funny thing is... it's the informed 10% who have always dictated which browser was the de-facto standard, much like fashion designers dictated what will be "in vogue" next season.

The public is becoming more and more savvy as the internet and its pitfalls become more and more mainstream, there's no reason a browser as weak as IE should be the de-facto standard forever, particularly when Microsoft has said they would offer no further development on it.

My traffic reports show a significant increase in Firefox usage in the past few weeks... One can only hope...

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by typemismatch In reply to I usually don't like MS b ...

The only de-facto standard browser is the one you get with your OS and I hate to point out it is and probably will be for a very long time IE.

I think the increased problem with viruses shows that the public is _not_ becoming more savvy with the internet, more exposed but not any more educated.

I don't hate firefox and I do use it at work as well as IE but it isn't the greatest and to be honest I would like to know why we need another browser anyway? and that is a serious question, is the industry trying to make a new browser just because people are pissed with MS? ....

anyway .... life goes on

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by dlwaters In reply to you're kidding right?


>well, most smart people know, when building a website that your visitors will be using IE so you build your site to support IE

I am a web application's programmer, so of course first and foremost I will make sure my web sites function in IE. It would be suicide not to, but I will also work to support Netscape, and Opera & Firefox, and Text Browsers because I am not the one who determines who wants to shop at my sites. I find it hugely arrogant of sites that say to me when I arrive at their doorstop, "If you don't use IE, don't bother shopping here." How offensive can you get? What an enormous turn-off it is for me to have to load IE just to visit your site. Can you imagine walking up to a grocery store and being asked to provide your Microsoft Loyalty Badge before being able to walk in??

I am not a mover, nor a shaker, just someone who likes tabbed browsing. I discovered tabbed browsing using Opera, but could not stand Opera's overall interface. Firefox provided me with a much clearner interface that I happen to love. I do not claim that Firefox is a perfect solution. I have my beefs and find that it's startup configuration is a bit too spare and that users who don't enjoy searching for and finding extensions might not like Firefox. A coworker of mine and even my fiancee (who is very much a techy) both do not like Firefox, which is their choice based on their needs.

But, the bottom line is, as a web applications programmer it is my duty to supply cross-browser compatibity in my sites so I don't alienate potential customers. I won't go out of my way to support every ancient browser out there, but I will cover the major players, and in spite of your feelings Firefox is a major player now.

Dean L. Waters

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True, but the question is...

by MadestroITSolutions In reply to

Wouldn't you like to have a single platform so you do not have to be waisting your time modifying your HTML and CSS to make it look the same in other browsers?

I am with you, FireFox has nice features that IE does not have and will never have (unfortunately due to halt development), so under that idea, it is definitely better. Imagine if we could have an integration of all the features of FireFox with a Microsoft rendering engine... after all, it doesn't cost a cent to dream...

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