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Dear IE, I'm leaving you for good

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Never seen it crash?

by MadestroITSolutions In reply to What Security Vulnerabili ...

Guess what, me neither...
So now you are going to tell me you have never seen a software work fine in some computers and crash in others?
I can post the same question backwards to you:
Have you thoroughly studied FireFox's code? Are you 100% sure there are no security flaws? If not, I will have to assume your statement is untrue. There is no perfect software in the world, and if you were a true programmer, you would know that.

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Your point?

by David Hamilton In reply to Never seen it crash?

Agreed there is no such thing as perfect software. But that does not mean that all products are equal.

My point was that he was making some points he couldn't substantiate, so that makes me distrust the rest.


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Not support XHTML?

by lsw In reply to Firefox has bugs too!!

Excuse me... but if you open a TRUE XHTML web page that actually uses the XHTML mime type and sends it ot the Server you will see Firefox return true XHTML Pages.

If you visit the same site with IE... IE will try to download the page because it DOES NOT KNOW what to do with True XHTML. IE only accepts XHTML served as HTML. Just try this document at Juicy Studios to see how both browsers treat it, it is true XHTML.

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One night stand

by bcampbellOne In reply to Dear IE, I'm leaving you ...

Dear Firefox, Your good but not good enough to leave IE
November 22, 2004

By Robert Campbell
Web Developer

Dear Firefox:

It's over. Our relationship was just a flash in the pan, the honeymoon is over, the thrill is gone. I'm staying with IE.

I know this isn't a good time--you've just been released, the confetti is flying, and so isn't the truth.
You ask me what about virus's, you know IE always is to blame. Well I do hope you can do better that that, I haven't had any virus's in the last 4 years, of course I do take all of the precautions and keep my system in tip top shape, I mean you've got have some sense of personal responsibility....
Funny, you'd think all the geeks and developers would do the same, but they dont, they turn around and blame the browser, I guess that's what they mean when they say "programmers are lazy." (Apparently, so aren't tech editors.

And Firefox, how is it that in all the time it took you to grow up, that you never mention the fact of how much you have learned from IE? Just like IE learned from Netscape.
Afterall, no software is created in a vacum, we all learn from the trials and tribulations of everyone else's software, especially from the biggest and most popular. You might want to try working with IE and Windows developers and see if you can really come up with something. Barring that, you might want to see shrink and deal with those self-esteem issues..

That said, I just can't continue with this relationship any longer. All you ever say is that fix things, but the problem is that they already are fixed.

There's nothing secret about IE's marriage to Windows. I'm a business user and a Windows user, I want synergy to exist between the OS and the browser. I'm sorry you have a problem with that, but don't you's not MY PROBLEM...

You ask,"what about HTML e-mail in Outlook? Every time there's a new letter in the Inbox, you rush over to help Windows render it. And what about HTML within Word? ...And don't get me started with those late nights you've spent rendering thumbnail images in Windows Explorer. You're all over Windows and, what, you just expect me to turn a blind eye?"

Firfox, open source, God forbid you turn a blind eye! Give me a break, Windows users USE Windows for the very things that you whine about! What part of "I like Windows" don't you understand? And you know what? I want more! Windows XP sp2 is great, built in firewall, popup blockers and configurable. Now I don't have to install, all those utilities that screw up my system. Dear Bill, keep it coming.

Firefox, I wish you'd make up your mind, a few years ago everyone was complaining about feature bloat, now you're complaining cause we don't just add features for features sake. Can't we reserve waffling for just politics? Oh and by the way, I don't need tabbed windows, and also, your welcome for showing you all of the things that can go wrong in the real world. Must have really helped your programmers to have a live working program to borrow from...

God, more repititous, redundant whining.... "Last Christmas, I gave you a free RSS reader, Pluck</a>, and you seemed to like it..." Don't you read Cnet's software comments... fifty-seven percent of Cnet's users gave it a thumbs down. Maybe next time you will ask me if I want something or find out if I really need something before before complaining.

Ya see Firefox, "what I want is a browser that's strong and secure, one that handles the latest content and won't crash..." And you know what, I got that in IE. I take care of it, it takes care of me. And it is much to soon to say the same thing about Firefox. You can dust off your conspiracy theories, flap your jaws and fill the world with exaggerations and hype, but in the end you just don't have enough muscle to make a dent in my territory, but it will be amusing to watch.

Better luck next time.

Bob Campbell

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You got skills

by MadestroITSolutions In reply to One night stand

Very kewl letter, lol

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It's all right - we know you never two-timed IE

by David Hamilton In reply to One night stand

I know you'd like people to believe that you had some kind of affair with Firefox, but the truth is that IE wears the trousers in your marriage, and, however bad it gets, you're never going to leave IE. You're so smitten that you're blind to any failings, and scared even to criticise bad habits.

You may never have see any of IE's betrayals, but it remains that many other people have. And if bad things come onto people's computers from web sites, it makes sense that the browser they use is responsible. It is not surprising that people feel let down by IE.

And if you fail to see the wrinkles and lines of old age creeping into IE's face, maybe its your love that's blinding you, or maybe that your eyesight is beginning to fail too.

That IE helps its friend Outlook with bits of work, well, I'm sure that's charming, but when IE forgets to lock the front door in the rush (and allows a JavaScript exploit, or an IFRAME buffer overflow) and allows unsavory people into the house, that's not so good.

I'm suprised, though, that even you haven't noticed that you're living with a schizophrenic!!! Open a website and ask IE who it is (Help/About Internet Explorer) - answer "Internet Explorer". Now open the 'Folders' Explorer Bar, and select a folder on your hard disk. Ask again who IE is (Help/About Windows) and the answer is 'Windows'.

And IE hides things about the house that you don't know about - it's good that you mentioned Thumbnails. Ever wondered where those thumbnails are hidden? No? Well you should, because viruses are starting to hide in the same places, where apparently even virus scanners can't find them!

I know that it is difficult seeing someone you love grow old - especially when there is a fresh face like Firefox around. Realising that with every day more and more sites start using CSS2 and CSS3 features that IE can't display must really hurt.

But yours is a true love, and I know that you will always love IE, no matter how old and shabby it gets; no matter that it no longer know who it is; no matter how many uninvited guests it allows in.

And I think that's great.


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Latest Virus Link

by FBuchan In reply to Dear IE, I'm leaving you ...

The My Doom variant described in that link does not affect anyone running SP2. That isn't a defence of IE, just an observation. And, its infection rate is low, so if you want to use a risk as a springboard for such an article, why not choose one that is less pedestrian?

And, while Fire Fox is very good work, to suggest that it doesn't suffer vulnerabilities is simply disingenuous. Suggest instead it currently isn't a large target and has no known vulnerabilities and that may stand as a fact, but even the developers who built it will admit that it is a matter of time before someone with intenta nd time exposes its users to risk.

Until people stop clicking without thinking, there is no such thing as a truly secure browser experience. Switching from IE makes sense for some, but for most all the switching in the world won't do much good until they think about their use in context of security.

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by tommy higbee In reply to Latest Virus Link

Considering that IE uses ActiveX, which is inherently insecure and badly designed from a security standpoint, anyone who claims that IE and Firefox are equally secure is provably wrong.

I have no problem with people urging a more realistic view of security. Yes Firefox is new, and still a small target compared to IE. Firefox is not magic, it will be vulnerable. But just because it will never be perfect doesn't mean it's no better than IE. Just like Java is more secure by design than ActiveX, so Firefox has a security advantage over IE, 90% of which is from the lack of ActiveX controls.

There is, by the way, an (unsupported) ActiveX plugin control available for Firefox, if you just have to get the two on an equal footing....

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Yes, but.. who uses ActiveX controls anymore?...

by MadestroITSolutions In reply to

I agree with what you are saying but who uses Activex controls anymore.... after all, like you said, they are badly designed and have always been a headache to use. You may argue that you still have some ActiveX components out there (like antivirus scanners) but then again, you have the choice of whether or not you want to install them. In my mind, that makes them no different than extensions for FireFox. They follow the same concept, allowing the browser to do things that it did not do by design. Sooner or later, someone out there will begin exploiting vulnerabilities in Firefox.
FireFox can be better (and probably is) than IE, but if you look at it from that point of view, you have lots of software out there that does better things that Microsoft products do, but most people (and companies for this matter) favor Microsoft products because of architecture integration issues.

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CERT Report on ActiveX

by bcampbellOne In reply to

The CERT? Coordination Center has a white paper which dispels many of the myths that you are perpetuating. In the paper it talks about the security issue, the design and the power of ActiveX. And it does so in an informative, objective way.
The thing I find most interesting is that it was written in 2000 and yet the same myths are still
repeated by otherwise intelligent technical editors and geeks. After all is said and done, it is more about MS bashing then improving the technology.

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