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Dear IE, I'm leaving you for good

By typemismatch ·
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Some simple facts

by MadestroITSolutions In reply to Konqueror is enough for m ...

1) This is a tech post. Of course we know what SSH is.
2) Evidently you have never worked for a company with more than 20 employees.
3) If IE had come out after Konqueror, it would have had many bells and weasels too. Other browsers have what they have because they improve based on their predecessors.
4) Internet explorer can also be used as a file manager.
5) "To publish straight to a web site, as if I was copying a file to a local filesystem directory" sounds a lot to me like FTP. Again, IE has it builtin.
6) They should mention the user technology & Knowledge level required to understand posts like this.

No offense, all cheers mate.

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