delated Facebook picture still appears on Google

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I've delated a picture from my Facebook business page one month ago. It's still visible on Google. Google tells me that they can't do anything about it, and Facebook too (I have already contacted them both). What should I do?
NB: My business' name is "Scrivimi un biscotto" and the picture that I talk about shows "Parola di Biscotto" (which is the previous name of my business). Thank you in advance
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Well firstly the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of FB say they own the picture

by OH Smeg In reply to delated Facebook picture ...

Which you accepted when you took out a FB Account and particuarly when you uploaded the picture to FB you gave it to them to do with as they please.

Secondly here I'm assuming that the picture is still appearing in the Google Archive for what used to be visiable on the Net as this is a common issue that so many people complain about.

Lastly as you gave away the ownership of the picture when you uploaded it to FB and accepted that they can do as they please with it you can do nothing about it it's not yours to do anything about now as you gave it to FB.

The reality of doing anything online is that it is there forever can not be deleted or anything else the only way to proceed here is to upload another picture with the same name and overwrite the original which may get rid of it from FB and eventually from the Google Archive but otherwise there is nothing you can do about it as in the Stricly legal View of things it's not yours to ask to be deleted and Google is in no way responsible to FB to do anything. Like all companies they have their own systems in place and do as their User Agreements say, the fact that no one ever reads these because they are hundreds of pages long and filled with Legalise that are deliberatly written to confuse is beside the point you accepted the Terms when you joined FB

Something I see way too often by people who think that being Online is all Good and great that saves them lots of money and has no drawbacks. The simple fact of the matter is that by saving yourself money you have given away any way to control what you have posted.


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Mine stopped showing after some time

by markluduvic In reply to delated Facebook picture ...

Well, that is the worst thing about internet. When you upload your pictures on Facebook, they become a part of the internet if uploaded publicly. When you remove them from your profile. They stop showing on Facebook but it goes into the archive of the internet. Meaning, it will show in the search results on Google despite being removed from the original platform.

Two things to note here:

First, I faced the same issue but fortunately after a few months the image stopped showing in the search results. Maybe cause the platform totally revamped itself and might have lost all the previous data.

Or, second, Google updated its results with the available and latest content for better SERPs and not finding the image on the platform helped in removing it.

So, the best thing that I can advise at the moment is that you wait it out. In the meantime, upload new picture on Facebook. It will help in getting new image up on the Google results instead of an old one.

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