Delay when unlocking XP workstation

By Matt_SF ·
I am experiencing a delay of approx 1-2 min when I unlock one of my XP SP2 workstations. The delay does not exist upon initial boot up or upon re-boot. This is NOT spyware, a virus, or a start-up program issue, and I have even changed the Winlogon/DcacheMinInterval timeout in the registry (WAY back to NT 4). Does anyone have any idea why this would be happening and what I could do to fix it? Thank you.

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I agree

by csimmons In reply to TB2Launch is the culprit!

I have been frustrated by this problem on both my desktop and laptop for over a year. I had set TB2Launch to manual since I only use it rarely. Thanks for the great find. I'll submit this bug to Netopia (now owned by Motorola). Since we have > 10K licenses with them, perhaps they will address the issue.

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Thanks a million times over!

by cwoodgett In reply to TB2Launch is the culprit!

This thing has been bugging me to for about 3 months now!

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I have experienced this on my last 3 business laptops with XP

by treestump In reply to Delay when unlocking XP w ...

I concur and also looking for answers! With XP and the last 3 business laptops I have had, and just started happening on my newest 3 month old laptop with XP Pro, I am getting exactly a 60 second delay every time returning from locked workstation. I don't have spyware doctor (have had norton antivirus corporate edition on all machines). My XP Pro doesn't have the DCacheMinInterval reg entry to even change, I am frustrated as heck this issue keeps haunting me on every laptop after a few months of using it! Any info please advise and/or email me at

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