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By Mehul Bhai ·
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If you people cannot control and delete Users who are only creating ZOMBIES OR SPAMMING, then Delete Me from your Forums and Disable My ID and just not Disable me from posting. Its DISGUSTING the genuine Users are treated here like these. TechRepublic has gone from BAD to Worse to WORST with every ugrade since I joined in 1999. I would finally like to say BYE!!!

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It may be easier for the moderators,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to How so?

(although Tammy's post below indicates otherwise), but it's much harder for members to locate in the first place. If we can't find it, we can't flag it.

First, it remains difficult to spot new posts in discussions. If a spammer digs up a large zombie, it's hard to spot the multiple new posts since they are no longer marked as new. If there's just one, it's at the top; sometimes there are more and they're difficult to spot.

Second, if you follow the link to the spammer's profile, you only see his last four posts. You can't track down all his offensive content, including the multiple posts to a single discussion as noted above. It's also harder to switch between a member's posts to Discussion and Q&A than it used to be.

Third, we don't see a full 'Member Since' date anymore. Spammers almost always joined the day they posted. That was a useful clue.

Fourth, the old 'sign up' process mandated a location. Goofy locations like 'London, Egypt' were often good indications of a canned pork pusher. Location and date could be scanned when a post was opened, often indicating it was spam before even reading the content. Now with the location being optional, it takes longer to analyze the text. (Making it harder to tell where a poster is from also makes it harder to tell how sophisticated to be with one's speech when replying. Many of us would avoid slang, contractions, etc when replying to someone from a non-English-speaking location.)

Fifth, as MJ says, the Discussions board no longer shows the name of the most recent poster. Names like 'BuySchoolDegree' were usually pretty good indicators that it was worth opening the discussion to smack the button.

Consider yourself pinged. You're looking at spam hunting from the back-end view of the butcher or meat processor; come out here and see it from the woods.

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Ditto Palmy.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to It may be easier for the ...

Yuppers. Yup, yup, yup.

Total disconnect between PTB's and daily users.

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Tool loss...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to How so?

A) Email spam alerts almost always arrive in my Inbox hours after the spam post is marked. Sorry. Epic fail, even before the upgrade.
B) I got so sick and tired of multiple emails per single spam report that I blocked those emails. Sorry, epic fail, even before the upgrade.
C) Post upgrade, I'm not allowed to comment as Boxy Fiddler, and I can't delete spam as boxfiddler. I guarantee you, no matter how much I love this place and these people, I'm not logging out, logging in again to remove spam, logging out, logging in again to see what else is cooking and partake in delicious conversation. Just to go through the same log out/log in/log out/log in process the next time I bump into a spammer. Sorry. Epic fail.
D) I can only view 4 posts per username when I check a spammer profile. I used to have access to everything that steeenkeen spammer posted. Now I get access to only 4. Sorry. Epic fail.
E) Loss of the full join date. Join date in conjunction with even only one post is a dead giveaway. Yup, sorry. Epic fail.

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A fix for one of those aggrievances:

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Tool loss...

Have two browsers... like, say, FF and Opera... one set to autologin as Boxy McFiddler, the other set to autologin as boxfiddler. Easy as pie, except you have to remember which one you're using for what activity.

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Tool loss...

It's not my freaking job to fix this mess. I got enough troubles of my own at the moment.

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I hear you...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Tool loss...

Just figured I'd share what I found out about having easy access to an alternative login. Too bad I have no need for it myself.

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Maybe there isn't enough normal posting because there is an issue

by AV . In reply to The problem is that spam ...

Like the one I'm having. I haven't been able to post a new discussion since the upgrade. I can only reply to existing discussions. Its pretty annoying.


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Now that's funny...

by puppybreath In reply to Maybe there isn't enough ...

went to open your post to read it and got a 404 error instead. That would REALLY explain why there isn't enough posting.

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I get a lot of 404's

by AV . In reply to Now that's funny...

One minute the post is there, the next minute it isn't. I'm just baffled though why I can't start a new discussion.


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Now that you mention it,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I get a lot of 404's

I''m seeing those too. You're not looking over my shoulder again, are you?

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