dell 2400 new hard drive install trouble

By danny.williams ·
I am having trouble installing new hard drive. Won't recognize hard drive. Have dell install disc, won,t read cd-rom. Reset bios settings? by removing "coin" battery for 20 minutes and reinstalling. Any clues to make this work? Thanks to any reply's.

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Yes you are correct

by OH Smeg In reply to 'Course if the IDE cable ...

But as this isn't a new build I'm supposing that the IDE Lead is at least connected the right way on the M'Board if nothing else. I think I mentioned which way the IDE Lead should be plugged into the Drive above earlier but that may have been elsewhere.

Besides I was never into the Wacky Racers and wouldn't consider something that big suitable for a civic particularly when there are some really nice small Military Engines available that would fit the bill quite nicely.

But given the chance I would really like to find a different use for a Pegasus Engine. They are just a cure little engine. B-)

Now what did that guy say something along these lines Cars are OK but to really get me interested it's got to have a Afterburner. Well something like that at least. Beside you don't get anything slipstreaming you as they just don't run in the jet wash. ?


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'Twas me, OH Smeg

by nepenthe0 In reply to 'Course if the IDE cable ...

I said that after I jettisoned AV software my computer ran like an F-15 on afterburners.

But don't tell Old Mycroft, 'cause he'll have a flippin fit...

Rick/Portland, OR

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No actually Rick it wasn't you

by OH Smeg In reply to 'Twas me, OH Smeg

It was a guy by the name of Ken Warby who used to drive a World Speed Record Boat.

I did a little bit of work with the boat as the Afterburner wouldn't ignite in the boat but worked perfectly on the Test Stand at the RAF base in Wagga Wagga.

Then when the Air-force apprentices destroyed that motor I was cut loose and allowed to return to my real work. So I never did find out why the Afterburner wasn't working but I defiantly have my own ideas I just didn't get a chance to see if I was right though.


I have a Need for Speed.

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Oh well, great minds think alike

by nepenthe0 In reply to 'Twas me, OH Smeg

Wasn't T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) engaged in similar research when he was working for the English Army? Alas, within a month of his discharge, he crashed his motorcycle to avoid some boys playing in the street, and never regained consciousness.

Rick/Portland, OR

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tried these things.......

by danny.williams In reply to dell 2400 new hard drive ...

Ok peoples, I downloaded the bios information from the dell site by the service tag#. The computer wouldn,t recognize that there was anything in the drive (floppy that is).I did set the boot sequence for the floppy to be the first boot-up.I have tried the jumper settings at master and at cable select, no change. I have double checked the IDE cable for correct polarity and seated properly.I have tried to boot w/out battery installed, to reset bios?, no help. Removed battery for 30 minutes and reinstalled, no help.I am missing something/procedure order, or my mother board is at fault? Any other things to try?? I seen chipset file on dell site, but did not have the floppy space to download.Do i need to do that?
Appreciate you all!
Dan Williams

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Well the BIOS File isn't all you need to download

by OH Smeg In reply to tried these things.......

You also need to download the Flashing Utility copy both of these to the Root of a Floppy and then boot the Computer off a Boot Disc, then when you get the DOS Prompt C: > change Floppies and type in the Flash Utility Name and press Enter.

You can download a copy of a Boot Floppy from here I suggest the Windows 98 one as it's easy to use.

Have you looked at the Jumper on the HDD? If there is only 1 HDD in this computer it should be set to Master but if the Optical Drive is on the same IDE Lead and set to master neither Drive will appear in BIOS, the same applies if both are set to Slave as well.

If you do not know what a Jumper is there are 2 rows of Pins between the IDE Socket and the Power Socket on the HDD. On the sticker on the HDD there will be a Diagram telling you which is Master, Slave and any other settings that this particular drive may have available.

You also need to look at the Size of the HDD as if it is dramatically different to the one that came out BIOS may not be able to recognize it even with a Upgrade or Flash of the BIOS.


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Identify my motherboard

by danny.williams In reply to Well the BIOS File isn't ...

I need to replace the motherboard on my dell. I am having trouble knowing which motherboard to get. I think its socket is a Mpga478b ??????
The #'s from the uprocessor I.C. is 2.4 Ghz/128/400 SL6VU 54378577
It is a pentium 4.

Which mother board can I use? I do not need anything fancy. Onlu use it for e-mail, pictures, music etc. No gaming or movies.

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Well the first problem is that the Intel 478 CPU is now old stock

by OH Smeg In reply to Identify my motherboard

And is no longer supported by the new CPU's types. The M'Board that you currently have supports the Older P4 CPU Format and the DDR RAM which has been replaced with 776 Pin CPU's in Single, Dual or Quad Cores with more Internal Cache and DDR 2 or 3 RAM which is considerably faster and cheaper than the existing DDR RAM so you are going to have trouble finding a Current Model M'Board for starters.

The newer M'Boards use a 24 Pin ATX power Connector + either a 4 or 6 Pin Axillary Power Connector so your current Power Supply will need replacing as well and you may have issues with the existing HDD and any Optical Drives as the new ones all tend to be SATA instead of the older IDE drives so the new M'Boards don't have as many IDE Connectors and do have SATA Connectors.

The next thing is that because you have a Dell you only have a Dell Recovery Disc which possibly will be no use to you with a New M'Board as it lacks the necessary drivers to allow you to install the OS. If you are looking at using XP Pro you need to limit the hardware to Single or Dual Core CPU's as XP Pro can not support any more CPU's. That is a design limit built into XP that isn't currently in Vista though currently Vista has a Upper Limit of 4 CPU's or Cores that it can use.

So within those limits you can look at these ASUS M'Boards which show as Current Models though many shops may not have stocks

These are all according to ASUS 845 Intel Chip Set M'Boards which is the same type as you originality had fitted by Dell and will take the existing hardware like CPU and RAM or these 865 Chip Set M'Boards by ASUS

You'll just have to look for one with On Board Video like the one you currently have as this uses the CPU & System Memory to generate Video, or these Gigabyte M'Boards which are newer 865 Chip Set M'Boards

actually just look at the 854 and 864 Chip Set M'Boards listed here

These will fit right in though the supplied Back Plate will most likely need changing with the new M'Board but these are supplied with all new M'Boards so that shouldn't be a problem. These M'Boards will use your existing CPU and RAM if you get one with On Board Video you will not need to buy a Video Card.

The only possible problem here may be the need to change the Power Supply if the M'Board that you end up getting requires a 24 Pin ATX plug and it's probably a good idea to replace the PS with a Brand Name one to get rid of the cheap one that Dell buy and can fail taking the M'Board, CPU, RAM and Drives along with it. All the new PS's that I buy come with a 24 Pin ATX connector that can be used with 20 Pin ATX M'Boards so that shouldn't be an issue. These Days I only use Gigabyte or ASUS M'Boards as they seem to work much better than any of the others but the ones you need to avoid are the Foxcom, ECS, PC Chips and the like. I have seen decent service from MSI and Aus Rock M'Boards but don't personally use them.

Of course if you want to go to either a Dual Core AMD or Intel CPU you'll have to also replace the RAM and CPU to get the newest technology which should be freely available unlike the older 845 & 865 Chip Set M'Boards.



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