Dell D600-i hate this money eater

By wbm3884 ·
I have a dell d600 and of course i get the ac adapter message at start up. i bought a new adapter but the thing still says that the adapter isnt recognized. i noticed that the power jack is loose and jiggles to where i can even cut off the computer by moving the cord. is this why i am getting this message or is it something else. Can i replace the power jack my self and if so how (its like 5.00 on ebay).

Thanks in advance for the help

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As the Power Jack is Soldered to the M'Board here

by OH Smeg In reply to Dell D600-i hate this mon ...

That is most likely what is wrong and this happens because people do not disconnect the Power Adapter before attempting to place the NB into it's bag or move it around with the Mains Adapter still present.

This causes the Solder Joints to break and the Power Jack to lift off the M'Board or otherwise break and not supply power tot he NB.

As for replacing the Jack it may not be necessary if you have the right qualifications and tools. It is quite often possible to solder these back onto the M'Board if the M'Board has not been broken and you use caution. You do need a Electronics Soldering Iron that is Temp Controlled to something like 312 C and High Silver Solder suitable for Electronic Work not Jewelry repairs.

You need to completely dismantle the NB and remove the M'Board from the Chassis so you would need the Dell Service Manual which is available from Dell's Web Site here

But unless you have the correct Equipment I would advise you to take it to a Computer repair Shop as the chances of destroying the M'Board are very high through poor Static Control Procedures and damage from the incorrect tools required to repair this with.


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I agree

by wanttocancel In reply to As the Power Jack is Sold ...

If you don't have a warranty on the machine (and it seems that you don't since you haven't mentioned that you've contacted Dell) then I would take the maching to a reputable computer repair shop and have them fix it. It might be costly however.

By the way, I fix alot of these problems with Dell and all they do is replace the mobo since that's the easiest solution (and then they actually fix the dc jack).

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Same with a N610C...

by The IT Guru In reply to As the Power Jack is Sold ...

I have the same problem with a Compaq Evo N610C notebook which was given to the oldest grandkid. He left it lying around charging, tripped over the cord and now it gets a "charging circuit failure" error. I took it apart, and the power jack is loose.
Took it to a mate who is an electronics wiz, soldered it back to MB... no dramas since... until the next time one of the little horrorheads gets to it...

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docking station

by wbm3884 In reply to Dell D600-i hate this mon ...

would a docking station help?

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