Dell Dimension E521 (Jan 2007) was running ok until I upgraded to 4GB .....

By NamaSamaran ·
Hi, I have Dell Dimension E521 that I bought Jan 2007. Have been running smoothly until 2 months ago. About 2 months ago, I called Dell to buy a printer. After that, the sales person talked me into buying 4 x 1GB RAM (Corsair, XMS2, DDR2). The computer was ok for couple of weeks, then I installed the Dell printer V505. A week later I started to notice some problems.

First, it was Internet Explorer hanging, but I thought it's just IE

Then, after the welcome screen, the icons failed to show up (so it's just showing the blue screen, standard color for WIndows XP). First few times, after hard reboot (or unpligging the power), it's ok.

Finally, on Jun 23 (or so), it just refused to turn on ever (after the welcome screen). Tried diagnostic, nothing. Went to the computer shop, they managed to revive it (after uninstalling ZonaAlarm).

I then reformated the entire HD, reinstalled XP, all the drivers, installed ONLY the necessary software (NO ZoneAlarm). LASTED ONLY 3-4 days before IE not working. Tried to go to previous Restore Point, made the problem worse. Another blue screen (after the welcome screen).

Yesterday try the Repair XP (using disk from Dell when I bought the system), complete failure, just stop mid installation (screen: Restore Point, OK button, nothing happened when hit). Yanked the power.

Now, I'm at loss? What is the cause of the sudden problem? The printer? Or the gigantic memory I installed?

How do I find out if the BIOS can handle that large? Can I return the memory if that's the problem? Remember I did not plan to buy it, I was basically talked into buyin one.

Please help. I'm running out of ideas how to fix this computer (also running to time)

Thank you in advance!

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Shouldn't need to turn off Dual Chanel Mode

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Update

As there are 4 Sticks of the Same RAM involved here so the system should work in Dual Chanel Mode and allow better performance.


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Those unzip files for the drivers

by NamaSamaran In reply to Dell Dimension E521 (Jan ...

Separate question but maybe the cause of my 2nd installation problem:

After I reformatted the HD, I need to run the Dist containing Dell driver utilities (one by one!). Each of them requested to unzip files to certain folders.

QUESTION: Can I safely remove those files after the installation (I do not like to have setup files sitting unused in my hd), or those files are used all the time (part of the execution of the drivers)


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by balge In reply to Those unzip files for the ...

you can remove the .zips after you have installed the programs is that what you mean?
otherwise I wouldn't go deleting stuff until you up and fully backed up

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The Files that the Dell Install Utility creates

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Those unzip files for the ...

In the Root of the C Drive are perfectly safe to delete. Just Do Not Delete any Folders anywhere else like in the Windows Folder.


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Yes, that was I meant - C:\\Dell\drivers\Rxxxx

by NamaSamaran In reply to The Files that the Dell I ...

Yes, those files from the unzip files from Dell Drivers CD.


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Your Welcome. < NT >

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Yes, that was I meant - C ...

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