Dell Optiplex 745 usb keyboard and mouse will not work after windows loads

By jstans ·
The problem I am running into is that the keyboard and mouse on two of the computers on my network will not function. The keyboard works just fine during startup, I can get into the BIOS and all that happy hooplah, but as soon as windows loads up they refuse to work. They are getting power from the computer but the computer refuses to use them. I would try using the PS2 keyboard port however with these new "fancy" dell's there isn't one. I need to get these machines fixed and everywhere I look to try and find an answer to this no one knows. Please let me know what you guys think.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Dell Optiplex 745 usb key ...

Sometimes disconnecting and reconnecting the usb devices when Windows has loaded sometimes reactivates the devices.

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Try this...

by NateLANman In reply to Dell Optiplex 745 usb key ...

I ran into the same problem with not only Dell computers but HP as well. It really became glaring when I had to set up Dell Desktop computers to send back to a leasing company.

Dell sets aside two USB ports on Desktops specifically for the mouse and keyboard. The ports are along the same row as the ethernet connector. So, try to use these two ports first. Why they do it this way is beyond me, but it seemed to fix the problem I was having.


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No Good

by jstans In reply to Try this...

Yeah I tried unplugging them and plugging them back in several times to no effect. I had them plugged into the two usb ports behind the NIC and they worked during boot up but once it gets to windows they don't work.

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by ctrservices In reply to Dell Optiplex 745 usb key ...

using the Universal Boot CD for Windows (everything loads into memory from CD and not the hard drive). If the keyboard/mouse work, you can uninstall both from the Device Manager and reboot without the UBCDforWin and try again.

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Another option that I found by accident...

by boblockhart In reply to Try

I have a 745 that I configured for a friend. What I found was that once you plug the mouse and keyboard into a USB port woe is you if you move it. Try moving the mouse & Keyboard around and that might solve the problem.

The next thing I need to check is if plug and pray is enabled or disabled which may be the other part of the problem since the drivers are already installed.

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This worked for me

by hexigen In reply to Dell Optiplex 745 usb key ...

We have a domain with a remote management software "DameWare" installed.
While I was having the same problem, what I did is I logged in remotely via Dameware, I'm sure you can do same via RDP and of course I saw that USB human interface drivers needed to be reinstalled...

Don't know what the deal is with that.

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Any luck with this?

by austinpm1 In reply to Dell Optiplex 745 usb key ...

JStans - did you ever get this issue resolved? I've got an optiplex at work that i need to get in the hands of the client who bought the machine and now usb mice and kbds don't respond when in windows. i plug them into any and all of the 6 usb ports and they are detected as new hardware but without automatically knowing they're kbds or mice, i can't click 'install' since technically they're not yet setup - very frustrating...

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You might try uninstalling the USB in Device Manager

by seanferd In reply to Any luck with this?

Then reboot so the driver and configuration get rebuilt.

You might also just run the Detect New Hardware Wizard in the Control Panel.

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Also Try,...

by hypocycloid3 In reply to Dell Optiplex 745 usb key ...

I encounted the same problem with the same model. Remoting in and fiddling with the USB settings sounded reasonable but for some reason I could not connect using any remote access program... tried 3, but was able to get around this by running a repair install of windows. Kinda lengthy, drastic measures type fix but worked for me in this case.

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Try This

by wacas In reply to Dell Optiplex 745 usb key ...

Attach any other keyboard e.g. lenovo or A-4tech and log on to windows and install drivers of the HP keyboard, windows xp has the drivers so you wont be needing any extra driver diskette.

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