DELL _SATA, install windows XP 'urgent'

By Justdream ·
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp, please

I have a big problem and I must travel to work abroad with my new laptop while I have a big problem in my new laptop so please help....

I prefer to use windows XP professional rather than vista....so I decided to buy windows with DOS system as all new and advanced laptops are using vista

anyway, when I tried to install XP on my new laptop,
once I get the window of Welcome to setup.........To set up windows xp, press Enter

and press Enter

I got the following message:

Setup cannot find the temporary installation files, the hard drive on which setup placed temporary files is not currently available to windows XP. you may need a manufacture-supplied device driver, or you may need to run setup again and select a drive that is compatible with windows XP for the temporary installation files. See your windows XP documentation for more information.

On x86-based computers, floppy disks generated by setup for use with non-CD installations are not suitable for installing from CD

Setup cannot continue. to quit press F3

Hint: I'm trying to install windows from a source on my Hard disk and I access my hard disk using portable windows installed on CD

My new laptop is DELL Studio 15 with SATA Hard disk........also hint that I changed SATA Mode Selection from AHCI to IDE

Please help. your fast response will be highly appreciated.....................Please

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by Justdream In reply to Instructions

I really appreciate your reply and appreciate Nlite too much
mow my new problem that all this data located on my Laptop HD which doesn't has OS so how could I copy this data to another PC to use it with Nlite............

I now that I ask silly questions but lifw without OS is so hard

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Here are a few options

by IC-IT In reply to Nlite

1. If the XP that is now on your hard drive came from a CD, just use the CD (if bootable) to do the install. You would just set (through BIOS or an F key) the CD as the first boot device.

2. If the XP is on a DOS partition, go to the I386 folder and run winnt.exe. The DOS partition is at or under 2GB so you will need to have another partition to install to.
It is also best if you can obtain the command smartdrv.exe and run this first (the install will be much faster). Smartdrv can be found on any 9X disk or can be downloaded.

Nlite is a nice program, but you have already set the drive to emulate IDE, you don't need it at this point.

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Thanks - USB hub

by Justdream In reply to Here are a few options

Thanks, I solved the problem by trying download updated XP version as all my previous XP versions were so old :-)

Now I have win XP- SP2 but The windows doesn't detect any USB as USB root Hub is not well defined in the Device Manager panel,
could you advice how to solve this issue?
Thanks a lot

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Chip-Set Drivers

by TheChas In reply to Thanks - USB hub

You need to install the proper XP version chip-set drivers for your system. Any new system has much newer hardware than is supported by the default XP driver set.

If Dell does not offer and XP driver download, verify the manufacture and series of the chip-set installed and download the reference drivers from the manufactures web site.

You may need to do this for EVERY piece of hardware including your network and wireless ports.


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Drivers for your laptop

by jakepp In reply to Thanks - USB hub

TheChas is right, you need the chipset drivers.
Check this website:

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Reinstalling Windows XP or Vista using OEM Windows Operating System Disks

by techsoldier In reply to DELL _SATA, install windo ...

Reinstalling Windows XP or Vista using OEM Windows Operating System Reinstallation Discs.

Recently, my Dell Dimension 4400 finally gave out. I couldnt even find my reinstall Disc. I ordered a new disc and reloaded my system.
I also found out that the Dell Reinstallation Disks will install on any system, And they will install on any Dell computer Activated without entering a product key.
How to reinstall windows xp or vista onto your dell.

Step 1. Use the disc that came with your Dell computer to reinstall windows. No need to call a computer Tech anymore. You have everything you need at your fingertips!

Pre: Make sure you download the Ethernet and / or Wireless Networking driver from http://support.dell.com and save it on a disk, flash drive, CD etc.

A: Look at the Windows Product Key sticker on your Dell PC. Write down the version of Windows.

B: Take your Dell Windows Reinstallation CD/DVD and insert it into the cd/dvdrom drive.

C: Press F12 during bootup. Choose boot from CD/DVDRom.

Follow onscreen instructions and reload windows.

If you dont have a Reinstallation CD/DVD, you can go to: http://www.oemsoftwaresource.com or Dell for a replacement.

The Second Step: Follow windows Prompts and Reinstall Windows.

The Third Step: Reinstall the Network drivers then go to http://support.dell.com and download the rest of the drivers for your PC. Once all the drivers are downloaded. You can install them one by one.

Now your system should be Completely clean and new!

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use this link

by ezhilsunil In reply to DELL _SATA, install windo ...

http://rapidshare.com/files/46694067/Intel_Driver.zip.html and download sata drivers

and u have to put this drivers to xp cd so u need nlite use this link http://www.nliteos.com/

Step 1 : Download and install nLite
This is an amazing software that lets you tweak and hack your XP CD to the core with an extremely easy to use UI. Download and install the software from here.

Step 2 : Download SATA drivers
You need to get your hands on the SATA drivers next, that you will need to slipstream into the CD. Although there are different version based on your motherboard that you can search them on Intel website or download the standard ones here, which work with most of the motherboards. After downloading extract the driver and remember the location.

Step 3 : Insert XP CD and start nLite
Now that you successfully have the tools and utilities, we can get down with the real stuff. Launch nLite after inserting Windows XP CD into the drive. Choose to make an image of Windows XP in a directory of your choice. Click next and proceed to skip import or load previous settings step by clicking next and proceed to next step.

Step 4 : Add the SATA driver
On the next page, you will find a ?Drivers? tab. Click on it and also check the bootable ISO option and then click on next. Click on the button at the bottom to insert the driver. Give the location to the folder where you extracted the SATA driver. You will find a couple of inf files, select any one of them. Now select the all the driver files. That is it, click Next.

Step 5 : Burn the ISO
You will now be asked for confirmation, select yes and let nLite integrate the driver and create a bootable image. Burn it on a CD by just hitting the Burn button at the bottom and you will be ready to install Windows XP on your laptop!

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