Desktop connects to intenet, but can't check or send email

By Nick in Austin ·
A few days ago I encountered the above problem on my desktop. The message is "connection to the server has failed" and mentions "0x800CCC0E" It seems both port 25 and 110 aren't accessible by the desktop. Fortunately, my laptop still connects to email through the wireless connection. It works fine.

I triple-checked all account information, mirrored all of the relevant laptop settings (including IE and OE and security), turned off Zone Alarm and Avast, went to "Network Connection" in the control panel and "repaired" the connection. I tried the telnet command at the c prompt, it didn't connect. No cigar. The only thing I haven't tried is resetting the TCP/IP stack. Caught a blurb that this could leave my machine high and dry because it resets all settings (or something like that."

It appears that this machine cannot connect through these ports. Any suggestions? Big Thanks in advance!!!

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Do you use firewall?

by fwang In reply to Desktop connects to inten ...

If you do, try to turn it off and test the email.

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Yeah, tried that several times

by Nick in Austin In reply to Do you use firewall?
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This is something quite common with XP

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Desktop connects to inten ...

Delete the E-Mail Account by opening the Mail Client then tools - Accounts and mail then delete the account and recreate it with just supplying your e-mail address/s incoming and outgoing servers and user name & password. This will most likely reset the Mail Client to a working condition.

While it's a nuisance I find that I have to do this about every 6 months on every computer for some reason best known to Windows as all of them don't fall over at once and there doesn't seem to be any reason for the failure. It just happens on different computers at different times.


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HAL is right but things puzzle me...

by grassiap In reply to This is something quite c ...

HAL answer will certainly resume the email connection. However the 0x800.... errors are related to access rights controlled via AD.
you mention port 25 and 110 (pop3 and smtp) that are not so much depending on AD.

So my question is are you trying to access an exchange mailbox (then you'll want to check around AD and your DCs, if the latter are not available, the client will use cached credentials for a while, then face "access denied") or a pop3/smtp mailbox ?


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Don't know what DC and AD are, but...

by Nick in Austin In reply to HAL is right but things p ...

I DO think the ports are blocked. PS, appreciate all the help.

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Just for your Information

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Don't know what DC and AD ...

DC = Domain Controller

AD = Active Directory.


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Here's why that won't do it, maybe

by Nick in Austin In reply to This is something quite c ...

I forgot to mention in my original post that I also tried installing THunderbird and it also wouldn't connect to email.

I have two OE identities, if you are saying all I have to do is delete one of them and then replace it, that can be tried relatively painlessly (I will have to back up my folders somehow). It seems that creating a third identity with a different ID, but all the same info (logon, password, smpt/pop, etc) would be just as effective.

I'll try that tonight. If you're saying I need to delete both identities, then I guess I can try that next (more backups). If that doesn't work, should I just uninstall OE and then reinstall it?

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Just added new identity, no luck

by Nick in Austin In reply to Here's why that won't do ...

I'm pretty sure just deleting one identity and re-upping it won't work. I've had these forever without any problems. Something is blocking those ports. Could it be a security setting. What about "restacking?" the TCP/IP file.

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No Nick I didn't say delete the Identities just the Accounts

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Here's why that won't do ...

This is a painless operation in OE. Open OE select Tools then Accounts and on the next Window Mail. Here you will see your existing accounts.

All you need do is highlight one and click on Delete then highlight the next and click on Delete you'll be prompted to ask if you really want to delete this account and you just answer Yes. When both or however many are deleted all you need do is click on Add and reenter your initial details like Name & E-Mail Address than setup the incoming & outgoing Mail Servers and add your user name & password then click on Apply. Repeat this till you have all your accounts reinstated and it should work.

Personally I have 6 incoming mail accounts and on one machine I use OE to collect mail when I'm On Site and I know that this works without a problem and there is no need to do anything but delete the user accounts the way that I've listed above. With my setup all the incoming mail accounts are different but the outgoing mail servers are the same as everything go's out through the one server no matter where it arrived from.


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Deleted all accounts. Nice try but no cigar

by Nick in Austin In reply to No Nick I didn't say dele ...

Reinput information carefully, got the same error messages for send and receive. Here's a website which talks about resetting the TCP/IP stack. Any comments.

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