Desktop dropping daily from DC

By kelsey ·
Devices involved:

XP pro SP3 desktop
Win Server 2k3 small business.

I have a small network for 5 laptops and 2 desktops that all connect to a domain controller on a 2003 server (small business edition). The 5 laptops and 1 of the desktops works fine never a problem, but the front office desktop, daily, will drop from the DC and loose its mapped drives, sometimes twice. We have noticed that it generally happens between 9 and 9 30 AM. The desktop will not re-associate with the DC unless the desktop is restarted. Once it is restarted it will generally run fine the rest of the day.

I have been chasing the errors in the event viewer for months now to no avail, they are user environment and auto enrollment errors. This is a big hassle because at the front desk patients are paying their bills or scheduling their next appt and people are generally not in a mood to wait because we need a system reboot.

Please let me know if there is anymore information needed.

anyone have any ideas?



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Is there

by The Scummy One In reply to Desktop dropping daily fr ...

anything scheduled to run between those times? Maybe an application is causing the error!

Also, look closely at rootkit, spyware, virus.

What happens if another system is placed there? Could it be something that powers up is interfering with the LAN/power of the computer?
Have you tried another LAN cable and or re-route the cable?

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there is

by kelsey In reply to Is there

there is nothing (at least which i have scheduled or can find) running at that time, and the only application that is running is the same app that all the machines are using.

It could be a virus, but windows, and mcafee are all up to date.

Placing the back office system to the front was our next step, because if the back office one loses connectivity, it does not have the impact on the client.

As far as the cable goes, I will look into it. Originally the desktop was directly connected to the switch (the problem present at this time) and we needed to add an IP printer so we added a small 4 port switch, so I will have someone attempt to print the next time the front desk loses connection, which will tell me if it is the link or not.

Thanks for your suggestions I will look into them.

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have you....

by ---TK--- In reply to Desktop dropping daily fr ...

Rejoined the desktop to the Domain... I would try changing the desktop to a workgroup, then delete the computer record in the DC, and then rejoin the desktop to the domain... also double check and make sure you have all your updates on the server and desktop...

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by kelsey In reply to have you....

I will add that to my list of things to try with scummy's suggestions.

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One more thing

by thedrummer2006 In reply to Thanks

I have had similar issues with computers on my network. One thing that I have found useful is to open a command prompt and run a "gpupdate" then a "gpresult". This will usually indicate very quickly if you have a connection problem to the DC. If your unfamiliar with these commands, the gpupdate just calls to the DC for current group policy settings. Then the gpresult gives you a page of results from your update. You will see dates and times as well as errors if they exist. If this fails, you should look into your network settings, cabling, switches etc...

Also make sure your DNS server is functioning properly. PC's on a windows Domain use DNS to resolve hostnames to the DC.

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