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Desktop Replacement Suggestions

By Greg Shultz Contributor ·
I've been ask by a client to scout around and come up with a list of powerful notebook computers that would be good desktop replacements. Any suggestions?

The emphasis is on power rather than portability. In other words, weight and long battery life aren't an issue as the system will primarily be used in the office/home running on an AC connection.

As such, am looking for a system with:

- A "real" Pentium processor (No "M")
- 1GB and up of RAM
- 80GB and up hard disk
- 17-inch display
- Windows XP Pro

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Good lead

by Greg Shultz Contributor In reply to No I don't

Thanks for the Resellerratings links.

It helps to see how they measure up.

Also investigating the Gateway M675 series and the Dell Inspiron XPS systems.

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by dsw1ng In reply to Desktop Replacement Sugge ...

This one has everything :)

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by dsw1ng In reply to Desktop Replacement Sugge ...

This one has everything :)

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Dell & Gateway

Anyone have any experieince or ideas about the Gateway M675 series or the Dell Inspiron XPS systems?

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Long-term support is key

by polyjake In reply to Desktop Replacement Sugge ...

Hello Greg

The right model for the job is quite important in term of specs, but if you can't get parts after the the model's market cycle (say, 16 months) then it can get nasty pretty quickly.

I've had good experience with the old Compaq support but find HP resources to be less in quality and quantity. Nevertheless, I can still find manuals and ROM upgrades for Compaqs made in 1997! For how long HP will keep these support servers up before they start trimming and deleting to save cost is anyone's guess.

Dell on the other hand, seems to draw the ire of our community when support is concerned. Not long ago there was a whole thread of Dell horror stories at TechRepublic but I couldn't find this hilarious bit again for you. I wouldn't touch their laptops. They seem to deal with so many Asian laptop OEMs that once a production batch is sold their parts availibility drops. This could be a common risk with most laptop, though.

Here's a tread about vendor's support reliability that seems to point to IBM as a choice:

A few years back, Toshiba was very supportive and offered reliable machines for business use, but I don't know how they fare today.

Good luck!

P. Jacob

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Good information

by Greg Shultz Contributor In reply to Long-term support is key

I agree, support is a big consideration.

Thanks for the information.

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Regarding Toshiba

by olsenbanden2 In reply to Long-term support is key

My take on toshiba or any support is that, you will find a wide difference between the service rendered on the same brand. It all comes down to luck of the draw. We have had Toshibas where we had to wait two weeks for a repair, we have next day service, and a Dell that was repaired the same day. So I think it is anyones guess who's better.

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costly choice

by jagershot In reply to Desktop Replacement Sugge ...

I have used the Sony VAIO for the past three years as my desktop replacement. I have had great success with the 16.1" version but have, as of three months ago, cycled out my GRX series and replaced it with an S170p. It is small, light and powerful and since I leave my 19" LCD plugged into my VAIO docking station, I really do not use the laptop screen except when I travel. The only gripe that I have is with Sony's offshore support. The key is to demand level three support since that support department is in the states.
Good luck.

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