desktop shortcuts open minimized

By JADavis9 ·
My desktop shortcuts always open minimized - even if saved while full sized. I run cCleaner but it is never checked next to Windows Size/Location Cache
I use Windows XP svc pack 3 and IE 8

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by NexS In reply to I think he said

But maybe people will stop trying to help if he stops trying to care.

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I'll ask:

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to not just desktop shortcut ...

A) Have you tried the things people here have offered as help? If so, if they didn't work, have you posted the results of your attempts? We don't read minds.

B) Have you tried the things people here have offered as help? If so, if something worked, why haven't you marked the helpful posts as helpful? Being stingy with 'thumbs' tends to irritate a lot of question answerers.

C) In order to help, we need detailed feedback from you in response to our suggestions. We don't read minds.

D) People who answer questions here are volunteers. Marking posts helpful gives them a bit of a boost. I'm betting there's some minor competition in relation to the collection of 'thumbs' (posts marked as helpful).


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on the brightside, his question has gotten 33 replies [his included]

by CG IT In reply to desktop shortcuts open mi ...

so there's that "social" aspect to the question, [ where the question is irrelevent] it's the dialogue that counts.

Imagine the poster that gets the correct and/or usable suggestion/answer in 1 post. Not much ongoing social connection and dialogue in that.

For Windows to remeber the size of windows,

The techspot one is pretty good.

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There is that component to all this

by santeewelding In reply to on the brightside, his qu ...

In spite of those who wish it to proceed as a coin-operated -- question in, answer out -- vending machine, and faceless.

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for free consumer based tech support, you bet ! coin-operated

by CG IT In reply to There is that component t ...

vending machine answers.

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But machines, we are not

by NexS In reply to for free consumer based t ...

We have the will and the need to converse with our fellow non-machines.

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I don't mind conversing with fellow IT Pros

by CG IT In reply to But machines, we are not

but for the average Joe consumer who's looking for freebies, or simply those who have nothing else better to do and ask questions just to see if anyone will answer [a laugh]...


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I obviously don't belong here... but ...

by JADavis9 In reply to desktop shortcuts open mi ...

I'm just trying to figure things out on my Windows XP tablet. Thanks to everyone for all of the input. I have tried many things that everyone has written but I've probably missed a few. It still opens the Favorites from Start menu in some small half-size window. I went to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab and hit Reset. I went to All Programs > Internet Explorer > Properties and on the Shortcut tab I selected Maximized. So that opens big, but everything in Start > Favorites still opens in some custom smaller window.

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not that you don't belong here, it's that a search of the Internet

by CG IT In reply to I obviously don't belong ...

would net you hundreds if not thousands of articles on the same or similar problem you have....

here's one

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