Desktop Support I support three end users and do nothing

By ali3n8 ·
I was recently hired by a major corporation in fact this is my second week there. The site that I am located at has only three users. With that said I barely have any I.T. issues there and I am really bored. I am concerned with the fact that with there being no issues there how can they justify having me there?

Now the office has only been open for 1yr and we lease 2 floors of a 6 story office building. Curently we only occupy about 2% of that space. There has also been talk of major growth at my location so I am assuming I was hired to be there before all this happens.

I am just wondering should I be concerned with the fact right now I just dont really do anything and does my employer understand the fact that since I only have three users now there isnt going to be much work to do?

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what do you think?

by CG IT In reply to Desktop Support I support ...

If it was me, I'd keep myself busy.

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by RB_ITProfessional In reply to Desktop Support I support ...

You just started; I would not be too concerned yet. Take this opportunity to train yourself during the day. Get some books, take some online training, practice your skills etc. While your employer may or may not pay for this for you, there are many low-cost ways to get the training you desire without breaking the bank. The important thing is to KEEP LEARNING. Do not allow your boredom to turn to complacency. Keep your skills current so that when the work does come, you will be ready. Good Luck!

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Enjoy the quiet

by clark1 In reply to Desktop Support I support ...

As a previous poster stated, I would be taking the downtime to study for exams or whatever. I currently support 50 in house pc's with about 250 users and 49 laptops in the cars. Some days its nice and slow, others I have to wait till I get home before my butt catches up with me I am so busy.

To cap it off we are in the middle of a MAJOR transition from NT 4.0 up to 2003, we got the email portion done friday and I spent my day running around creating shortcuts to the new email. I have 2 other guys plus a boss that work in this office but I do the majority of the work simply because I am the main one people call. Its ok, I enjoy it, makes the day go by pretty fast.

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Start planning your network now -

by Labrat636 In reply to Desktop Support I support ...

In addtion to the above recommendations of training and continued education - begin planning for the additional employees. From the numbers you give, I calculate at least 150 endpoints at full capacity - not that your network will get that large - but you should plan for it just in case - I would work on some kind of multi-tier or multi-stage plan that allowed for the incremental increase in required endpoints.

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Some suggestions

by DadsPad In reply to Desktop Support I support ...

Along with the very good advise others have given you, I suggest you come up with several ideas of what you are planning for the future in this job, and want his imput. This should start you on a plan for your IT future.

If any plans are approved to investigate, get cost estimates of hardware and software needed as expansion comes. Do not be caught with a sudden demand. Having the right IT solutions in advance will secure your future with the company.

Good luck.


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