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Dessert anyone? except gg / mm.

By Jaqui ·
I gave a neighbor the nickname Dessert a while back.
[ cause she presents an excellent argument for skipping dinner and going straight for dessert ]:) ]

here are 3 pics of her, one not so good, 2 that are actually really good shots.

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Relating to medical photography

by jardinier In reply to probably didn't want

While the following is purely scientific in nature, it should not be read less than two hours before or after eating.

A friend of mine who is a medical doctor used to work for the Department of Epidemiology in Sydney, treating persons afflicted with venereal diseases. He and his female partner used to take weekly turns of addending to male and female patients.

Part of the job was to take close-up colour slides of diseased sexual organs for the purpose of study.

One night the clinic was broken into and ALL the slides stolen.

Now how sick is THAT?

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Dont tell me

by CuteElf In reply to probably didn't want

that HAL took a magnifiyng glass and INSPECTED her..



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magnifiyng glass

by rob mekel In reply to probably didn't want

He did CuteElf.

Hopefully he used his pc-software to do it.


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by Jaqui In reply to probably didn't want

I didn't use a magnifying glass, but I did do a close inspection..on numerous occasiuons. ]:)

like every time she walks by me in person. ]:) ]:)

it don't hurt to look you know.

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setting off the filters

by jdclyde In reply to Edit your post, Jules

"amount of flesh coloured content"

thankfully, there is more hair than flesh color?

I thought I was going to puke! Sorry Jules, I know it is "to each their own", and you can have it!

So no gg,that was NOT "normal"!

Give that lady a razor!

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I meant normal as in

by gadgetgirl In reply to setting off the filters

it is just a female form, nothing out of the usual, she doesn't have the wrong number of anything.....

but, yes, she is minus a razor....

(yuk, IMO)


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Waxing sounds like a better idea

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to setting off the filters
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depends where......

by gadgetgirl In reply to Waxing sounds like a bett ...

most wax products have warnings on the packaging as to "where the product may be safely used"

And most of the proprietary ones CANNOT be used for the likes of a Brazilian.....

But for underarms, I don't see why not...

(I'll stick to Veet, personally!)


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Well besides the Under Arms

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to depends where......

There isn't overly much hair left even if it is the wrong color. :^0

The Venus Monds is about right for any unaltered female but I think that some are seeing the discolored skin in the upper thighs as hair which it isn't.

My brother before he died used to take Nudes and the best one that I've ever seen didn't show anything at all but it was a marvelous picture. I also have a 30 X 40 inch Double Exposure of a helicopter landing on a breast pity that I can't scan it in and post it.

Col ]:)

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"The Venus Monds is about right for any unaltered female."

by jardinier In reply to Well besides the Under Ar ...

Well it is reassuring to know that SOMEONE remembers what girls/women USED to look like before they started progressively trimming their growth to accommodate the fashion of "leave almost nothing to the imagination" beachwear.

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