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Dessert anyone? except gg / mm.

By Jaqui ·
I gave a neighbor the nickname Dessert a while back.
[ cause she presents an excellent argument for skipping dinner and going straight for dessert ]:) ]

here are 3 pics of her, one not so good, 2 that are actually really good shots.

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GG most of what they are complaining about

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to depends where......

Is Makeup or an altered photo. I've just had a close look at 1600% and you can see the difference, that pictures been doctored.

Even the Under Arms and Eye Brows are wrong but you would have to know what you are looking for to see the difference. B-)

Col ]:)

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to which I can only say

by jdclyde In reply to GG most of what they are ...

I don't care if it is "real" or not. If I see it, it is real enough for me! The exact same argument can/should be made for breast enlargements! I hear all the time "but there not real"!

So? ]:)

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jd, try

by Jaqui In reply to GG most of what they are ...

finding the picture called thingmabob on some sites..

looks like her whole torso is nothing but her p***y

a closer examination it becomes obvious that it's an optical illusion, her blouse is what you are looking at. ]:)

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"to each their own" (no pics in this post)

by jardinier In reply to setting off the filters

Well at least the photo was up there long enough to get all the reactions.

Personally I find a clean-shaven ***** very unnatural and hence a turn-off.

In the general area of "adult" material it is now the norm to be clean-shaven.

There is one tasteful website which features "artistic" shots of young women. I asked why most of the models were shaven, and was told that it was not by command of the website, but the choice of the individual girls who simply follow the trend of their peers.

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by jdclyde In reply to "to each their own" (no p ...

fine, but keep in mind that SOAP is not natural either. She WASHES? Ewwwwww!

She brushes her teeth? Ewwwwww!

She brushes her hair? How unnatural.....

Saying you prefer a hairy babe is one thing, but saying it is because you like a natural woman really doesn't fit unless the other "unnatural" aspects of personal grooming also apply? :0

Note: I didn't say she had to be clean shaven down there, but the underarms is a must, and a basic trim is in order. Got to keep the scrubs looking orderly! ]:)

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Hairy underarms?

by jardinier In reply to natural

Again a matter of personal taste.

Good luck in finding a women that matches your specifications.

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I see now

by jdclyde In reply to Hairy underarms?

you pick and choose just how "natural" the woman gets?

Question, but you don't need to answer if you don't wish. Is the hairy underarms something you LIKE or something you ACCEPT?

Yes, I like a clean woman.

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Pick and choose?

by jardinier In reply to natural

No jd, it is you who pick and choose:

I didn't say she had to be clean shaven down there, but the underarms is a must, and a basic trim is in order. Got to keep the scrubs looking orderly!

You are giving specific instructions as to which parts of the body are to be shaven, and to what degree.

Do I prefer underarms to be unshaven? I couldn't care less, but I find it attractive on certain girls who have very dark hair (on their heads).

If I met a girl who was great company, loyal and supportive, she could have hairy legs for all I care. It is the person, not the decoration that appeals to me.

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I don't have a problem with your choice

by jdclyde In reply to Pick and choose?

It is just the way you stated you like this BECAUSE it is "natural". I then took this to the next step of all the UNnatural things men and women do that seem imune to your natural definition.

As I said, soap and toothpaste is not natural, even if it can be MADE from natural ingredients.

If you just state you are more open to a women grooming or not grooming as they please, that is completely different than chosing to let one part go "natural" while making the rest of them unnatural.

Yes, I pick and choose what traits I find acceptable or not, but not based on how natural they are. The only exception to this is I really like a woman that you can't tell if they are wearing makeup or not. Clean and simple is something I really like. Add that to them driving a pickup and oooooh baby! A girl like that in a pickup does more for me than a dolled up babe in a sports car.

Not hung up on looks, although I like attractive women. Not hung up on body type, although I do like them tiny. (size 3 or 5 is nice. Ex was 5, last girlfriend was 3) not a requirement though. the girl before the EXwife was "fuller" and worked out nicely until she turned into a coke freak behind my back. (she knew I didn't do that so she hid it from me for a year. After I left because she went nuts, I found out it was because of the coke.)

I really prefer a non-smoker. Someone that doesn't spend all their time watching TV.

All things are preferences I have, and most are not deal breakers. hairy armpits and legs would be a deal buster for me, as that is right in the same class as not taking showers to me.

Smoking? Just don't do it around me and brush your teeth before you expect a kiss.

Yes, I know. The hangup and problem is mine and could cause ME to miss out on being with an otherwise wonderful person. But just like I can NOT eat a raw onion without litterally vomiting, I can't help this one either.

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by jardinier In reply to Pick and choose?

Except when I was very young, in my entire life I have met only ONE woman who knew how to greatly enhance her appearance with make-up that was not perceptible.

She was American (born in Hawaii) and the real turn-on was that she NEVER wore underclothes EVER.

Man, what a turn-on to be sitting with a group of people in a coffee shop and being the only person to know that under that skirt was raw, hungry pu*sy.

Now I suppose you will tell me that no underclothing is a turn-off for you.

Unfortunately she was camera shy and this is the only pic I managed to get of her:

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