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Dessert anyone? except gg / mm.

By Jaqui ·
I gave a neighbor the nickname Dessert a while back.
[ cause she presents an excellent argument for skipping dinner and going straight for dessert ]:) ]

here are 3 pics of her, one not so good, 2 that are actually really good shots.

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she sure didn't fit my mental image

by jdclyde In reply to Pick and choose?

as I was reading your post about being born in Hawaii, I expected more of the (polinisian? sp?) native.

Don't you HATE when people are so inconsiderate about getting their picture taken? They forget, the picture isn't FOR THEM, it is for the people that care about them and WANT TO REMEMBER THEM and remember what they were doing at the time.

Undergarments. Think "garnish". Show some, hide some for later, is a major turn on.

Is lack of the garments a turn off? no.

Just something about prancing around in their panties.......

Ah, to each their own.

The one true love of my life was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, with eyes I would just get lost in. Others didn't see the same thing I did. Twenty years later, I still see her face as clear as if it were yesterday, and actualy clearer than my recently divorced wife ever was. It was good that she left, because I could never deny her anything. Still have a hard time with saying no to anything when I run into her on the streets and still get that same feeling in the stomach, everytime..... Good thing my head knows she is no good for me?

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"Have you any idea how many of us get onto TR from work?"

by jardinier In reply to Edit your post, Jules

AHA !! Caught red-handed !! Do you do it in your own time or in the boss's time?

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by gadgetgirl In reply to "Have you any idea how ma ...

I get on the site at breaks/lunch/after work, and also whilst I'm waiting for certain security programs to run/update/log/print in certain circumstances.

As I can't continue normal working while some of these things are collecting evidence, I chill out at the water cooler.

Oh, and my boss is very appreciative of the Friday Yuk jokes I keep sending him.....reckons they're as good as medication.....

(remember here, that I work in Mental Health!!)


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That's OK, I was only kidding

by jardinier In reply to Both

It is quite obvious that most (if not all) members post continually throughout the day.

When I worked on newspapers, if we didn't have an immediate assignement we could read a book, chat to our girlfriend on the phone or whatever.

When it was REALLY quiet, it was OK to go to the pub as long as the boss knew where to contact us.

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Pub? sheesh!

by gadgetgirl In reply to That's OK, I was only kid ...

Some people don't know when they're well off.....

Or when to stop rubbing the noses of others in it.....

(like I said. Mental Health. Dry Site. Can't even leave alcoholic gifts overnight. Good job vodka and gin are clear.......)



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Well Your Majesty

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Pub? sheesh!

I have a friend who works in Government in the Metal health side of things really he's nothing more than a Glorified Clerk but the Horror Stories that I hear from him about their IT Support staff are amusing to say the least.

Like some woman wanted a printer moved so the IT guy bounced it down a flight of steps totally destroying the thing but because they had exhausted their hardware replacement budget for the year they had it repaired even though it cost about 3 times the cost of a new one. I didn't mention the 2 members of the public that got injured by the bouncing printer either and the Out Of Court Settlement that came about there.

But to get around the Dry workplace he has at least 1 day a week as a Mental Health Day Off sounds so much better than a Sicky and what's worse no one notices that he's not there for the day.

A couple of years ago he went on Forced Holidays as he had worked for a few years without a holiday so he had 16 weeks leave owing to him. When he left and went to the US for a nice long break he didn't trust the Pay Master to get it right on his pay so he filled out his time sheets and had someone else in the office hand them in every 2 weeks and he never missed a payment but if he had of filled in the correct paperwork for the time off that was forced on him they would have managed to mess it up totally and just maybe they would have managed to send him his wages after he had returned to work.

And what's really funny is that he can't understand why I refuse Government Work.

Col ]:)

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Anyone for desert?

by jardinier In reply to Edit your post, Jules

The majority opinion appears to be that "desert" is preferred to "foliage" for dessert. :)

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edit it right a way Jules

by rob mekel In reply to How about THIS for desser ...

This posting is realy inappropriate!
Best get it out of there immit.


ps have the internal security guy's already at my desk!

edited for ps

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by stargazerr In reply to How about THIS for desser ...

Now where is that shocked emoticon ??

Seriously Jules ... at least put in a warning


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Excuse me, waiter.....

by Jellimonsta In reply to How about THIS for desser ...

There is hair in my food!

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