Developing websites with MS Publisher 2007

By Jim Phelps ·
I have produced a basic website in MS Publisher 2007. However, I have found that there aren't very many features I can add to the website, such as frames, data entry windows, etc.

Does anyone have any info as to where I can obtain said tools? Are any even available?

If not, what is a good, low-cost alternative to Publisher? (I already own Publisher, so I didn't have to pay anything for it.)

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Developing websites with MS Publisher 2007

Are you sure you even want to use Publisher? Have you examined the bloated code it generates?

It is often stated that Microsoft Publisher is the worst tool one could use to create a web site. See Google Groups. See also the W3C Validators, and be sure to test your pages in non-Microsoft browsers.

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Notepad is FREE.........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Developing websites with ...

Notepad is free and that's what I learned to create websites with. Of course, you have to learn HTML. Once you do, you'll find that the code generated with Publisher is extremely bloated and in some cases, breaks the browser trying to view the page (ie: page will not display at all).

Learn HTML and do it from scratch. THEN, look at a WYSIWYG program to make the job easier. There are many available, 99% of which are not free. The ones that are, aren't very easy to use.

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Re: Notepad is FREE.....

by Beauregard T. Shagnasty In reply to Notepad is FREE.........

Notepad works, but is the other end of extreme from Publisher. There are plenty of good free editors and WYSIWYG apps out there.

WYS: (all OSs)

Editor: (Windows)

Editor: (Linux)

The main page of a Publisher web site I was going to list a link to is gone now (good riddance) consisted of a few paragraphs of text and an image or two, and was well over 100 KB in size. <bah>

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Just use notepad and style sheets

by william.ames In reply to Developing websites with ...

Over the past year I taught myself to do web pages using notepad (now I use notepad2 which is free and available on the web) and style sheets. Also using the W3C validation's for both helped a lot. You can see it at

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Can you help me?

by Shazza2646 In reply to Developing websites with ...

Hi Jim,
I have created my website in publisher, have published to my cPanel provider, but only 1 of the pages is visible. You seem to have been able to do it - and I can't get an answer from my provider on how to do it. It is a very basic website, purely used as an information portal.
I hope you can help. Sorry that I'm unable to help with your question!!

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The most obvious thing to look for is....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Can you help me?

... spaces in file and folder names. Your 'web site' may work when you're viewing it at home. But, once you publish it (meaning uploading ALL files and folders to your server), those spaces become broken links.

Without seeing what you've done, it's hard to tell you why it's broken.

The best thing you can do for yourself is get OUT of using Publisher for your web site.

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check if you're using relative or absolute references

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Can you help me?

for pages and images etc.

The best way is to use relative and have everything in folders, the top level folder has only the index page and everything is then below that. This allows you to plant the site anywhere regardless of what the address of the index is. If your code has absolutes, it's trying to find the stuff on your computer instead of theirs.

The second most common cause is you may be naming the files xxx.html but referring to them as xxx.htm

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There's so many to choose from and they all work well

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Developing websites with ...

except for publisher and word.

Try this web site and look under the heading Web Development - a lot of info on good free software.

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