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DHCP for Servers?

By mtm1208 ·
I being asked to evaluate implementing DHCP for servers.... i think its not going to happen but need some meat to say no. I see from searching that industry wide most only use DHCP for clients

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Left-hand crescent wrench

by mtm1208 In reply to I think his managers are ...

I think you may be right. I wrote up my findings and haven't boo about it now. Reminds me of high school working in the gas station and they sent me to get a left-handed crescent wrench or something stupid like that. thanks..

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Or go and fetch the Long Weight....

by Genera-nation In reply to Left-hand crescent wrench
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Bad, Bad Idea

by BFilmFan In reply to DHCP for Servers?

Dennis Hopper-level bad idea!

You didn't state the server OS, but if you are talking to a Microsoft OS-based workstation at any point, you are going to have some serious issues with caching of the NETBios information on the workstatations.

Do NOT do this....

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Easy Rider

by mtm1208 In reply to Bad, Bad Idea

Agreed, thanks. Its Linux we are talking about.
I got more insight into this now. We do our builds using a CD and then access and aduva server for the profile info. The admin puts in the ip address, sbmask, etc. They dont want us to do this anymore during normal business hours, "no plumbing of network info, except during the downwindow". So, i believe the thought was, if the server could get the IP from DHCP it would stop human error (which of course happened). Many projects are getting delayed now due to this restriction..

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DHCP has its ups and downs

by chris_atb In reply to Easy Rider

just like everything else to do with networking, DHCP also has its strengths and weaknesses, ill try and give you a few fair points, but forgive me for being biased as ive been trained to use DHCP ^^

a few of the good points about DHCP

* it's sufficiently fault tolerant
* it makes everyones life easier providing its used properly
* it pushes out the information you want to give to clients in an efficient (and more to the point dynamic) manor
* you can easily set up DHCP zones, restrictions and reservations to suit the configuration needs of the clients

but for servers, its not recommended at all, use static the very idea for it being used on servers is flawed for one basic reason, servers ARE STATIC! they go nowhere and are rarely rebooted, so why in ja's name would they need DHCP, they also provide services which again is a big no-no when using DHCP as other machines rely on that server.

still if your using DHCP for clients, its best to restrict the IP addresses those servers use or one day you might find yourself in a whole heap of trouble, peace dude

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check this

by vsharma In reply to DHCP for Servers?

i am vijay

i think this is not gud

becoz there can b many problms

1. lease

2. DHCP failure

3. DHCP down

4. Client Discover problem

5. if DHCP down it will take APIPA

6. many more

so best if u will try to use dhcp only for clients not for servers

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But what if i used Automatic allocation

by mtm1208 In reply to check this

instead of dynamic. Doesn't that in effect stop leasing activity all together? Even at reboot time? why would a re-allocation need to take place?

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