Dial up, yes dial up

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I went to a job the other day and this persons dial up was not working. The computer said when tryingto dial that it either had no dial tone or that the phone line was already in use. This was connected to a second phone line. There was no phone connected from the pc to the sencond phone outlet. They said that they have always had it like that and it works. The went on a weekend trip and came back and it has not worked since. The computer says it has 100% communication with the modem and the device mananger shows no problems. So I am stumped.

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Troubleshooting Dialup

by MiamiPCTech In reply to Dial up, yes dial up

It is quite frustation when it does not work because the software or OS will give you meaningless errors that do not help most of the time.

1) Always check the basics
a) test the line with a regular analog phone
b) replace the phone cable (they are very inexpensive)
c) if you are using splitters or couplers test then with a regular phone
d) sometimes it is the phone jack!
e) if available use a laptop to test setup
f) reseat the modem card, and re-install the software

2)The modem is dead.
I have seen it many times where the OS reports the modem as OK, but the modem is really not working. Lighting is a modem killer and phone lines carry electricity. That is why it is recommended that if you use dialup you get a power surge that has RJ11 or phone port protection.

Replace the modem if everything in step 1 check ok, but you are still having problems.


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