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Did you hear about the guy who threw a shoe at President Bush?

By maxwell edison ·
Really? He threw a shoe at the President? What a heel.

The shoe flew through the air on its wing-tip.

I wonder if it was the guy's sole decision to throw the shoe.

Maybe size DOES matter - a size 13 would have nailed President Bush.

I trust the guy got the boot from the press conference.

He was probably nothing but a loafer.

Maybe the guy was mad because of a presidential flip-flop.

I wonder if the guy sneakered in there?

Or maybe he was able to slipper by security?

Could the thrower be charged with assault with a deadly shoe?

These boots are made for throwing, and that's just what he did........

I guess he thought, If the shoe fits, throw it.

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I think

by Jellimonsta In reply to Did you hear about the gu ...

He was just trying to be (shoe) tongue in cheek.

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Funny Max!

by Tig2 In reply to Did you hear about the gu ...

I have to say that I was impressed by how both President Bush and the Iraqi President handled that situation. I was equally impressed by the journalists around the shoe thrower- they reacted quickly and got the guy to the ground before the Secret Service got there.

Throwing a shoe in that culture is a strong sign of disrespect. Mr. Bush simply observed that the shoes appeared to be a size 10.

The journalist should have considered that it would be the Iraqi police who would take him into custody, not the American. We have due process. They still have firing squads and little patience. And the journalist seriously disrespected both the American and the Iraqi. Will we ever know what happens next?

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The marshmallow defense

by JamesRL In reply to Funny Max!

Bush did exactly right. Instead of being indignant and offended (which I'm sure is what the thrower wanted), he was casual about it - the clip I saw had him saying it wasn't any different than a heckler. He also signalled the secret service to stand down.

In short, he used the marshmellow defense - soft and inoffensive. If you take offense at the insult, you give meaning to the insulter. He basically said to the world, this guy means nothing.


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Exactly right

by Tig2 In reply to The marshmallow defense

A great defense in the face of something like that and exactly the right tone. But one not everyone can do as effectively.

The timing is interesting. Weren't they announcing the timeline to pull American troops out of Iraq? I can only assume that the guy doesn't want us to go but that was sure an odd way to say, "Please don't go!"

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Not what I saw...

by JamesRL In reply to Exactly right

The translated text of what he said was something to the effect of "this is the goodbye kiss from the people of Iraq, you dog." On the second throw it was something to the effect of "this is for all the widows and orphans killed by your war". I'm sure the exact text is out there.

Truth is the guy knew it was the last chance to taunt Bush, and there were lots of cameras around. I'm sure he was hoping to get a reaction out of Bush that would make him look bad in front of Iraqi TV.


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On insults - choosing to be offended or not

by maxwell edison In reply to The marshmallow defense

The Brahmana Samyutta in the Samyutta Nikaya tells the story of an angry man who insulted the Buddha. The Buddha simply asked the man if people ever visited him in his home. Surprised at the change of topic, the man answered yes. The Buddha then asked if he ever offered to feed his guests. When the man replied yes again, the Buddha asked what would happen if they refused to accept the food? Who would the food belong to then? The man said that, of course, it would still belong to him. The Buddha then calmly and, I imagine, kindly said, "In the same way, I do not accept your insults. They remain with you."

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by paulie09 In reply to The marshmallow defense

I totally agree...

And I thought his reaction time was outstanding!

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The Iraqi wan't bad either

by JamesRL In reply to Exactly...

He almost caught the second shoe.


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I bet...

by Jellimonsta In reply to The Iraqi wan't bad eithe ...

he is just as quick on his feet.

I guess Bush is kept on his toes in Iraq too.

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The Marshmallow defense part two

by JamesRL In reply to The marshmallow defense

Russians try to stir things up by conducting joint exercises with Venezuela and visit Cuba for the first time since the cold war. Bush and company yawn. Putin and probably Chavez get pissed. The marshmallow defense works again.


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