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Did you see the youtube on Susan Boyle?

By DadsPad ·
Saw this yesterday on CBS, everybody judged this 47 year old woman on her looks before she stated singing on the English "So you think you have Talent"


Just the look on Simon's face is worth the view.

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Amazing performance

by BFilmFan In reply to Did you see the youtube o ...

That was an amazing performance.

And she was just going to walk off the stage at the end of it.

I hope some smart producers snatch that woman up!

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Uh, who's Susan Boyle? No text.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Did you see the youtube o ...
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Click the link silly... nt

by KSoniat In reply to Uh, who's Susan Boyle? N ...
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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Click the link silly... ...

I don't see any reason to click a link about someone I know nothing about. Just paranoid, I guess. Should I already have some level of name recognition? Is she a politician, business person, entertainer, IT person, or something else?

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Name bandied about quite a bit...

by KSoniat In reply to Sorry.

In case you didn't already check...

She is an amateur singer on Britain's Got Talent (or whatever it's called) who looks quite plain and sings like an angel.

Oz has a hysterical link to a father-son act that is not to be missed.

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She made that cranky Simon Cowell smile warmly

by JamesRL In reply to Name bandied about quite ...

...that alone is reason enough to check it out.

I've watched him win a competition on Top Gear and not crack a smile. He isn't the warmest individual around.


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Top Gear

by KSoniat In reply to She made that cranky Simo ...

Love that show!

I saw that episode also - Simon seems to excel at whatever he applies himself to.

Warmth isn't one of them.

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Real live vs. TV persona

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Top Gear

I avoid talent competitions and so-called 'reality' show. However, I wonder if Cowell's on-screen persona is 'what you see is what you get', or if it's just a TV image. NASCAR driver Tony Stewart has cultivated a 'bad boy' public image while quietly writing six- and seven-figure checks to a summer camp for handicapped kids. Howard Stern easily separates his on-air character from his off-air self; ditto Steven Colbert.

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He did it TWICE

by Oz_Media In reply to Top Gear

He held top of the board, they ended up getting a different car and Gordon Ramsey took the top slot, so Simon was asked back, at which time he again topped the board.

Its not a matter of not being warm, its a matter of when to be a pushover. Cowell is actually known as a real sweetheart, even by Paula Abdul who gets off on making him seem so mean (that twisted skank that she is) but its all for ratings and he has to play bad cop or all these developing artists won't learn anything. AI is simply an artist development show, most new signings have similar talent but are then crafted by the industry pros and wind up as stars. He's no dummy that's for sure, anything he touches turns to gold it seems.

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I've seen it rerun many times

by JamesRL In reply to Top Gear

And on both occasions Simon didn't do what most people (actors, musicians and other notables) do when the "Star in a reasonably priced car" thing, which is have fun.

He didn't have a sense of humour about the jokes on him, he did try and take the **** out of Jeremy. He cracked a bit of a sly smile when he won, but hardly looked excited.


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