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Did you see the youtube on Susan Boyle?

By DadsPad ·
Saw this yesterday on CBS, everybody judged this 47 year old woman on her looks before she stated singing on the English "So you think you have Talent"


Just the look on Simon's face is worth the view.

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I've seen them too

by Oz_Media In reply to Top Gear

I have a lot on disk now too, and I don't disagree that he had his 'too cool for you' look on, but again that doesn't display his actual character, just his professional persona.

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Nobody is in his line of wor

by Oz_Media In reply to She made that cranky Simo ...

A/R guys are all like that.
Bruce Allen, Brian Adams/Michael Buble/Anne Murray/Rock and Hyde etc. TOTAL prikk in most people's eyes but VERY successful in his career and someone the best talent begs to have on their side.

Sharon OsbourneOzzy and countless others she has taken under her wing and showcases through OzzFest, mouthy, crass, hard a$$, and the best manager any touring band could hope for.

Simon Cowell(better known British pop acts) Angelis, Curiosity Killed the Cat, 5ive, Gareth Gates, Il Divo, Journey South, Robson & Jerome, Bianca Ryan, Sinitta, Sonia, Westlife, Will Young

Bob RockMetallica, Motley Crue, Aerosmith, BonJovi, The Cult, Skid Row, David Lee Roth, the Tea Party, Tragically Hip etc.

Mutt Lange AC/DC,Def Leppard, Foreigner, The Cars, Bryan Adams, etc.

Its a job that makes you thick skinned and soft hearted. You learn to take no crap from anyone, get straight to the top in a hard, overpopulated marketplace simply but not letting people slow you down.

Cowell is actually known to be fun, easy going, loving and caring and laid back, as a person, not a businessman. I think he plays on his 'image' more than he lets on.

When I first started learning the ropes in the music industry, I worked alongside a guy who I HATED I thought he was the most uncaring and unfeeling a$$hole I'd ever met.
years after I stopped working with him and had worked with several others just like him, I began to see what makes all these people the same. They are hard, they are kind and warm, but hard.

I have become much the same myself, I had a friend tell me a few weeks back that, just when he thinks I'm the biggest prikk on the planet, I do something that blows him away and makes him realize I'm one of the nicest guys he knows.

Some people feel the surface and get scared, but once you break through the tough skin you find a real person that will be your best ally when needed.

People thank me for saying what they WANTED to say all the time, the people that I pi$$ off are people that need to be kept at bay or else they run all over you. I am not comparing myself to any of the people I mentioned above, I can only hope for such success, but it is something that runs through the industry and those that win are never sweethearts on the surface.

Its just not an industry for the faint hearted or easily offended and its not a business for soft people, passive caring personalities.

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Here is some more on Susan Boyle

by DadsPad In reply to Uh, who's Susan Boyle? N ...

Some links with more of her sensation.


I don't think there is much about her right now. She just sang last Sunday and it was thrown on YouTube, 12 million views. I am sure she will be on the talk shows, Jay Leno, Ellen, etc.

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It happens every year

by Oz_Media In reply to Here is some more on Susa ...

And while I don't deny her anything, she truly has an incredible talent and is a joy to listen to, there is always a similar 'pick' on each season. There is always one completely unexpected artist that allows them to plague the media and create more of a buzz to keep viewers glued to the show.

I see nothing wrong with it, it is far from exploitation, but do recognize that most of these appearances are all booked by the shows own media crew and approved/contracted by the show's legal reps.

But I still can't wait to catch her next performance!

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Palmetto, who is Susan Boyle?

by DadsPad In reply to Uh, who's Susan Boyle? N ...

I found this at: http://www.mirror.co.uk/celebs/news/2009/04/17/britain-s-got-talent-star-susan-boyle-won-t-get-makeover-says-amanda-holden-115875-21283622/

A week ago nobody beyond the residents in a cluster of Scottish villages had heard of Susan Boyle.

But her electrifying Britain?s Got Talent audition last weekend changed all that.

There have now been an astonishing 20 million internet hits around the world to see the performance that blew away the judges and audience on the ITV1 show. And yesterday she won millions more US fans when she again belted out Les Miserables show-stopper I Dreamed A Dream via satellite on the CBS Early Show.

The unmarried, unemployed cat-lover, known as the Hairy Angel, also featured on NBC?s Today Show where presenter Kathie Lee had to dry her eyes with a sock being used for the next segment.

Demi Moore is also said to have been moved to tears and Susan has been lined up for The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Amid the frenzy yesterday, Britain?s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden made a plea for the 47-year-old churchgoer from Blackburn, West Lothian, to stay just the same.

Amanda, 38, told ITV News: ?I won?t let Simon Cowell take her to his dentist and I certainly won?t let her near his hairdresser.

?She needs to stay exactly as she is because that?s the reason we love her. She just looks like anybody who could live on your street.

?The minute we turn her into a glamour-puss is when it?s spoilt. That can perhaps come later when she?s signed the album deal and conquered America.

?For now we?ll keep her exactly as she is because that?s why we?ve all fallen in love with her. I think it?s the underdog thing. It?s somebody who?s looked after her mother all her life. She?s had real dreams, real aspirations and obviously she thought she?d had to say goodbye to those things.?

Advertisement - article continues below ?

Yesterday Susan?s life in West Lothian was interrupted by camera crews and phone calls from around the world. But she showed no signs of any make-over as she gave a thumbs up to photographers.

She said: ?It was nerve-racking to begin with but once I started and the audience accepted it I relaxed. It has been surreal. I didn?t realise this would be the reaction I just got on with it. I can hardly remember what happened. I had my eyes closed most of the time. It really didn?t dawn on me what was happening.

?I did it all for my late mum. I wanted to show I could do something with my life.?

Susan, the youngest of nine kids, started young with dreams of being a star.

She began at 12 in choirs and school concerts and moved on to singing in clubs.

But the dream ended when she had to give it up to look after her ill mum who died in 2007 aged **.

Susan?s performance on Saturday was her first since her mother?s death. And last night she was already writing herself into the history books with bookmakers.

At 5-4 William Hill have never quoted such a short price for a reality TV show act at such an early stage. Previous Britain?s Got Talent winner Paul Potts was 5-1 after the first heat.

William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams said: ?This is absolutely unprecedented.

?We haven?t even seen all the contestants yet but people who have never had a bet in their lives still want to back Susan ? even at these short odds.?

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Of course, not everyone is impressed with her

by DadsPad In reply to Palmetto, who is Susan Bo ...

Britain's Got Talent: Susan Boyle is not a very good singer, calm down everybody

Susan Boyle may be a great Britain's Got Talent story - but she is no great singer.

Her rendition of 'I Dreamed a Dream' was spirited, sure. It was also wobbly - and she was entitled to be a little nervy.

But was it charismatic enough, technically accomplished enough or even demonstrate enough potential to see her installed as the bookies' 5/2 favourite to win the whole shebang?

Absolutely no way.

For me, the most entertaining element of the whole performance was Amanda Holden's reaction when her gobhole seemed to be collapsing in on itself.

And genuinely comparing Susan Boyle's off-key warbling as being on the same level as Julie Andrews and Elaine Paige is just inane.

If I brought out my hip-wiggling and karaoke-level 'It's Not Unusual' vocal efforts out in front of Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan, Amanda Holden and an audience baying for the sacrificial blood of attention-seeking oddballs, would I deserve similar likening to Tom Jones?

Only if everyone in the theatre and watching at home had spent the entire day in the pub.

So why has the world and their Twitter stream gone mushy for Susan Boyle? There's no doubt her personal circumstances provide a heart-warming dose of drama to her reality TV journey.

But break it down - why is it making so many YouTube commenters and Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore ("You saw it made me teary!") react so emotionally?

Looking especially to those who become aware of Susan Boyle via the hype machine - are you really moved to tears by the power of her singing voice, or the self-satisfied knowledge that you yourself would NEVER have pre-judged the "unlikely", "drab-looking", unemployed, never-been-kissed, self-deprecating, bullied-at-school, "quintessential cat lady"?

Well done, y'all. You are the good ones.

As for talk that Susan Boyle's YouTube success (12 million views and counting) was "unlikely", are you sure? Britain's Got Talent contestant web fame is hardly unprecedented. YouTube notoriety also helped propel Paul Potts to BGT victory and international fame in 2007.

It isn't Susan Boyle that is the internet sensation: the kudos belongs to Simon Cowell and his extremely clever, perceptive and powerful promo powers.

The astonishing instant worldwide fame has seen her turn up on Good Morning America, NBC Today and rumours have emerged that she has been asked to appear on Oprah Winfrey's chat show.

No doubt the viewing figures for this coming Saturday's show will be even healthier than the 10.3 million that tuned in last week. But will Cowell and company be able to fulfil the expectations of Boyle-boosted viewers?

And will Susan be able to live up the expectations placed upon her when she returns to our screens?

An undeniable crowd-pleaser - on whatever level it may be - but she's going to be an hard act to follow.

Not only for other contestants, but for herself too.


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A counter opinion

by JamesRL In reply to Of course, not everyone i ...

I won't disagree that Susan's performance wouldn't match up with a "professional" standard of Julie Andrews or Elaine Page.

But if you think those professionals or just about any "classical" or "Broadway" singer got there without lots of coaching, you'd be mistaken. Most singers that I know get coaching into their 30s - so even after lessons when they are young, university degrees in music, they still go to better and better coachs to get themselves to the higher standard.

I may be making an assumption, but it sounds as if Ms. Boyle did have access to that kind of coaching, but she will now.

She has a good set of pipes, and passion, and not every singer out there has that.

Sadly she may be late in life to have a big career, but even still she has the chance to achieve her goals.


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I saw it!

by tcavadias Staff In reply to Did you see the youtube o ...

and loved it! She has such a lovely voice. Just gives one the chills!

-Tammy [_]3

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