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Disconnected Network Drives on XP Pro

By jimmy ·
I am in the process of upgrading a number of workstations from Windows 98 SE to Windows XP. These are less than 1 year old computers that were purchased with XP Pro, but we wiped them and loaded 98 SE to keep everything standardized. Now we are going back and upgrading XP back onto them. The problem I am having is that most of these machines are listing the network drives that are mapped by the login script, as disconnected drives. When you click on them they show the drive contents, but some of our older software will not allow us to access information on a drive that is registering as "Disconnected Network Drive." If I manually disconnect the drive, and manually remap it, then that one drive is fine, until the next reboot.

We have a Windows 2000 Server, SP4, running AD as our domain controller. We are also using DHCP and login scripts.

Any Ideas?

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by jimmy In reply to

When the login scripts process, they go through cleanly, with "Successfully Mapped" drives. Then when you access them through Explorer, they show "Disconnected" but if you select one, it will show you what is on the drive and allow access to it. There is no prompt at this point for a password or anything (like if the share had a different password or something).

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by jreed In reply to

Any update to this fix?

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by hakoracle In reply to Disconnected Network Driv ...

plz verify that when u upgrade a system it keep te setting of 98 like mapped drives and it assume that these drive with reconnect at logon and conflicting with your login script plz disconnect all mapp drives at client side....and
do it via NT/2k login script make a batch file abc.cmd and use command net use \\servershare to particular drives and store in login script directory.

and in user properties tell the path and active login script....

i suggest to done it via script logic more powerful user for this..

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by Monice In reply to Disconnected Network Driv ...

Try using the following at the beginning of your login script:

If that doesn't remedy the problem the following may be the issue.

Windows XP clients support Fast Logon Optimization in any domain environment. To turn off Fast Logon Optimization, you can use the following policy setting:
Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Logon\ Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon

When this policy is enabled, a Windows XP client behaves in the same manner as a Windows 2000 client at both system startup and at user logon.

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by ctmoore1998 In reply to Disconnected Network Driv ...

Run GPEDIT.MSC and browse the templates XP should have the 'wait for network' somewhere under the administrative templates, under the user configuration I believe I don't have a XP pro handy right now. Also try manually configuring your NIC's speed and duplex settings.

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by daniels In reply to Disconnected Network Driv ...

I have the same basic problem, but with a few differences. Our workstations are all XP Pro or XP Home, so Win98, 2000 Server, and AD would seem to have nothing to do with it. The disconnected drives happen occasionally throughout the day. One can be running a long job such as a backup, with Windows Explorer open at the same time, and an hour or two into it, WE suddenly shows all the links as disconnected. Just run the mouse over them, they connect back. A couple hours later, they're back to disconnected. Various programs seem to fail with access violations when shares they try to use are in that semi-disconnected state. Driving us nuts...

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by jeff_dranetz In reply to Disconnected Network Driv ...

I've seen this before with onboard NICs.
Usually Realtek chipsets.
I've tried flashing, and driver updates.
They just seem to remain flakey.
Fine for stand alone Internet, but they fail with advanced networking features like Windows Networking and Netware.
I've seen this problem and drop outs and freezes.
Changing the NIC should do it.
Here's a link for Intel NICs sold at half price through their eval program.


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by lytri In reply to Disconnected Network Driv ...

I have been having this problem as well. I have a peer-to-peer network with XP Pro clients and 2000/2003 servers (single server per network). I have just followed a train of hints that suggest managing Stored User Names and Passwords. I have just put it in for a bunch of computer and none of them have come back with a disconnected drive after rebooting. We'll see if this also helps the dropping of connections mid-use that I also see (along with the copying errors that occur because of this).

Stored User Names and Passwords is located in Control Panel -> User Accounts -> SpecificUser -> Manage My Network Passwords.

This is a real pain in the butt problem isn't it?

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by jimmy In reply to

Poster rated this answer.

So when I Manage the Network Passwords, what should I be looking for? To clear the stored passwords or what? I looked at the "Manage My Network Passwords" (on my personal laptop, not the computers that are having the real problems) and I have the option to add/remove/properties.
Thanks for the input, I hope it works for you.

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by lytri In reply to Disconnected Network Driv ...

I don't see the option to modify/comment on my previous answer, so here's a new one.

Check here for information on managing them:

I would suggest adding one for the server/domain that you are connecting to. This and related articles (under References on that link) seem to suggest that XP will look in your Stored Network Passwords area and use those credentials to connect on logon.

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