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Disconnected Network Drives on XP Pro

By jimmy ·
I am in the process of upgrading a number of workstations from Windows 98 SE to Windows XP. These are less than 1 year old computers that were purchased with XP Pro, but we wiped them and loaded 98 SE to keep everything standardized. Now we are going back and upgrading XP back onto them. The problem I am having is that most of these machines are listing the network drives that are mapped by the login script, as disconnected drives. When you click on them they show the drive contents, but some of our older software will not allow us to access information on a drive that is registering as "Disconnected Network Drive." If I manually disconnect the drive, and manually remap it, then that one drive is fine, until the next reboot.

We have a Windows 2000 Server, SP4, running AD as our domain controller. We are also using DHCP and login scripts.

Any Ideas?

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by FPDOSMAN In reply to Disconnected Network Driv ...

I have experience a problem like yours while trying to run a DOS app on an XP workstation linked to a Small Business Server 2000. The application set the port to be used for printing - LPT1 through LPT9. The connection between the application printing port and the printer is set in the workstation command window using NET USE LPT3: \HOST1\HP1100A / persistent:yes. After a period of time the connection is disconnected. Check out Microsoft Knowledge base ID Q138365 where the server does an automatic disconnecting LAN connections. I've changed the Autodisconnect parameter fron a default of 15 to 4294967295 as stated in Q138365 and I'm now evaluating the results. Please let me know how it works for you...

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by Stephen.Gates In reply to Disconnected Network Driv ...

The NIC and network related disconnections aside, I have seen two types of OS disconnections. The first is when I had XPsp1 with 2000. The disconnection appears with the red X over the drive, and is related to dual mappings. The problem was solved as LMON discribed above.
The second, is with XPsp2 and 2003. I have "Disconnected Network Drive" as the name of the share. I am not sure what causes the problem. Only some shares on the same server are affected. I am using UNC path connections when possible, but have not figured out the problem.

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by Stephen.Gates In reply to

Additionally, the problem is inconsistent. Seems to occur once a week, various users are effected, shares effected are also inconsistent. Does not affect access to the shares, and no red X appears, just the name change to the share. Being it does not impair work, this has sat on the sidelines.

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by ctdamour In reply to Disconnected Network Driv ...

I had this problem for months and the solution ended up being to map drives via user configuration, not computer configuration. Resolved it after the requisite 2 logons (or a gpupdate /force /boot on XP workstations).

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by kevrmat In reply to Disconnected Network Driv ...

So, I ran into the same issue with a Windows XP Pro SP2 client connecting to a $ share on one of my domain controllers. What I found was that the user had a mapped network drive, and then created a shortcut to the mapped network drive on her desktop. Until I removed the shortcut from her desktop I would get the "Disconnected Network Drive" and not be able to get rid of them. Once I deleted the shortcut, everything was fine. I then recreated the shortcut via the UNC path rather than a shortcut to the mapped network drive, and no more disconnected network drives.

Hope this helps!!

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by jrapacilo In reply to Disconnected Network Driv ...

This has been a major problem for me. XP PRO service pack 1/2. Drive letter is mapped but shows as disconnected network drive. Disabled power save on the NIC. Used a .bat file. Tried Manage passwords in Advanced tab User Accounts. The fix seems to be answer 15 in this string. If you have a shortcut on the desktop change the shortcut target from a drive letter to \\server\share.

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by blue-knight In reply to Disconnected Network Driv ...

we use static not dhcp and have similar problems.
I am using XP pro clients and Win 2003 server (not in a domain.) A tech had tried the \\unc path for the icon and no good.

Basically if you log in, go to my computer, click on the map drive, eventually the drive contents will come up. Once the map drive is 'restored', everything good. This does not happen on the win2k machines, just the XP. I have seen this with different apps/servers.

XP pro is broken as regards mapped drives in a non-domain setting. No real solution yet except stay with win2k if can. Hopefully someone will come up with a gpedit or registry setting change to make it work right, but have not been able to find one yet.

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by Reggie Sox In reply to Disconnected Network Driv ...

(probably moot to answer now, but just in case someone else needs the info...)

Are the drive connections strictly connected to Windows 2000 Server?

At a command prompt on Windows 2000 Server, try:

net config server /autodisconnect:0



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