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I've recently become involved in one of the hottest discussions on TR regarding whether or not War-Driving is illegal or unethical. In posting and reading some of the other member's posts, it is obvious to me that the discussion forums need some moderating.

I'd like to suggest a button that allows users to report a post to the administrator. I have seen this on other discussion boards and it appears to work very well. This button would allow a read to report a poster of derogatory comments that are offensive to the reader. For example, the following post**0 is totally uncalled for and does not add anything to the conversation. This would be an example of a post that would be submitted to the administrator for corrective action. Eventually, the moderator could remove this users' membership to TR.

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by jdclyde In reply to I don't think so..

I am brained! Mae even said so!

Not sure what she is saying about my mother though....

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You are

by maecuff In reply to COOL!

a simple creature, aren't you? Have a good weekend!

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by jdclyde In reply to You are

is good.

And a GRAND weekend to you as well!

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Of course it is..

by maecuff In reply to Simple

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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by jardinier In reply to Discussion Forum Idea/Sug ...

At another website to which I belong there is an option to report scammers. In this case the person's profile remains intact but any outgoing mail is automatically deleted, hence foiling the scammer's intentions.

By leaving the profile intact, one can make a mental (or physical) note so as not to waste time if this person comes at you through some other website.

But PLEASE. Do not eliminate the flaming and naughty bits. "Spice adds variety to life."

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Speaking for myself

by faradhi In reply to Discussion Forum Idea/Sug ...

as the rotten scum-sucking flaming bag of poo (heh heh I said poo) that I am. Getting flamed just reminds me of my good ol high school days. *sniff*
Oh, it brings back to memories of mindless idiots that would throw insults at me on a regular basis. I don't remember their names, I don't even remember what they looked like. I don't even consider them except when other sensitive individuals get offended when they are called a schmuck. I survived the Highschool idiots when I was forced to go, I think I can survive a post on a message board. Especially, since I can choose not to read it.
Besides, I am actually impressed that someone that is stupid enough to throw insults on a message board can actually type. We should be giving the individual Kudos for progressing despite his\her disabilites. In this case thier own brain.

This post of mine probably did not make sense. Oh well. I am worse in person.

If I failed to offend you with this post, please let me know. I do not want to leave anyone out.

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You DEFINITELY failed to offend me

by jardinier In reply to Speaking for myself

Please have another go.

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awwwww man

by faradhi In reply to You DEFINITELY failed to ...

I really wanted to offend everyone.

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Ok, I'm offended

by Old Guy In reply to awwwww man

So I won't read your post. What did you say, I forgot. Oh, yeah, you called us a schmuck.

Hey JD! Am I offended??? :)

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