DLINK DI-524UP "runs out of pages"?

By jeff.allen ·
All: I have a simple wired/wireless network using a DI-524UP to acces the internet via PPOE DSL connection. 2 PC's, one via wireless.
When I am surfing I use "right click and open in another page" to explore links. That way I can close those that are not useful and not wait to go back a page.
Since connecting the DI-524UP, I can only open about ten pages before they come up page not found. If I copy/paste the URL (any URL) into pages that work, these URL's still work OK. Eventually, working pages will stop working, until the first page I opened, stops accessing the internet.
If I release/renew the IP (from the ISP) I get working explorer pages again, until the problem happens again.
Before, when I had only one PC connected directly to the DSL modem, I could open as many pages as I needed.
I have tried firefox and explorer, and tried opening a new instance of explorer instead of "sharing" - all with the same result.
I thought I might be up against some limit imposed by the ISP, but as I said - it works OK if I connect one PC direct to the modem (and use the PPOE software in the PC).
The number of pages I can open seems to vary, starting at about ten (ish) then narrowing down eventually to none.
If I just open one page I can surf all day with no hassles (maybe - I am not that much of a power user).
I have not yet logged this as a problem with Dlink, as I am not sure it might be a config issue??

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I'd be looking at pagefile usage,

by ComputerCookie In reply to DLINK DI-524UP "runs out ...

if you have a lot of pages open and they're always refreshing particuarly ads.

Where is all this going to be stored?

Look at Task Mangager and Performance, Pagefile history.

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Don't think so.

by jeff.allen In reply to I'd be looking at pagefil ...

Thanks for the tip, but it works OK if I connect one of the PC's direct to the modem (ie not via the DI 524).

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Router out of memory

by Mr.Wiz In reply to DLINK DI-524UP "runs out ...

You're probably using up all of the memory in the router since it has to keep all of the pages current. Most home routers don't have a large amount of memory.

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Maybe ...(Memory?)

by jeff.allen In reply to Router out of memory

This may be the answer?
Last night I was "surfing" for a long while with no problems. I had a "master" explorer page running and "right click -> open in a new window" many times, but they were all very simple pages - mostly forums (fora?) with text.
How, then, do I confirm this theory? Is there a way to monitor and display memory usage? Or how much memory it has?

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See my original post,

by ComputerCookie In reply to Maybe ...(Memory?)

look at performance.

Look at paging, when the system is runs it will use paging to help manage RAM.

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Could be QoS,

by ComputerCookie In reply to DLINK DI-524UP "runs out ...

possibly limiting as bandwith reserved for the second computer.

Hope your not using the "Free" Tomizone!

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No, NO tomizone

by jeff.allen In reply to Could be QoS,

No. Not using Tomizone.

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