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Do Americans Understand What Socialism Is? Well; do they???

By sleepin'dawg ·
The ?instant-on? protestations of Obama, his campaign, and his Obamabots, indicate one of three things:

1) They are angry that someone has finally had the nerve to call them out on the inequitable practice of wealth redistribution; rewarding the non-productive among us with other people?s hard earned wages.

2) They are arrogantly over-exposing their penchant for playing the race card whenever someone doesn?t immediately roll-over and give them exactly what they want, degrading the hardships, sacrifices and accomplishments of generations past.

3) They have absolutely no clue as to what Socialism is.

Socialism, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is defined as:

?Any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods; A system of society or group living in which there is no private property; A stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done.?

During a campaign stop in Richmond, Virginia, Obama scoffed at the charge that his economic policies were born of Socialist ideology and the Marxist influence predominant among the adults who surrounded him in his youth, calling the use of such "implausible" arguments an, "indication they have run out of ideas."

A barrage of callers to conservatives talk radio programs ? not surprisingly the overwhelming majority of them Black, took an indignant tone calling any and all criticism of Barack Obama?s economic policies ? and for that matter any criticism of Barack Obama at all ? as an emanation of the underlying racism that exists in each and every Caucasian heart in the United States...not among other races, not among the Black population, just the Caucasian race.

One Kansas City Star editorialist, Lewis Diuguid, concurred with the talk radio program callers in declaring, albeit in that publication?s blog and at great homage to the art of ?spin,? that those noting the similarities between ?spreading the wealth around? and wealth redistribution are ?racist.? We are, of course, well within our purview in declaring that the mainstream media has become increasingly irrelevant in matters of fact and honesty, especially where the 2008 election is concerned.

Socialism promotes increased government control over the private sector, both socially and in business. It is achieved by instituting a system that redistributes wealth in an effort to artificially equalize wealth in society, regardless of productivity. When a politician says ? in no uncertain terms ? that he believes it is a good thing to excessively taxing the productive only to redistribute those extracted taxes to the non-productive, exclusively for the sake of altering the social status of individuals, he possesses a Socialist ideology.

The belief that government has the authority to take a citizen?s earnings, no matter what the amount, to bestow it upon another citizen in a quest to socially engineer a more equitable society is squarely rooted in Socialist dogma. This belief is championed and possessed by Barack Obama and is proven beyond doubt in his statement to Samuel Wurzelbacher:

?It?s not that I want to punish your success. I just want to make sure that everybody who is behind you, that they?ve got a chance at success too. I think that when you spread the wealth around it?s good for everybody.? (Emphasis mine).

The complete text of Karl Marx's Critique of the Gotha Program statement is as follows:

?In a higher phase of communist society, after the enslaving subordination of the individual to the division of labor, and therewith also the antithesis between mental and physical labor, has vanished; after labor has become not only a means of life but life's prime want; after the productive forces have also increased with the all-around development of the individual, and all the springs of co-operative wealth flow more abundantly?only then can the narrow horizon of bourgeois right be crossed in its entirety and society inscribe on its banners: From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs!?

Some say that Barack Obama is a great orator. Other say he reads the teleprompter pretty well. And still others think that he is simply a political con-artist specializing in bovine feces. But after comparing Marx?s Critique of the Gotha Program statement and Obama?s ?Joe the Plumber? statement I think it is safe to say that Barack Obama is, simply put, a well-marketed Democratic Socialist peddling a pathetic and failed ideology under the guise of ?hope? and ?change,? just like Fidel Castro circa 1959.

And there?s nothing ?racist? about that.

Dawg ]:)

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Ya think. <nt>

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Your assignment of respon ...
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by ---TK--- In reply to Your assignment of respon ...

You say responsibility, I say trust. I trusted another person would be there, I trusted some one when they they said they would help pay for it all, I trusted someone's word.

When you plan a wedding and pay for it all, you don't plan on catching the other person banging some other guy 2 months before the day.

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by road-dog In reply to Your assignment of respon ...

falls under an accepted risk. You plan a wedding on the grounds of your expectations.

If you have a credit line you cannot expect that the terms are binding forever. You plan, you risk, you expect results. Sometimes it doesn't work out.

Life 101...

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The first part

by santeewelding In reply to Your assignment of respon ...

Interesting inversion, or conversion, or reversion, there, as to trust and responsibility. You could be, or you are, rewriting reality.

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Probably the best idea, TK

by Tig2 In reply to Im done....

When it starts to bug you, walking away is your best plan.

I think I understand what's happening here. Even though you are describing the situation that you went through, there is no possible way for anyone not there at the time to really KNOW all of what was going on.

I know from whence I speak. I had to rebuild from zero after my identity was stolen. That was some seriously hard time. I may have posted the story once but what I knew when I did so was that no matter what response I got, no one would really know the whole story. Life is often too complicated to put into words.

I know a lot of good people who have found themselves in some unholy messes as a result of the recession, gas prices, Wall Street, the mortgage crisis, the credit crisis and unemployment. Toss on top that you went from a negligible APR to a very significant one, I can see easily how you found yourself in a mess. If you are like everyone else I know, you forecasted your budget based on what you knew and took risk accordingly. To have the rules change that dramatically with no warning would have a horrible impact.

I don't think that Nick is trying to be nasty here. I think he was coming from a different perspective and said as much. I don't think he was deliberately trying to bait you.

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by ---TK--- In reply to Probably the best idea, T ...
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The only greys that exist are in the color palette.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to lol....

A is not non-A. As far as I can tell, it hasn't ever been, suggesting that it won't ever be.
That oak tree out front doesn't ever drop whirlygigs or hazelnuts. Just acorns. Tangible reality, of which you are part, is an absolute matter. This thing, or that thing. No maybes.

Perception is what provides relativity (your shades of grey).


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living BEYOND your means

by Violetw In reply to Ill take a stab....

So, let's get this straight. You are waa-waa-waaaaHING because you were living off your credit cards and rates got raised and so you 'lost everything'??? tsk tsk! How come it seems like I am the only person living WELL BELOW my means? I can go without working for... probably 25 years and I don't mean on 'welfare' or 'on soc security', but on my SAVINGS ALONE. How can that be??? Well, you see I make major big money (3 figures/hour) and yet I LIVE on 10/hr, max. actually a lot less. How is that POOOOOSIBLE???!! Here's the tip: don't buy anything unless you can pay CASH for it. Keep your vehicle (my gmc long-bed 4-door truck) till you have at least 200K on it. I've only owned FOUR vehicles since 1972. Dodge Dart 65, bought for 500 bucks with 62K on it, sold it 11 years later with 225K on it for 500 bucks, etc. So it is true that credit card companies can legally charge what used to be called 'usury rates', but you KNEW that when you took their card. If you are going to openly/blatantly deal with the devil, you should know the ultimate end of that contract! GROW UP.

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by Devin_MacGregor In reply to living BEYOND your means

What a POS answer. May your house foreclose and your job get outsourced.

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Whew!- I agree with you Devin!

by TriDom In reply to LOL

Some people think that because they managed to make it, everyone should have. Sometimes life events DO 'cause dire financial problems that are really hard to get through. Most especially if they happen at a point in life where you don't yet have the "backup" funds" to carry you through.

For Violtw to post an answer like that is just downright mean spirited and shows an unwillingness to even empathize in case the person's situation was truley beyond his/her control.

And I can't stand people who want to brag about the amount of money they make. I've seen people make a lot of money and still end up bankrupt as a result of life events. Of course, try to say that to people like Violtw and they'll get self rightious. You'll hear "well, I didn't always make this kind of money- I worked my way up".

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