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Do I have a dead Power Supply ?

By lowe_terrell ·
When I push the power button on my computer the green light comes on in front, but there is nothing else going on, no sounds, no lights anywhere else. The hard-drive is fine, I put it in a friends computer and I could access it. My computer is a Gateway with a Pentium III. Is the power supply dead? How do I check?

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one other thing

by ajpro96 In reply to Do I have a dead Power Su ...

look on the back of the power supply some stock power supplys have a wattage switch try switching it

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The easiest way

by wancona In reply to Do I have a dead Power Su ...

The easiest way to eliminate the Power Supply from being a possible area of interest is to test the computer using a poswer supply that is working fine on another computer. I spent 9 months volunteering at my college with the network administrator, and we've had plenty of power supplies go out.

Some would not light up anything at all, some would light up the motherboard, and some would just light up the front led lights.

Whenever I contacted Dell for replacements, they always wanted to troubleshoot first, but once I let them know that I had tried a "known good" power supply, and if it worked fine, there was no troubleshooting to be done.

So, replace power supply with friends, or another system similar to yours, and see if it works fine. If not, you know that it is not a power supply problem and are able to rule that out of the equation.

Also, when you check, don't plug up all the extra components such as the cd rom floppy and so forth, they just extract energy. All you are trying to do is rule out the power supply.

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Have you checked...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Do I have a dead Power Su ...

the connector that runs from the mobo to the power supply to be certain it is properly connected?
I once knocked one out of kilter when adding a card and didn't notice. Felt like a bit of a nit when my neighbor came over and told me what the problem was after checking things...

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