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Do I have to return sales calls?

By txiso ·
As an IT manager, I get lots of sales calls, especially after I've attended a conference and vendors get my name and title off the attendance list. A lot of the calls are shameless: they say I stopped by their booth (I didn't; I keep materials from every vendor I visit), or they tell the administrative assistant that it's "not a sales call, they're just verifying some information I gave them."

Some write to me in email and say, "Let me know when we can meet next week to discuss <whatever>. I'll call you to set up a time."

Do I really have to respond to these people, even if it's just to say, "Not interested," or can I just ignore them? If I ignore them, am I being unnecessarily rude, or will it just encourage them if I answer them (like spammers)?

I know they're just trying to do their jobs, but they're interfering with MINE if I have to take time to talk to all of them.

What do you think?

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by noyoki In reply to Do I have to return sales ...

I was once a telemarketer. Hated every minute of it because I knew I was bothering someone that didn't want to be bothered.

Now that I'm on the other side, I'm glad we have a receptionist. If I don't recognize either the name of the person, or the company they are calling from, they go straight to voice-mail. If they are a product we were interested in anyway (and sound like at least a half-way decent person - and by this, I mean not like a complete slimeball of a sales-person), I'll give them a call back. Otherwise, I am an entire IT department, which leaves me very little time to deal with sales calls.

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When a sales person lies

by Old Guy In reply to Do I have to return sales ...

to get to your phone then no you don't need to talk to them. And, you are not the one being rude when that happens.

I agree with Mae on the voice mail. It's a good way to screen the calls and still gives you a chance to call back if it does sound like you might be interested. Otherwise the delete button works great too.

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by NickNielsen In reply to Do I have to return sales ...

I usually tell them at the conference that I'm "not interested in a sales call - you guys just have neat toys."

I don't usually hear from anybody unless they have a drawing of some sort that asks me to leave a card if I'm interested. And I don't have a problem telling those I do hear from that I'm not interested.

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Return unwanted sales calls/emails

by rob mekel In reply to Do I have to return sales ...

Sure NOT. Why should you.
I myself get hundreds of those a week. Even spam-filters don't get all of them out. My rules, in my email-program, filter all the email-addresses not in my address book to a read(brows) later(never) folder.

Unless you have time to spare, I sure don't have, you can think about the ones y'll maybe are in need of someday. But how can you tell if this will be.

The ones that think that your company will benefit (and you will(according to them) otherwise they wouldn't have contacted you) from their products, and they from you, will contact you again. You can take those from there.


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Only if your copany wants to keep up ...

by Too Old For IT In reply to Do I have to return sales ...

... with what is new or better.

If they are stuck on "keeping to budget for IT in line", then no.

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Not Rude... it's your time afterall

by pjws In reply to Do I have to return sales ...

In the context of my business I have to be on the phone with people all day, cold calls, warm calls and long standing relationships. If a potential client decides that they don't want to return the call I have made to them.. I move on , I learned early in my career, every call is worth $ to me. But I am never offended when calls and messages go unanswered.. it's part of the this day and age, I have learned it's better to build a network , than be a pest. Let's face it... if they have to lie to you to get your attention .. you don't want to do business with them anyway !!
My two cents worth... have a great day .

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Sometimes I can't help it.

by DC Guy In reply to Do I have to return sales ...

The guy who called with an accent so thick he could have been from another planet, and said "Hi, my name is Jason McCall." (Or something like that.) I gave him some friendly advice. What the heck, we're all in this wacky life together. He entertained me.

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VM Box

by Kreeseis In reply to Do I have to return sales ...

My voicemail is full of these calls. I rarely pick up the phone unless I have to. Even if a sales call slips through the cracks, I usually tell them to send me something through the mail.

I just don't have time for the calls anymore.

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F_ck Em

by solaristech In reply to Do I have to return sales ...

They are not much more than used car salesman, forget em. I should know, I was one of them :))

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Tell them to get lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Styehimba In reply to Do I have to return sales ...

I own my own business and I get tons of calls everyweek. Sometimes I can't even get to my clients phone calls because everyone wants me to use their services or products. The way that I usually get them is by telling them to send me a media packet and a contract for me to look over. Then I go through the contract with a fine tooth comb, have my partner read it, and then we go back through the contract and highlight all the crap in the contract that would not benefit our company. Once I had called back someone that was trying to get me to get a credit card machine. He and I got into it so hot that he got upset and asked me whether or not I had any faith in my business. I told him that it was not a thing about faith in my business, but rather knowing the difference between faith and foolishness. Then I told him that my faith in by business is none of his business and that his only business was to make sure that he doesn't call me anymore. Nevertheless, it is better to tell them upfront that you are not interested and don't want to be troubled or contacted. Also let them know that you need their services at a later date that you will call them.

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