Do i learn html or html5 to become professional website designer?

By talhawmz ·
I am a beginner and dont know about any version of html and i want to get certified for the 70-480 microsoft exam guide me what should i learn first html of directly html5

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Reponse To Answer

by dorylicious1 In reply to Introduction to HTML Guid ...

Thanks! That's really helpful!

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htmlgoodies .com?

by cpguru21 In reply to Do i learn html or html5 ...

Does anyone still use this? In the way back machine used to be a great resource for learning HTML.

Under their primer section is this:

"If you know nothing about HTML, this is where you start
To the Reader...
These tutorials are set up so you can move through them over a week's time. One tutorial per day. However, if you can go faster, do it! Some have told me that they finished the primers in a day. Good luck."

I lost interest a long time ago but this was the place I went to learn the basics anyway.


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Start with HTML...

by LORDDUAH In reply to Do i learn html or html5 ...

That will let you become quite knowledgeable with the various attributes, tags and formalities of the sub-language (html). so as recommended earlier by beeznes: go to W3S for more!

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Exam 70-480: "Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3"

by Britisch In reply to Do i learn html or html5 ...

Microsoft's learning website (search "microsoft exam 70-480" to find) recommends that you have "1 to 2 years experience developing with HTML in an object-oriented, event-driven programming model" before taking this exam. That means something like PHP or ASP dot NET. If you're a beginner, I recommend building your own website (maybe use it for a blog or something like that). You'll quickly learn how the building blocks of a markup language (HTML for content and structure and CSS for visual formatting) along with the building blocks of an object-oriented programming language (PHP or ASP) come together. Specifically, the Microsoft 70-480 exam is very top-heavy with requirements related directly to HTML5 itself (the "canvas," SVG graphics, storage and AppCache API's - to name a few). You better learn the basics before delving into those; there's simply no way to grasp those concepts without a base working knowledge that will take, as I said, 1 to 2 years to establish. You will eventually grow in knowledge to the point where your web application uses dynamic data (usually database-driven, but flat-file is okay too, in some cases). It won't be until you get to the point where you're building structured, dynamic websites that you'll need to learn about XML, JSON, XMLHTTPRequest and so forth. If it sounds like a lot of work, it is; and it takes years of experience to get good at it. Both the journey and the rewards will be worth your time, so get started!

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Go for HTML Basic first

by gauravs_iet In reply to Do i learn html or html5 ...

I would suggest start from basic html, clear your concept, and then move forward. There are some new tags introduced in html 5, to understand them, you must have some basic knowledge of html.

All the Best for exam.

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start with HTML

by kateatkinsonvk In reply to Do i learn html or html5 ...

for beginning you should definitely prefer and start with HTML. The main reason is that HTML5 is not supported by all browsers. But yes after getting your certification in HTML you can also go for HTML5 because it could be possible that in the coming years HTML5 can make its compatibility with all the browsers. For the mean you should start with the basics. After grasping your command in HTML you can go for the latest versions of HTML.

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Start with some HTML

by 2fast4unow In reply to Do i learn html or html5 ...

I had some HTML knowledge - just the basics of what the different parts were. Then I attended ThinkBIG's 2 day HTML5 training course and was brought up to speed very quickly!

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HTML 5 Video Tutorials

by radster01 In reply to Do i learn html or html5 ...

Hi, if you like to learn visually I have some step by step tutorials on YouTube

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