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Do I need to look for a job?

By clwclark ·
I used to work for a software company that wrote a proprietary financial and clinical suite. I recently took a job as a network admin at a management company. They have alot of pirated software loaded on their computers and have asked me to continue the trend. They don't want to hear anything about copyright violations. Do I need to look for a different job?

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It depends on your morals/ethics.

by mrafrohead In reply to Do I need to look for a j ...

Would you like them to steal from you???

If they will do this to other people and companies, what's to say that they won't do it to you...

Not to mention, if you go along with it, you're JUST as guilty...

There is no job in the world worth compromising your values or beliefs.

Think of it like this, if you and your friend go out, and your friend decides to rob a bank and you may not have helped, but were there and knew about it and left with him, you're JUST as guilty... The same thing applies here...

Sometimes, doing the right things in life are the hardest things to do, but they need to be done.

Just remember... What comes around goes around. If you do leave, things may be tough for a little while, but it will be repayed better in the long run


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by FluxIt In reply to It depends on your morals ...

You made a good point and I think people should be more prudent before making a decision to leave. They should conduct a reasonable fact finding endeavor. I would hate to see someone leave because of an emotional belief the piracy is ongoing only tofind out that a site license applies.

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Do your self a favor run

by zlitocook In reply to Do I need to look for a j ...

It used to be vary easy to get away with using one copy on all computers. But here in ST.Louis there has been a commercial on tv and radio. That prompts unhappy employees to call an 800 number to report thier company. The company holds the IT personas the wrong doer and still has to pay the high fines. Just dont misuse software.

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by FluxIt In reply to Do your self a favor run

Those attorney ads are of the same genre as the smucks who bleed auto accident victims with neck braces and wheelchairs.

You know everyone IS held personally accountable for environmental crimes whether at work or at home. How people are in jail or suffered fines for pouring engine oil in a sewer? And many of you may be guilty of that. Do the police issue infractions for polluting? How many of you xeroxed a book from a friend and did not buy it? Are any of you in jail for that copyright violation? Is kinkos being sued?

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Tell them its consequences

Well them what will happen to whole company

if they listen good for you or else quit and find another one.

I won't be in company which doesn't have good business ethics, because i know that company is not going to survive

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by FluxIt In reply to Tell them its consequence ...

When you interview for the job you should be able to discern the ethics of the company.

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by FluxIt In reply to Do I need to look for a j ...

Most states have the laws in plain language online. Federal Laws are called Code of Federal Regulations, CFRs. Online resources are not always current.

Most of the time the CFRs tell the States to establish laws regarding a topic. At times they actually set the law.

This issue comes under copyright infringements not piracy. Actual law may vary from state. Nonetheless, the overarching copyright law is consistent throughout every state.

FL Law:
In general:

I think there is a lot of garbage out there on this topic as service companies and attorneys want to make money so they use scare tactics and ambiguous language.Once again the best way for technology people to protect themselves from any potential legal issue is to document the concern in a memo then cc it to file.

To ensure notice is served send the memo via registed mail but this could be seen as threatening or hostile action. If your company has a document control system use it and serialize the memo or establish your own serial logs for your memos. This adds crediblility to the memo.

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by FluxIt In reply to Do I need to look for a j ...

I think many of you need to really sit down either with an attorney or research on your own the actual laws then assess your exposure or risk.

I think most will find unless your state has some kind of off the wall law that your exposure is limited to any criminal acts you commit. You do not see the employees of Enron being held accountable for the actions of the company. Sure they are unemployed and the ones having stock are out of the money for now.

You always run the risk of having someone sue you under civil law but that does not mean they will win. By memorializing your concerns you can protect yourself. This is why large corporations are doing away with drawers and routinely come through with carts requiring you the throw everything out. It is those darn memos that kill them.

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by FluxIt In reply to Do I need to look for a j ...

In the future, the industry itself will remedy this issue. Software retail sales will go away. You will not go to Compusa and buy a box with a authentic seal on it.

Software will become collateral to a service you purchase. The software will download to the local appliance via the internet. You may not even be involved in this and you may never even know that it happened.

In short, illegal copies will be virtually impossible. The bigger problem would be telecommunications piracy (cy-jackers) and hackers.

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by mrafrohead In reply to REMEDIES

And that will be the day I unplug my machine. NEVER will I allow another company to store my information on their computers with my knowing of it.

Sounds a lot like the whole .NET joke...

Scary, scary stuff.

It'll be 2020 and I'll still beusing Windoze 2000 Service Pack 85...

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