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Do I need to look for a job?

By clwclark ·
I used to work for a software company that wrote a proprietary financial and clinical suite. I recently took a job as a network admin at a management company. They have alot of pirated software loaded on their computers and have asked me to continue the trend. They don't want to hear anything about copyright violations. Do I need to look for a different job?

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There is a bottom line to consider

by maxwell edison In reply to Do I need to look for a j ...

There is a "bottom line" to which you should look for your ultimate guidance. Moreover, it doesn't matter if the issue at hand is software copyright infringement (a.k.a. software piracy), or whether or not the IT manager would (or could) be held accountable, or if it's the way the company treats the customers and/or employees, or whether or not "everybody's doing it", or if it's the way a company manufactures their widgets (by perhaps using sub-par materials), or whatever the case may be.

If the company behaves in a way that violates the values on which you base your life, you simply won't be happy. And only you can define your values; no one else can do it for you. And everyone's values are uniquely their own. If, for example, one ofyour life's values is true and total honesty, you simply won't be happy at a company or in a business that lies (or stretches the truth) to the customers. (This used car was ONLY driven to church on Sunday by a little old lady.) They may be wonderful people who really mean no harm, but if it's something you just don't feel comfortable with, or if it's something you wouldn't do yourself, ultimately you're setting yourself up for even more disappointment.

That would be the kind of job that would be the underlying cause for those unexplainable migraine headaches. You simply have to surround yourself with things and people that fall into line with your values. Anything less is cheating yourself. Anything less is settling for less. Don't settle for anything less than that which you expect of yourself.

(By the way, I wouldn't want to play golf with that guy. He probably uses the foot wedge, creative addition, and selective memory.)

Best of luck,


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by FluxIt In reply to There is a bottom line to ...

You are in control at all times. Its the choices you make that count.

I will make the point that every job is a risk. You need to weigh the circumstances and discern your direction. In the mean time, document what you believe is wrong doing.

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documentation is not enough

by maxwell edison In reply to I AGREE

"Your Honor, if it please the court. I suggest that I should not be held accountable for this crime for the simple reason that I documented the fact that I disagreed with my bosses' actions in committing this crime. I let them know, in no uncertain terms, that I objected to their actions, and that they were breaking the law, as I knew it to be. In addition, I made sure that my boss had a copy of that documentation, and I even requested that a copy be put in my employee file."

"Well, er, uh, yes sir, I did continue to participate in that illegal activity."

"Well, er, uh, yes sir, I did help them carry out this crime."

"Well, er, uh, yes sir, I did know it was wrong."

"Well, er, uh, yes sir, I did realize it was illegal."

"Well, er, uh, no sir, I did not report this observed illegal activity to the proper authorities."

"Bu...bu...bu....but but but...."

"Bu...bu...bu....but you honor, it is such a victimless crime."


"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, have you reached a verdict?"


What was the crime in the above scenario?

It doesn't matter, does it?

Regardless of the crime, would you want to be the defendant?

This one is a “no brainer”


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What A comedian...

by FluxIt In reply to documentation is not enou ...

Perhaps you ought to be on Ally McBeal.

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Who's Ally McBeal ?

by maxwell edison In reply to What A comedian...

Is this a person I should know?



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by FluxIt In reply to Who's Ally McBeal ?

she is on a TV drama about lawyers.

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sloppy book keeping

by Prefbid II In reply to documentation is not enou ...

Documentation may not be enough, but it needs to be part of the start. I was in a large company that was audited. There was enough employee turn-over that just about anyone could have "turned the company in". By the time the audit was finished, the company "owed" $250,000 to Microsoft because the company could not produce the licenses. However this descrepancy was reduced to almost zero when we did prove that "total dollars paid exceeded the calculated total of total dollars that should have been paid". To keep from going through the audit again, we started doing a lot better job of managing our license records. We actually found that we were buying too many licenses.

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by Packratt In reply to sloppy book keeping

Documenting license purchases is important and advised.

Yet these tow are discussing doubleohgod's proposal that you document that you told management about software piracy when there is no attempt to purchace licenses as a way to cover your buttwhile not doing anything else to correct the unethical and illegal activity that you are aware of, and as such, now complicit in.

There's a bit of a difference there.

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IT rarely has purchase authority

by FluxIt In reply to Sure...

IT often comes under the controller who makes purchase decisions. By writing the memo to file you are identifying the shortage of licenses and puting the company on notice. If they fail to act the weight is on them not you.

If you have purchase authority that is great go buy the licenses but most do not.

I worked for a company that gave me $15k signature authority but I could not just spend the money. I had to write appropriation request. Upon approval I would issue the purchase order and sign for up to $15k. I wanted to buy 90 licenses for WRQ terminal emulation software. But the controller would only let me buy 15 licenses a quarter. But the operational need was beyond that and I had to make a judgement call in order to sustain the operations and over installed by 5 licenses each month paying for the licenses at the end of the quarter rather than the beginning and then installing. I ensured that memos to file were written and it was clear to management of the exposure we had.

to-date I have maintained my memos in case anything comes back haunt me. In fact, I was an operations manager for aircraft maintenance facility at one time. I could go to jail any time in my life if one of those planes crash due to maintenance malpractice. The memo to file and journals are how you save your butt.

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You are right, in a way...

by Packratt In reply to IT rarely has purchase au ...

I really should know better than to think that others could be picky about whom they work for when I cannot do that either. I did force this issue twice before and I suffered greatly for it twice. One was over licensing, payroll theft, and bill padding practices and the other time was over harsh treatment of immigrant workers. I ended up out of both jobs as a result and blacklisted to a degree and this was hard on my family for a quite a while.

So, when you have no choice, then file those CYAs and hope that will be enough if the hammer comes down.

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