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Do I need to look for a job?

By clwclark ·
I used to work for a software company that wrote a proprietary financial and clinical suite. I recently took a job as a network admin at a management company. They have alot of pirated software loaded on their computers and have asked me to continue the trend. They don't want to hear anything about copyright violations. Do I need to look for a different job?

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After taxes?

by FluxIt In reply to There is a bottom line to ...

There is a bottom line in all this. Be proactive, identify the shortcomings, and notify the decision makers. After you pay your dues it is up to the Company / Officers who are accountable to make the right decisions not you. These people are the board of directors, CIO, COO, CFO, CEO, and controller most often. in other company charters it is the owner.

Memoralizing your findings and maintaining journals is what is called into evidence if you get into trouble. Your journal is yours and must be bound, no pages missing with every page numbered, multiple ink colors, entries must have dates and time in order to be admisable in court. Put only pertinent facts, events, and no opinions. Nothing that you do not want others to see.

Always smile never argue, even if you think they are wrong. I had a graduate class that taught us to fight for what we believed. They wanted to see heated debates and forceful delivery of ideas.
That will get you fired today. Everything has to be sugar coated and you often have to act like a dumb blonde in front of your boss in many ways. People today tend to hire only people dumber than themselves.

Unfortunately, in technology there is a high concentration of creative people with IQ's between 120and 160. Technology people tend to develop global pictures and see things about a business that others have difficulty seeing. This is threatening to a seat-of-the-pants COO who worked his way up from janitor or a CFO who has traditionally had exclusive power but now must share that with the CIO or even some techie who could effectively halt the company.

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