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Do more expensive smartphones last longer than cheaper ones?

By arnoldhwang ·
Tags: Smartphones
I might buy a new smartphone in the future and I have a few questions. Do the cheaper smartphones tend to not last as long as the more expensive ones? Like for example the Moto G7 smartphone vs the Samsung Galaxy s10, or even the Samsung galaxy A10 vs the Samsung Galaxy s10.
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Not at all

by NowBored In reply to Do more expensive smartph ...

One of my friends picked up a OnePlus. I purchased a Moto at one third the price. After almost three years I replaced my Moto since it required twice a day recharge. My friend is still using the OnePlus since he has a 4 year target with a thrice a day recharge schedule.

My replacement phone has a 5000 mAh battery. I charge it to 75% daily to test out if I can extend the battery life.

The best part is that since most phones are supported for 3 years with sw updates, this will give me a updated phone with lower "cost of ownership"

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