do multiple defrag damage hard drive over time?

By simon.belanger ·
Im building computers for family and myself for a while.
Usually when a PC slowdown. I recommend to average
user to try first check for virus, spyware.... clean up thier
crap and then to defrag thier hard drives.

On my own computers i do run a defrag every 5-6 months
to keep it fast running. 9I usually do it when file
fragmentation rise to like 20% or disk nearly full.)

Recently, my girlfirend told me that a local retailer said to
that defrag do damage hard drives if you do it multiple

Is that true?

I never heard that before. nor saw any damage on disks
that i have been using for many years. What you all think
about that?

Running on windows xp (NTFS)
Have both IDE and SATA hard disks.

As we are talking of defrag. Do mac computer need defrag
? Do it even exist on mac?

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It does not hurt it at all.

by Slayer_ In reply to do multiple defrag damage ...

HDD's are just like cars, usage does not kill them, time does.

Often HDD's will last longer if they are not often powered down (spin up is tough on them, turn off shutting down of hard disks in power options after your Drive is getting old [7-10 years maybe?])

My current server is running a 13 year old HDD, my old parts lookup machine that still works and is still in use, has a HDD that is nearly 15 years old now. (1gb HDD).

My gaming machine, I have my HDD's set to defrag every night with standard windows defrag. Then once in awhile I use a third party tool to do a really good defrag.

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