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Do undegraduates with experience stand a chance to get hired?

By c_djraj ·
I was just wondrin to hear comments from the group based from their experiences and locales if a person who happens to be an undergraduate but with experience stands a chance in the IT industry compared to newly Grads and degree holder?

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by dkeggins In reply to Better educated the more ...

I don't know about some places but around here, the most of the people with a degree don't really know squat. It's seems like it is just a piece of paper with some letters on it. The knowledge level in general isn't any better, but usually worse. (I just had to explain to an IT Manager the difference between a hub and a switch! Degree knowledge?!) I didn't have the chance to go to collage right out of HS and seem to be fairing better than some that has. It really depends on what field you are going in, but when it comes to computers, experience is the best. Certifications, however, isn't a bad help, but I will always stand by experience to be equivalent, or better.

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by milton.lambson In reply to Degree=crap

It is easy to tell you didn't go to college by the way you write. I don't believe that you can dismiss education or if real world experiences is enough. I know both sides and education is a big plus.

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Better educated the more hand holding

by mjnunzio In reply to Better educated the more ...

You forget that when in school what the student knows is what's published in their text books.
I have seem college grads come out of college and watch them be over whlemed with the task of actually doing the practiced tasks at school on a live system. What a IT professional without a college degree knows is real life experience that a college grad can't get right away. Give me a mature IT pro with 5+ years of IT systems experience anytime.

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Education <> experience

by TimEros In reply to Better educated the more ...

I replaced a guy with a degree in my office when he had no clue with a Win NT 4 machine and wiped out a client's system. I have no degree or cert, though I do take classes to keep myself up-to-date.

Ironically, I think the problem with education in the IT industry is that it's out of date when it's being taught. In any case, there's nothing I can't do with freedom and a good knowledge base . . seasoned with common sense. (i.e. don't put a Win NT CD in the drive then click OK a few times, then cancel)

BTW, the Engineer with the degree . . he has his own car detail service now. LOL!

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by damfman In reply to Better educated the more ...

That's a load of crap. I have excelled in all aspects of IT even before it was called IT. This includes communications/presentations. I have yet to meet any college graduate who could out-do me at anything except B.S.! Most of the really stupid people I have ever met are college graduates. The college degree stipulation is nothing but a club that those who have gone through use to hold back others. As such, to precede in this world I am having to pursue a degree myself - which by the way I am breezing through with an A+ average. The only thing holding me back is the fact that I can barely afford it - another conspiracy wrought by college graduates!

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Better educated or better prepared?

by Dew812 In reply to Better educated the more ...

Better educated or better prepared?

It never ceases to amaze me how some folks place more value on an individual who has a college degree more so then an individual who does not have a degree but has relevant experience. You would think that an individual with a college degree would know how to use proper grammar and spelling. Yet, I see college graduates who fail in this area more often then they should. Maybe spell check doesn?t work on their word processor. Does it take a college degree to fix that problem? There in lies the quandary about college graduates. Maybe they just spent too much time partying, socializing and having fun instead of learning and applying what they?ve learned! Those skills are certainly necessary to take with you into the work place; however college is not necessarily the only place available to acquire those skills.

An individual who may not have had the opportunity to go off to school for 4 years may have learned another valuable attribute called responsibility developed through real world experiences. Imagine having to buckle down and deal with issues and circumstances that directly impact your personal life or the lives of the individuals that you care for. In this environment folks develop skills that are often not learned in school.

What is the real issue here? Hiring somebody who is better educated or hiring somebody who is better prepared to do the job?

That?s why you have interviews to go with the resume!

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Engineering and Writing

by Steve Ingham In reply to Better educated or better ...

I have found in both the IT world and the Highway design and construction field that engineering competency is not related to reading/writing ability. Indeed, I have generally observed an inverse relationship. It is the rare individual that can write as well as design/build.

About 20 years ago, I read that large banks such as Morgan-Stanley preferred to hire Liberal Arts majors because they demonstrated better problem solving abilities. They could teach thinkers how to program, but they could not teach programmers how to think. Do they still prefer Liberal Arts majors?

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Bachelor's vs. Master's

by Chug In reply to Better educated the more ...

As a followup to the original question in this discussion thread, for people with degrees, how about a Bachelor's degree vs. a Master's degree? Looking for feedback mostly from people who might do hiring or have been hired based on these critera.

Is a Master's degree really any more desired by employers compared to someone with a Bachelor's AND years of experience? Perhaps an MBA for management positions, but other than that?

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More Value....

by SublimeDaze In reply to Better educated the more ...

Not every undergraduate has "only" a certificate. I have no certificates, no degree, but I do have over 20 years experience. I know more than some of the kids graduating today will ever know because everyone's worried about specialization. If I can step in, do the job and do it better than some kid who's still wet behind the ears, would you rather still hire him because he's got a pretty piece of paper that the ink is still drying on?

Yes, certifications have lost their appeal in the last several years because of the mass amount of MCSE's cranked out by cert mills. This is also why MCSE correlates to "Moron Confused (by) System Errors".

The question here is experience versus degree, not certification versus degree. There's a huge difference, and you'll find yourself very restricted by your opinion. Opening up to experience is sometimes a manager's best option.

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Not always true

by smcgirk In reply to Better educated the more ...

Just because someone has a degree from a university does not mean they have the ability to make a presentation. I know and have worked with several individuals that have various college degrees and cannot perform as well as others without a degree.

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