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Do undegraduates with experience stand a chance to get hired?

By c_djraj ·
I was just wondrin to hear comments from the group based from their experiences and locales if a person who happens to be an undergraduate but with experience stands a chance in the IT industry compared to newly Grads and degree holder?

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Experience/Skill better than Ed

by Lopaka In reply to Better educated the more ...

A degree or certification is not necessary in the IT Field. I know of several examples of high school drop outs that have achieved high position within their companies, (CTO's and CIO's). On my staff, I find the ones without a degree work harder and smarter than the ones with the degree/certificate. I have summer interns that come in from the local high schools that show my staff a thing or two every year. So, I believe that experience/skill will always out way education...:)

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you never work no?

by leonardo.toyos In reply to Better educated the more ...

stand up infront of executives and give a presentation is your concept of IT work?
you little mind never work in systems, you have the mind of a secretary

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The Internet Job search

by rstoebe In reply to I would generally rather ...

If you are using the Internet for your job search having a degree or a certification opens doors. If your involved in networking your experience will be more highly regarded and the lack of a degree or a certification is less of a factor. People that get to know you will be more aware of what you can do and not concerned about what degree you hold. And experience can definitely help you keep a job.

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Book Smarts only takes you so far

by USDOJ In reply to I would generally rather ...

the most important piece of knowledge that I can impart upon anyone who is currently persuing an IT field of study is this. All the books and labs in the world will not prepare you for what you WILL encounter in Real Time situations. Do well in schiool, but also get into the workforce and learn hands on while you are in school. Then you can apply what the real world teaches you to the lessons learned from the book and become far more usefull when all is said and done. I am a 15 yr Network Professional who never finished his degree and have remained employed in the field from day one because of one simple reason.. I am one with the network :-)

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Applying your knowledge...

by comptech3 In reply to Book Smarts only takes yo ...

Agreed. While taking college courses, I also worked at a major OEM in Tech Support. What I found was that the knowledge I gained in class helped me on the job. Conversely, the knowledge I gained on the job helped me in class.

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Depends on where you are in your career

by mharbert In reply to I would generally rather ...

Two things to consider are you hiring for a corporate environment or a mom & pop shop? If I am hiring someone for a corporation I would like someone with a degree. If I am hiring someone for a mom & pop shop I would look for the experience.
I have personally found that my associate degree can only take me only so far. At some point in your career you will be asked if you want to take the next step and go into management or become a team lead. This is where a degree will help you accelerate your career. I can?t count the times when I have had to explain a major problem to upper management and the impact of an outage to a business unit. That?s again where that degree comes in handy. I have returned to college part time to finish my BS degree because the limitations of my Associate degree. So my suggestion is to get the certifications and experience first than let the business pay for your degree.

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Degree = Unobtainable for most.

by KierO In reply to I would generally rather ...

I myself have worked with many people in technical roles, similar to myself. And they have been lazy and generally complacent, merely because they have "a meal ticket" in the form of an IT degree.

Some of the best people I have worked with have been NON-degree educated, but highly skilled and motivated non-the less.

As well as the fact that recent UK Government surveys have detailed that degrees are worth LESS in the modern market place then ever before, and the debt you face getting one is higher than ever before.

Meaning that people from less fortunate backgrounds, who may be just as skilled and talented, stand to get a worse job, because the well-off people CAN afford university or college.

You want to hire people? Make your own mind up and don't just rely on a piece of paper to make the decision for you. Generally people with something to prove can be more willing, skilled and motivated, then people that think they deserve it by default.

If they have a degree and are the best person for the job, fair enough. But employeers - don't get complacent, just because they DO have a degree.

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From Working Highly Experienced lapsed Undergraduate

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I would generally rather ...

18 years in this trade, working all that period except for about three months between contracts. Fortunately a degree is far less important in the contract market, otherwise I'd be rounding up trolleys in a supermarket car park. Cannot get a sniff at a permanent role. Now I seem to be almost too experienced, even if I was prepared to drop down to a role where academic recognition was considered less important I would not be able to afford to take it. The big stumbling block is not that you haven't got a degree but that most people in HR, Agencies etc know less than nothing about the discipline and so rely on an external appraisal of your knowledge. The fact that a mathematical or science degree qualifies you to write software probably explains my successful career as I've spent a good deal of time doing their work properly. No point in fighting the system though, if you are in a position to take time and earnings out to go get one then do it. If like me you've kids, house etc then you'll have to tag along behind the academically recognised and clear up after them.

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Totally Agree - Cleanup after them daily

by admin@h In reply to From Working Highly Exper ...

I completely agree. I completed three years of college in Accounting. I was on the Dean's List every semester. Then the kids came and life demanded that the education stop. I discovered that Accounting was totally boring and I loved computers. Started my own consulting business and was fairly successful. I gave that up for a job with a Global Fortune 500 company. I have been in IT for 12 years, but have never completed my degree or gotten any certs. Many of the people I work with have degrees and certs and I am constantly cleaning up the mess they create because the did something "cool" that had a negative impact to the business. Every corporate team I get put on I find I am the only non-degreed person. Many of these people are narrow minded and focused on what they can do with computers, not what they can do for the business with computers.

If you want to hire a truly successful individual or you want to be a successful IT pro, learn/show what you can do for the business with the skills you have! Not what piece of paper you have aquired.

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Experience Is King

by saborbas In reply to I would generally rather ...

I am an IT Pro with 18 Years of Experience, I have a 2 year degree and no certifications, but at every position I have ever had, I am alway taeching the College grads and the MCSE and CNE how to do the job. The Degree dosn't mean anything with out the experience.

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