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Do undegraduates with experience stand a chance to get hired?

By c_djraj ·
I was just wondrin to hear comments from the group based from their experiences and locales if a person who happens to be an undergraduate but with experience stands a chance in the IT industry compared to newly Grads and degree holder?

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Remember one thing

by mevcmv In reply to a bit both ways

Certs can change and you can 'forget' to recertify. But a Degree can't be taken away!!

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Reply-"Remember One Thing"

by rburello In reply to a bit both ways

Degrees may stand forever but the knowledge gets old. Certs are renewed along with the knowledge.

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I have been in this situation...

by mary.armijo In reply to You are right!

I have been in the situation where I had a hard time finding a good job because I lacked the experience but had the education. I luckily got into a very good position and have proved myself. In fact I will be applying for a Director position. I think personality and knowledge have a lot to do with it as well as work ethic. How can you possibly judge a person by education or experience. During the interview it is what the individual brings to the table. Certifications and degrees show that the person can make a commitment and complete it, however in my experience I have found that those with experience and no degree and limited in knowledge and only know what they have learned. Education does make you a well rounded person. If it weren't for my degree I would have not been as successful with my new job.

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And what about pure willingness to do/learn something

by rdc02271 In reply to I have been in this situa ...

Some of you said that formal education gives more skills/knowledges than plain experience, but the truth is that those you wish to become the best will
buy books,attend seminars/courses(not degree related) to improve their skills.
This has nothing to do with formal education. A person may have a degree but their grades might be low. But then, when I think about it, do I want to hire someone that was the best in their class, but only knows what he/she has been taught at the university, or, someone with an average of C who has made a superb application, research work,etc that truly shows what that person is capable of?

I have completed 3 of a 5 years degree. I left the university becomes I wasn't learning anything I could not learn (at a lower cost) with a few books and the fundamental will power.

Thanks for your attention and please be gentle when replying:)
Jorge C.

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I'm in that situation now.

by qrubim In reply to I have been in this situa ...

I?m basically having the same problem but it?s just a little different. I just received my 4 year degree, a BA in Information Systems from a good school that is known for its engineering and computer science achievements. I?m fortunate to have 5 years experience in the IT field from win 9x to windows 2003 server and exchange 5.0 to 2003, Linux and etc? I even had a CCNA that just expired this year. I have noticed that even now I can not get my foot in the door in any company and I?m only some 10 miles away from New York City ?Thank goodness I still have my old job?. But to get back in track I have always been able to have a job in the industry because of my experience, the degree will help later on.

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Pros and Cons either way

by leketee In reply to You are right!

Of course you can be successful with either situation. It's up to the interested party who has the need to do a thorough and good enough investigation into the abilities of the candidates.

But I agree that a good education should have it's advantages, and does, and will almost all the time give you a well rounded individual who could successfully meet most of your challenges.

Overall, mixing your knowledge and skills with faith in God will get you the best results.

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RE: Pros and Cons either way

by pickleman In reply to Pros and Cons either way

> Overall, mixing your knowledge and
> skills with faith in God will get you
> the best results.

Right. I'm sure God will be the deciding factor as to whether or not you get a particular job.

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getting hired

by trevor.clere In reply to You are right!

I have the education. Decided to switch geers and went back for a Masters degre, MBA. Even earned two "specializations". However, when it came time to interview, my lack of experience in my newly chosen field was very evident and EVERY employer wanted to hire me at entry level. I had already worked 8 years in Healthcare and spent an extra 3 yrs in grad school. A Pay cut was out of the question. Education is the foundation. Gave me a macro view of many things. Experience pays the bills. Hopefully my education will provide more opportunities in the long run. Experience is more valuable when job hunting (period).

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by kphillips In reply to getting hired

Thank you for your comments...I always thought the same way. If I was looking at a resume, and I saw that "Jane Doe" worked for 5 years at a local company that could be verified...and she had all the skills....... WHY WOULD I CHOOSE "JOE SMITH" with out any local work experience just because he has a degree? Its like making a blind date... you dont know what your getting.

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Sediking best reasoning... NOT

by red_wolf In reply to You are right!

Following that logic, you should go to a general physician for brain surgery, because a Brain Surgeon is to specialized and can't adapt to changes fast enough.

There was no "luck" in my getting hired. I have no college degree and no certifications, but my hiring manager wasn't so foolish enough to toss my resume in the trash (they like PROVEN track records). One interview and I was hired, guess even us "illiterates" can speak to managers in a professional way. Ever notice that it's the people that went to college that perpetuate the myth that only college grads are good enough to employ (only if you too wasted tons of money can you be as smart as me).

In closing while you were busy learning (book learning) and partying, I was busy doing (real world deadlines) so I could support my family. You know what the acronyms PhD and MCSE stand for don't you?
PhD = Piled higher and deeper
MCSE = Must consult someone experienced (don?t get me started I have tons more on this one)

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