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Do undegraduates with experience stand a chance to get hired?

By c_djraj ·
I was just wondrin to hear comments from the group based from their experiences and locales if a person who happens to be an undergraduate but with experience stands a chance in the IT industry compared to newly Grads and degree holder?

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A course or two in English might help...

by jamesjmots In reply to Sorry buddy but I knew my ...

"...I helped got higher degrees..."
"...did not even understand..."
"...dont beleive me..."

You may be a helluva coder, but prose is not your forte.

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What? Educated?

by gjanes In reply to degree is better

I am a high school drop-out, a tech-school drop-out, and a corporate executive. I have the pleasure of working with an IT professional with a 4-year degree - this individual has trouble remembering how to get home. I have worked with tech-school graduates who cannot carry a conversation in real-time... try to decipher one of those emails.
Base line on this is that education is a wonderful thing. The question is what one does with that education - is it a waste of time and money or does it add value to the indivuals natural talents?

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You need a degree in writing

by cshipman In reply to degree is better

I hate to say it, but if you have a degree, why then, do you write so poorly?

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Experience is better

by tonyh In reply to degree is better

If you're talking about 19 to 21 year old techs a degree may be better. But in my 20 years experience i can tell ya that one fresh from school generally has no idea how computers work. All they ahve seen is XP and win2k. Maybe even a Cisco switch here and there. And programming... they teach programming with visual languages and rarely get any formal troubleshooting training. Ideally you have both. I degree proves that a person is willing to go to the trouble of school but experience is the keeper every time.

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The person and the degree

by bashar9090 In reply to degree is better

The degree person get to know more than one thing in his/her education which makes him relatively having good knowledge in more than one field, rather who get certificate who is attached to that certificate. But in many times you can see degree people who lack the do stuff, and you can see certified person who has wide knowledge and do ability. I believe that its a matter of the person himself and its abilities, and well to know more and more and do more and more

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different view

by mdodd In reply to degree is better

As a person that has a degree and now experience, I find that I lose most of the knowledge I gained in school because the majority of it is not put to use. The old saying "Use it or lose it" is very true. I find myself going back to the books for some of the very basic stuff and plan on going back to school for things I do not use at all just for a refresher.

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by langstonha In reply to How small minded

I'm trying to get hired now and I have a degree and cert. The folks that interview me would like me to have more experience. I have over five years but this is my second career and I think they would also like a little younger person (I'm 47) even though they can't say that.

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Second chances

by cfc01 In reply to Experience

Congratulations on having the courage to change your career.

A pointer - If you are good, you are good. Age does not come into it.

If the job market does not pan out - do freelance work until you have proven experience, and maybe by then, the entrepreneurial bug might have bitten you and you may choose to stay with your own business.

Been there - done it - Sold the T shirt and consulting services to the to the guys that did not want to employ me!

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Face The Truth

by hanrahan99 In reply to Second chances

I am 54 years old, I have never spent a single day in a college classroom. I have been in the IT industry since 1972. I have led many technial projects with IT professionals who had doctorates, masters etc... Conclusion: The most productive IT professionals are the ones who LOVE what they are doing and possesing certifications or degrees is unrelated. Another comment: I prefer well rounded core competent professionals over specialists.

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Age does count!!

by desertwman In reply to Second chances

I know that education and experience both can get you a job. I have enough University Credit to get a masters degree but never got the paper (a story for another venue) and over 10 years technical experience. But the limiting factor in my job hunt seems to be my age and gender. There are lots of young grads with a couple of years experience which seem to be preferable to a grey haired grandma.

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