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Do we work too much in the US?

By AV . ·

After reading this article and looking at the chart, I started thinking about the quality of life for US workers. The chart is based on 10 years of tenure. Most US workers don't stay at a job that long so they have alot less time off.

I was surprised to learn that there are no federal laws in the US mandating that companies pay employees for time off or that they grant them a minimum amount of vacation days unpaid.

I can't remember any company I ever worked for saying "take 2 weeks off" like they do in Europe. I'm lucky if I can get 1 week of peace in the IT field. As it is, I have to check emails. What kind of time off is that? In my 20+ years in IT I have never taken 2 weeks off at once. How sad is that?

Do you think all of this work has paid off for you? Is it worth it? PS - O, Canada! You're worse than the US.


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by Shellbot In reply to Sounds great Shell

probably the best thing to do, buy her out and stay put..

well..i look around at people here, there is a lot of wealth, but there is also a lot of people living on credit. Everyone has nice things and designer bags, shoes and clothes..but they are working like dogs to pay for it and i just think that in a couple years what will they have to show for all thier hard work? Experiences and stories to rememeber all thier lives..or a pair of worn out shoes and a handbag with holes in it?
Things are starting to tighten up here, and i think there will be a bit of chaos when the banks want the loans paid and the credit card companies want more than the min payment in the next year or so. Part of me feels sorry for them, but most of me thinks they are fools who spent money to have the same things as thier friends its thier own fault!

Ah..isn't it great to be older and wiser JD :)

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The only part of housing that is booming

by jdclyde In reply to Sounds great Shell

is repo's.

It has been bad here for a few years now, and has recently gotten worse for a number of reasons.

One, our Democrat Governor is leading us to the single highest unemployment in the country and all she can do is blame Bush... She is looking to slap a tax on anything she can get her Canadian mitts on.

Two, flexible rate loans. People got these when the rates were killer low. Now they rates are outrageous and people can't afford their payments anymore. I know someone that just let her house go back to the bank last month because between the raising rates and lowering value, she owed about 30k more than the current value and she couldn't make the payment.

Three, over spending. People basing everything by their payment on if they can get more "stuff". Everything is bought on plastic.

I use my check card for everything.

Can't speak about the older, but definitely wiser! B-)

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Thats the way to go

by AV . In reply to i'm with ya

Its just amazing to me how much stuff one can accumulate. I used to think I wanted a big house, but now I look at houses as how much do I want to clean. :^0

My hubby and I have a small house with about 4 1/2 acres and now that we are getting older, it is getting harder and more expensive to keep it up. We would love to sell it, but the real estate market isn't the best right now in the US for sellers.

I think its great that you can do what you want. I try to avoid whatever overtime I can. I don't get paid for it and really don't want to do it if I don't have to.

I think in the IT world you can expect to work overtime if you support the critical systems of the company. I do that now, but my next job is going to be something that doesn't. I'd like to travel and enjoy a more leisurely existance too.


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Salary, so no OT for me

by jdclyde In reply to Thats the way to go

My hours are "as needed to get the job done". If there is an emergency, I have to stay. If it is a problem but not critical, it will wait till morning, especially if it wasn't my fault. B-)

If I need to work a weekend, I take a weekday off in exchange so my hours balance out. I don't complain about staying late because they don't complain when I have to leave early. Being a single father with full custody isn't always easy.

Oh, they paid for my BA I just got, as well as my certs.

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Thats true of alot of people

by AV . In reply to A key part of what you sa ...

It was only a matter of time before the McMansion crowd with the gas-guzzling SUVs hit a brick wall with their finances. They do have to work alot of overtime to support that lifestyle. I'd rather have less and enjoy my life more.

But, honestly, it costs a small fortune for anyone to live today. I don't know how people with kids can make ends meet. You have 2 kids that will probably go to college in a couple of years. College costs major bucks. Its just ridiculous.

I think its a smart move on your part to have as little debt as possible. Thats really a throwback to past generations that only bought something if they had the cash to pay for it.


Edited because I forgot a word

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My ex wanted more...

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to A key part of what you sa ...

and when I was laid off, she wouldn't cut back (why should SHE have to suffe, I was the one laid off right?) and that was just one of many reasons she is my ex...

I've always been spartan in my tastes, but uncle Sam picking my pockets doesn't help.

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picking your pockets?

by jdclyde In reply to My ex wanted more...

Stop voting Democrat and it won't happen as much.

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Won't happen

by rob mekel In reply to picking your pockets?

as much ... just if the others do ... they make sure y'll have nothing left
couldn't help myself ... was to easy to leave it open hehehe

If government want's to be a pick-pocket ... it doesn't matter if they're right, left or middle (wing)politicians. If they need the money, they'll get it from whoever has some to get picked off. :)
Sad thing is: it's always done with
... It will be to your benefit as well ...
Well let me be the judge of that; don't need somebody else to make up my mind or deciding what's good for me.

Ah well, SWMBO has some pretty good ideas and that name has its reason.


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"Key Workers tethered during vacations"

by drowningnotwaving In reply to Do we work too much in th ...

I've noticed a number of posts in different positions discussing the requirement of (key / senior ?) workers to be 'available' during their vacation, particularly amongst the American contingent.

I've never lived in the US but I have certainly worked in large stints (during which I took vacation). Similar in UK and in Europe.

My take?

Just say no.

Times to exercise discretion?

- If you own the company.
- If your team is closing a big deal and your target relies on it (in which case you'd probably quesiton the timing of the vacation, but sometimes it happens).

IMHO most people I've seen keep in touch, generally have some overblown opinion of their own importance and therefore the business's reliance upon them.

Just don't pick up the phone! Don't read emails ! Make sure your backup plan is in place. Your family, friends and sanity need you more than the email does.

Funnily enough, I know a heart surgeon who religously drops all contact whilst on vacation. He recognises the need and objective of his relaxation as the greater service he can provide to his staff and clients.

Don't tell me it is more critical in IT or in business in general.

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At this time in my life, yes we are working too much

by DadsPad In reply to Do we work too much in th ...

but looking back on my younger days, when I was just getting into Pc's, even without paid overtime, I spent a lot of time working, enjoying, learning. I suspect I am not the only one.

I also see too many people that do not care about the work they do, just the time off they want. I seem to find them behind counters, at stores in customer service, on the telephones when I am trying to get help.

We also have a lot of retired people here, and they have lots of time, but no patience to wait behind someone. Maybe too much time off is not alway good. :)

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