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Do you have a thick skin?

By Steven S. Warren ·
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Techrepublic has many interesting birds. What is the best or worst thing anyone has said to you on Techrepublic.

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I know

by maecuff In reply to Whatever anyone says abou ...

And I've been pouty ever since. I was under enough stress as it was to have everything here all wonky. I de-stress here. All in all, I hate it.

There. I'm pretty sure that will earn me the whiny *** ***** baby award for the month of October. (Sorry Mambo..I know you've had your eye on that award).

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He is very much present

by onbliss In reply to Neil

He has honored us with his presence once again. It looks like he is just using a different screen name :-)

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by Shellbot In reply to Do you have a thick skin?

can't think of much off hand..

some idiot called me arrogant..(hmm..not quite sure why)

oh, and when my cat was missing someone made a rude remark i took rather personally.

I can be quite thin skinned at times, but i get over it quick enough :)

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oh THAT idiot

by Kiltie In reply to hmm..

I remember him posting that bit in another discussion.

WOW did he get attacked for that.

Your friends here at TR rallied to your defence (nice to be in such a large happy family)

I myself, didn't post, although I wanted to, but that was because the others had got there first, and done it so well!!!

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Kiltie, in cases like that

by jdclyde In reply to oh THAT idiot

it is ALWAYS the more the merrier.

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was interesting

by Shellbot In reply to oh THAT idiot

to say the least :)

was nice to see so many stand up for me..especially since i am such a basket case half the time :)

as JD says..the more the merrier.. :)

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but, a cute basket

by dawgit In reply to was interesting

... it's always a matter of perspective. Baskets are very useful at times, and sometimes we all need to be put in one for a while. (and it always beats getting put in a box.)

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Ahh but...

by TechExec2 In reply to but, a cute basket

Ahh but it depends on the box, now doesn't it?




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ah, let me think about that...

by dawgit In reply to Ahh but...

before I imcriminate myself. B-) actually I was try'n NOT to think about one of those nice pine boxes. :_| I've avoiding those. But I guess I've always been an out-of-the-box thinkers anyway.

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Pine box?

by TechExec2 In reply to ah, let me think about th ...

Not a PINE box. It was a DE. Get it now?


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