Do you have to keep track of company phones?

By jdclyde ·
Greetings all.

Guess who is the new phone dude? :)

Anywho, this is going to be a major change of the current culture. Up to this point, there was a stack of phones plugged into to the chargers, and you would grab one as you went out on the road. Often the drivers would end up grabbing the same one (you check them out for the day) but there wasn't anything saying they had to.

The new system connects the employees to our system, so it REQUIRES that the user has the same phone everyday.

Now that the background is done, looking for things people do to keep track of the systems.

Looking to make a spreadsheet that lists:
employee number
employee name
employee location (we have three locations)
serial number of the phone
account number for the "touch-to-talk" nextal
account for the data plan

Are there other things I should be keeping track of?



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by shasca In reply to A part of the system we h ...

Sounds like we are both talking the same tracking system types. I am a big fan of hardware, and software systems doing inventory control for me.
I also love being able to go online, and track a delivery coming my way. So I can see why you would be into it.

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Where I live...and work...

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to GPS tracking

I work for the county (and live in the county) but the county office is in the town (a different municipality), the town is in the that I got that out of the way...

The town just put GPS units on ALL town vehicles/equipment a month or so ago...they are really pi** GIS tech is Dupty Fire Cheif for the town & drives a 3/4 ton fire truck to work....he keeps telling me he's going to reprogram the unit in his truck to show that he's in Hawaii.

They haven't put them on the "County" vehicles "yet".

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Thanks for the link

by jdclyde In reply to This might be of use to y ...

I will be forwarding that on to the managers.

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Hey! Phone dood!

by gadgetgirl In reply to Do you have to keep track ...

(sorry, couldn't resist.....!)

Definitively state whether personal calls are allowed or disallowed from company phones. If they are, set a point at which the company no longer pays for the calls (people have been known to call chat lines.... ) Make sure that everyone signs up to the fact that they are aware of their limits of usage, no matter if it's work/personal or what.

(we do this: we also make exceptions for calls home in emergency circumstances)

Also, have a statement in that signature sheet that they have to report loss within XX hours, provide a crime number if stolen etc. Also put something in their about maintaining the phone's readiness for use....

oh - and they should also have a copy of whatever they've signed, which includes the make, model and serial number of their nominated phone.


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Thanks luv!

by jdclyde In reply to Hey! Phone dood!

the blame/responsibility stuff would be good to know, I suppose....

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I get to start from scratch

by jdclyde In reply to Do you have to keep track ...

Getting all brand new phones, so I don't have to worry about tracking down to make sure who has what.

Just looking to do it right the first time when I do start sending them out next week.

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IT Manager becomes the phone guy . . .

by rpost In reply to Do you have to keep track ...

Sounds very familiar. I, too, inherited phones to my IT duties. Suggest you include:
-The phones ESN, Make, Model and, especially for your BlackBerry phones, their PIN. The start date and renewal date is handy when you want to upgrade or replace. Because it helped tie in to Verizon's "My Business" account, each phone is given a "last name" of the department and the first name is the user. Our spreadsheet also includes plan, charges and minutes allowances. It also ties to another page that has battery info and taylored phone books (contact list) for users who may only call specific numbers.

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Thanks for the tips

by jdclyde In reply to IT Manager becomes the ph ...

activated the first phone today, and saw that yes, I needed more information than I had thought. ~sigh~

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Get a barcode reader and printer

by mdhealy In reply to Do you have to keep track ...

I've never done what you're doing, but have considerable experience in the world of biological research where a medium-sized experiment could involve tracking dozens of microtiter plates* full of samples. Mix up the samples and the data analysis won't mean squat! We stick a little barcode label on every sample so that each plate can be scanned at every step. MUCH more reliable than writing stuff down in paper notebooks.

For a label printer and a handheld barcode scanner you'll pay under 200 bucks total. Put a label on each phone, and put the scanner beside the rack: as each phone is checked out for use or checked in for repairs it is scanned.

*See this article

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We have a barcode solution

by jdclyde In reply to Get a barcode reader and ...

going to be using MC75's. They will do signature captures as well as barcode scans.

This gets sent back to our system and updates in real-time. A customer can then go to our website and check the status of the job, as well as SEE the captured signature.

Thanks for the link.

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