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Do you like buying things on line? If you do, how secure are you???

By sleepin'dawg ·
The U.S. Secret Service does it's best to hunt down cybercriminals, at all levels but in Canada the job is left to local law enforcement, which is next to useless. The Secret Service does the best it can but they are only playing catch-up.

Should you transact business on the internet??? Do you really believe organisations like Verisign or PayPal are secure and able to protect you??? What recourses do you have if you get ripped off??? EBay and Amazon and others offer the convenience and comfort of online shopping from your home or office but at what cost to your financial security and safety???

Sure it's convenient but should we really trust on line banking and bill paying services??? Follow the attached links before you make up your mind and before you decide, know this; "The Shadowcrew" are only the tip of the iceberg.

In case anyone thinks this is all a fantasy this is the link to The Shadowcrew AFTER being busted by the Secret Service; still up and running, somehow, it seems. This seems to be an all purpose site for scumbags right down to and including, it appears, paedophiles. It could be dangerous opening any of the links or forums inside.

If you live in the US you're a little bit safer than Canadians but not by much. You do have the Secret Service doing its best to protect you but they are having difficulties keeping up.

Everytime you transact business online you are increasing your exposure to risk. Don't think it can't happen to you because it certainly can,that is, if it hasn't happened already. The links are Canadian in origin but the stories apply to both Canada and the US equaly.

Dawg ]:)

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by Dr Dij In reply to Sorry Dij, I saw the acco ...

I think some e-commerce setups are reasonably safe, yet they could be improved. I've had some close calls: found keylogger on my PC. (which I thought would be impossible since I'm very careful and have many safeguards in place). Changed passwords, etc.

Visa and MC don't want your card# stolen either as it looks bad and they may have to pay. The internet just make ID thefts larger in # and easier to exchange cards. Not necessarily easier. It is easier to open someones wallet and take the card, or swipe it thru a card reader of your own in a restaurant for example.

Some hacks can be complicated for hacker, sometimes traceable back to them, and there ARE effective defenses, not that everyone is using them.

computers / protocols / cc# storage on vendor systems needs to be locked down and made foolproof.

It never will completely but the harder it is the less likely breeches are and the more likely thieves will take longer and get caught, just like a well locked down car will generally make them move onto a different car without an alarm.

I'm all for segmenting the net: countries that won't respond to help in shutting down illegal sites could have the whole country or just certain ISPs that are problems segmented off the 'civilized worlds' section of the internet.

You don't travel physically to the lawless sections of Pakistan or Russia, why should we let the internet in from such areas.

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It's a nice idea but how could it be accomplished.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Yup

You would have all the bleeding heart liberals, up in arms, in protest.

Dawg ]:)

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Secure-er Browsing

by marketingtutor. In reply to Do you like buying things ...

Anyone wanting to be sure that no sensitive data is compromised should simply install the free VMware player and use the pre-built browsing appliance. In that way, you can easily remove pretty much all of the risk at your end for compromised data.

That of course doesn't prevent the shop your sending your data to from using it wrongly. The same discussion I have with people EVERY time we get into the topic of internet shopping, online banking, and risk, ultimately leads to the same conclusion...Know the company you're shopping with.

Yeah that is not the end-all-be-all to it, but working in the IT arena, I certainly trust the technologies involved alot more than I trust placing phone orders with some bepimpled phone rep that I don't know from a bar of soap. As swiftly as he puts my credit card info into the computer, he could just and swiftly be noting it down on paper to send off (for a fee) to the russian mafia.

With the computer, there are audit trails, encryption, and many times the data is never touched or seen by humans.

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You would think that but

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Secure-er Browsing

nothing beats looking an iten over, trying it on and paying cash for it. If it doesn't fit I know right away; I don't have to ask for a return authorization number and then wait for a refund to be credited to my account.

The way I shop, the total experience takes less than half an hour. Go in, try it on. If it fits , pay cash and leave. If I have to use a crdit card, I make sure it stays in my sight at all times. A pair of slacks and a pair of shoes, two differnt stores, total time round trip to my car: 35 minutes. Everything fitted; no returns necessary, total in cash: $212:43.

Dawg ]:)

Dawg ]:)

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Identity theft problem with CASH

by Dr Dij In reply to You would think that but

once everyone converts to cash, the junkies roaming the backstreets of Edmonton will bag the little old ladies each loaded with their $212.43 in cash to buy trousers for their darling son. (Hey, my mom does this and mails them to me :)

since they will also steal her wallet, it now could be identity theft (they'll use her credit cards too, maybe forge some checks..)

Don't worry, those travelling with $212.43 in their pocket who have snarling dog avatars need not worry, they won't be targetted (unless the junkie has a gun?)

so anyway you'll have to now carry a gun with you like they do in remote sections of Pakistan where there is no law enforcement and everyone carries guns for protection, and cash to buy stuff :) Enjoy!

Seriously, I think that in addition to tightening security, we need to prosecute people for this more actively. That will discourage and reduce this to manageable levels.

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Agree and Disagree

by Tig2 In reply to Identity theft problem wi ...

I will begin by saying that I pity the id10t that thinks I am a target. I grew up with women and I am here to tell you that we are meaner than cat sh*t when it comes to a fight.

Opponent has a gun? He had better hope two things- one, that he still remembers how to fire. Two that I am not equally armed.

In some towns in Arizona, I understand that it is a requirement to go visibly armed. While I have never experienced that, I have held a concealed carry permit for quite some time. I know how to shoot and I do it well.

I agree that robbing little old ladies needs to be met with stronger penalties at conviction. I don't know- being in the liberal zone- if it will help. Some jack@ss is going to start whining about the "rights of the oppressed".

If you try to rob me, I become the oppressed. I reserve the right to replace you with a very small shell script.

If I see you try to "oppress" little old ladies, the same rules apply.

Off the soapbox, I always carry two wallets. One has my ID and cash in it. The other has about $5 US. Guess which one the robber gets? And any sizable amount of cash is somewhere on my person. How often have you heard a robber say "Give me your bra"???

If the FIs are going to continue to not take personal information privacy to a reasonable level, I think that a transfer to cash is the best possible option. The cash you take today is gone and will be replaced. It will be the rest of my life before I dig out of the hole caused by identity theft. How do you decide between the evils?

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Cash problems

by Dr Dij In reply to Agree and Disagree

sorry about your ID theft thing. Cash tho has other problems, i.e. getting it and keeping enuf on hand. Means you can't make any unplanned purchases. This is very unpractical at times. I walked into Frys for something else, discovered they had seagate external USB /firewire drives 300 gig with one on sale at $170. End result, with what i was buying, would have had to carry $500 in cash with me. If everyone who went to fry's or other stores had to have cash or majority of them actually had alot, this could increase crime rate drastically. they might skip YOU specifically if you looked big and bad but someone would be victim.

perhaps the best idea is a combo of these: anonymous untraceable 'cash cards' that you type in a password to 'open up' and you could transfer card to card or card to store like a credit card but it would not give receiver your credit card#, just a one time# keyed to the amount of that transaction. i.e. they could not charge your account for any amount different than what you agreed to and typed in.

numerous sci-fi shows have had money transfers this way. I've even seen prototypes discussed where they use one of the $10 cards that generates a new sequence every minute or two.

This sequence is factored with the amount to provide a unique transaction ID that, like I said does not trace back to your account except anonymously, and cannot be charged any other amount.

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Dij, I've always been able to go where I want , when I want. Some .........

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Identity theft problem wi ...

people just can't help being victims. It's in the way they move, the way they hold themselve. I've heard both police and crooks refer to it as the victim personality. Whatever it is, I'm just generally left alone and have seldom ever been bothered by anyone but then again I do have a definite capacity for self defence.

Carrying guns or a gun can be highly dangerous when you consider how many individuals who carry guns end up being shot by their own weapons. I've read somewhere that even police officers suffer casualty rates from their own weapons, ranging close to 20%. I don't know what it says about the training methods of police but it says something to me about amateurs carrying loud noisy weapons. The presence of a gun according to statistics almost invites and guarantees the risk of violence. An empty handed calm non threatening posture poses no threat to an offender, unless of course he comes within reach. There are means to ensure that this happens.

Dawg ]:)

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Psychologically - the prescence of the gun

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Dij, I've always been abl ...

will mean that some one will try to use it in a tense situation. Most user accidents with a gun come about due to them getting careless with the safety, or intentionally shooting themselves - often with bad aim at the last moment.

I have a friend who speaks against citizens carrying guns but advocates they carry less dangerous weapons - he has a marble walking stick with a nice hardwood knob on the end, he never moves without it. It is the same size and length as a martial arts weapon called a Bo, and he can use it very effectively.

Personally I find that if you are not armed and another person is, they usually come close expecting you to quiver in fright, then get very shocked expressions when you break their arm in two as you relieve them of the gun or knife - seems no one tells these fools that a gun / knife is not a magical defence. They don't seem to understand why the military are taught unarmed combat AND given knives and guns.

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Police training videos and studies

by OnTheRopes In reply to Psychologically - the pre ...

have shown that a DETERMINED person with an edged weapon in-hand (knife, screwdriver etc.) within 20 feet of an Officer, (even if the Officer already has their pistol in-hand), has a greater chance of inflicting a fatal wound on the Officer than vice-versa.
Police departments use those studies and videos in court to justify shootings.

Gun control, to me, means being able to hit your target when you HAVE to.

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