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Do you like buying things on line? If you do, how secure are you???

By sleepin'dawg ·
The U.S. Secret Service does it's best to hunt down cybercriminals, at all levels but in Canada the job is left to local law enforcement, which is next to useless. The Secret Service does the best it can but they are only playing catch-up.

Should you transact business on the internet??? Do you really believe organisations like Verisign or PayPal are secure and able to protect you??? What recourses do you have if you get ripped off??? EBay and Amazon and others offer the convenience and comfort of online shopping from your home or office but at what cost to your financial security and safety???

Sure it's convenient but should we really trust on line banking and bill paying services??? Follow the attached links before you make up your mind and before you decide, know this; "The Shadowcrew" are only the tip of the iceberg.

In case anyone thinks this is all a fantasy this is the link to The Shadowcrew AFTER being busted by the Secret Service; still up and running, somehow, it seems. This seems to be an all purpose site for scumbags right down to and including, it appears, paedophiles. It could be dangerous opening any of the links or forums inside.

If you live in the US you're a little bit safer than Canadians but not by much. You do have the Secret Service doing its best to protect you but they are having difficulties keeping up.

Everytime you transact business online you are increasing your exposure to risk. Don't think it can't happen to you because it certainly can,that is, if it hasn't happened already. The links are Canadian in origin but the stories apply to both Canada and the US equaly.

Dawg ]:)

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20 feet can be covered in two or three seconds

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Police training videos an ...

and a knife is an area weapon while a gun is an exact weapon. A person can swing a knife through an arc of a few feet and hit a moving target, a gun has to be dead on target and has less than an inch of danger space.

I have not seen or heard of the tapes and studies you mention but have seen studies which show that when a knife is introduced into a situation the fear and mental stability of those involved increase four fold while the itnroduction of a gun increases the fear and mental stability twenty fold - including the person with the weapon.

Another interesting point is that most people feel invulnerable and scared when they brandish a weapon of any sort.

When I went through the NSW Police Academy in the 1970's the Firearms instructor taught us that we were never to touch our firearms unless we were absolutely certain in was needed and we were already mentally prepared to shoot and kill the suspect. He also taught that when the time comes that you have to shoot, shoot to kill - saves paperwork and trouble in court while lowering the dangers to you and others.

Re hitting targets - most people learn to shoot weapons while shooting and stationary targets - hitting a moving target is a totally different story. I saw Chuch Yeager on TV the other night talking about fighter planes and he mentioned that studies after WW2 showed that over 80% of fighter pilots never hit any enemy aircraft they were shooting at as they did not understand about leading the target - this is also true of most law enforcement training. Although the new holographic training centres will change this, but there are not enough in use yet.

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Deadly accurate Ernest

by OnTheRopes In reply to Police training videos an ...

I graduated from the MLEOTC Police academy here. (Michigan Law Enforcement Officers Training Council)After graduation I worked as a Deputy Sheriff.
After a career change and a couple of decades I joined a local police-reserve unit, mostly for the free training, 100 rounds of free ammo per week and an indoor shooting range. The only difference between our uniforms and full-time officers was the additional letter R, representing Reserve, on our City PD shoulder tabs. We had to meet the long list of requirements and training certifications for full-time officers. It was a blast.

The City PD where I worked as a reserve has a Law Enforcement network set-up and that's where I watched and was tested on the videos.

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I accept that it's insecure...

...and, although I do buy online, I ordered a separate credit card with a very small limit specifically for on-line use, so that if I DO get ripped off and the credit card company doesn't come to the party (i.e. doesn't accept that I was actually ripped off & offer some kind of refund) - then at least I only lose a couple of hundred dollars. Plus of course I DO understand the security issues and have my home PC fairly tightly tied down. Doesn't make me safe, but at least I'm happy that my risk of a BIG loss is minimised.

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further to the above...

...I have in fact had several items ripped off in the mail, that I have ordered online. I'm guessing that the on-line traders didn't intitiate the rip-offs, as they used a track & trace system (that didn't work, big surprise) and refunded my money each time.

I guess one of the things then, is that on-line shopping is a risk at more than just the data entry point...

I DO wish that like JDClyde I could browse shelves of local shops for what I want....but I live rural and good CDs\DVDs\Books (that I like) are rarely available at places that only sell the most pop top 10 of anything (i.e. most Malls, for instance). So - online shopping is the only answer for many of us.

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It depends on how far away are the sources and how much...............

by sleepin'dawg In reply to further to the above...

patience you have. Do you really have to have that latest release of whatever, right now??? Would your life end if you never got it??? Is your life so empty that this is your only alternative??? I guess if you answered yes to any of that, you would feel compelled to shop online but you should be aware of all the risks.

There is an alternative; ever hear of Bit Torrent??? Check out Opera 9 beta 1!!! Don't worry about it being a beta release because you have never seen one quite so smooth and free of glitches. Bit Torrent is built into it and it runs very securely and quickly.

Then you may be in position to answer the old question; is it better to be the ripper or the rippee???

Dawg ]:)

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that all depends

by gadgetgirl In reply to It depends on how far awa ...

on what you're rippin' in the first place, I would think! Personally, if you ripped my expensive stuff, you'd get the bill for it!! (sorry, couldn't resist. AREA WARNING - I'm in hyper mode again!)

Personally, one card in existence with limited funding, only used in emergencies. No online anything else, seen too many taken down/out by that, including SME's like mine. Won't do it.

But, then again, I'm the one who has trouble with "unusual payment habits" (yes, really) Twice in the last four years, I've had my card refused when my bank has decided that if I'm in London for a conference, I really shouldn't be...... Ever been financially embarrassed in the SAME place TWICE?? Not nice. Believe me. X-(

But if someone wants to lend me their card so I can buy some more expensive sexy lingerie, just pm me, won't you????



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GG dear....

by Tig2 In reply to that all depends

You are incorrigible! But do take me along on the spree...

Sexy lingerie. Hmmm. Been awhile.

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a long way away from sleepin'

Lots of patience (helps if you work in IT)....latest releases?? Who said anything about latest releases?? And why does the pursuit of decent literature, movies & music indicate an empty life? BitTorrent isn't anything I'm interested in - I order stuff online because, for instance, gives me good hardback books at a price cheaper than I can get the softcover edition in the country I live in (incuding postage). And makes available quality DVDs and CDs you've probably never heard of, sleepin', if you only cruise Malls.

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I hate shopping and stay as far away from Malls as possible.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to a long way away from slee ...

I am fortunate to live in a city that has stores for just about anything imagineable. The only stores I ever browze in are hardware stores and book stores. I never buy clothing on line because I like to wear stuff that fits and find there is too much variance in sizes from one supplier to another.

Hey it's your money. You want to shop on line, that's your decision; it's just not very likely to be mine. Also I am not very big on designer labels. I would actually pay to have cornball logos left off my clothing. I know what brands I wear, I feel secure enough within myself, that I don't need everyone else to know what makers label I wear. It pisses me off that sometimes I don't have a choice because it is embroidered into the item.

You mention living in another country and If that is the case maybe then I can understand your difficulties but I don't have that problem.

Dawg ]:)

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Before you ask, I have no idea why all the double posts

by sleepin'dawg In reply to a long way away from slee ...
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