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Do you think Big Ole Jack have IT ethics?

By simphiwe.mngadi ·
I have soon realized that BOJ has had a lot of deleted postings.

Do you think that he is far to emotional as an IT product/services reseller or is a question of ethics?


Here are the code of ethics for information security professionals:

* To discourage such behavior as:
o Raising unnecessary alarm, fear, uncertainty, or doubt
o Consenting to bad practice
o Attaching weak systems to the public network
o Professional association with non-professionals
o Associating or appearing to associate with criminals or criminal behavior

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In case anyone else is wondering what started this, - EDITED

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Do you think Big Ole Jack ...

The original post:

And my introduction of ethics to the topic:

EDITE Incidentally, I felt some of Jack's nationalistic comments in the referenced discussion were out of line. Apparently the PTBs agree. But I didn't see anything he posted that caused me to question his ethics, and I don't know what being emotional has to do with him being able to do his job.

Speaking of questions of ethics, is it ethical to start a new discussion behind someone's back instead of continuing the debate in the original discussion?

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Behind his back?

by simphiwe.mngadi In reply to In case anyone else is wo ...

I am not questioning his ability to do the job?

As you will soon find out, it's not behind his back.

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For what it's worth, the dude was funny and witty based on comments

by ManiacMan In reply to In case anyone else is wo ...

I just joined the site today and have been reading some of this stuff and it just cracks me up. Now I can't vouch for him, but some of the stuff mentioned does have a certain sense of validity and nationalistic pride, but who am I to judge another human being? What's right in the eyes of one is wrong in the eyes of another.

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Its not his ethics that are the problem

by j-mart In reply to In case anyone else is wo ...

Most of us don't know BOL from a bar of soap and as we have not met him would not have a clue as to how ethical he is. As I see it, Jack stepped over the line, when he attacked people on a race basis, in particular people from India. As this is a forum, every one has a right to their opinion and you are going to sometimes see the occasional idiot resort to attacking someone on racial grounds, this usually being because they are too thick to put up a decent argument using intelligence. As India is a part of the world which has a growing presence in IT, more Indian people are going to join up with Tech Republic. I know many in the USA are pissed off because some of your IT jobs have gone to India, but this is not the fault of the people of India, blame, the captains of Industry who have run down your economy and outsourced to save a buck, they will all be true blue Americans and not from India. You Americans don't like it when you get attacked not on your own personal merits but because of what country you come from. As for me I like the people I've met from India, Scotland, Russia, China, Australia and many other countries, of course there are people who **** me off as we but I find they can come from anywhere, just across the street or from the other side of the planet, it has nothing to do with what race they are

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Ethics in IT: non-existance

by simphiwe.mngadi In reply to Its not his ethics that a ...

Any Tom, **** and Harry can obtain a IT certification to get to the profession, unlike law and medical profession. Even without certification, you have an abundance of so called "IT Specialists" within IT.

So what is ethics that we IT professionals has to abide to in order for our profession to be taken serious? Please no dictionary definitions - I need practicality.

It is all implied that if you provide provide hacking advice, you risk loosing your certification. But will that stop you from continue practicing IT function, a BIG NO. Yet there is a minefield of hacking tools that we ethical IT professionals dump on the internet.

Can you truly enforce ethics within this field?

It's neither about individuals, companies, nor countries. Ohh, Tigger, it's not about sex (male vs female) either.

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Ethics - difference between right and wrong

by j-mart In reply to Ethics in IT: non-existan ...

You don't need to hide behind a word. A person who attacks another on racial grounds does not act in an ethical manner, calling him a bit emotional is just BS. Those that get on their high horses giving us the " I have Ethics " line is all the software on your home machines and at work all 100% legal. It seems none of you have any difficulty firing a few shots off at anyone from the Sub Continent attacking their integrity. Ethics include the way we behave outside of our jobs as well. It is worth also noting none of us who are members of TR are particularly special, we are not the world leaders in this industry, we are just the plodders who scrape a living from this technology, our Indian brothers and sisters are the same as us. The real clever bastards who come up with the technology that we use to make our livings don't spend their time on TR, this is only for us following on behind

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Speak for yourself

by JamesRL In reply to Ethics - difference betwe ...

As to world leaders in industry, I happen to work for a firm that is number one in the world in its field (certain type of software). And some of my previous employers have been number one in their fields as well (telecom hardware).

I think perhaps you need some context.

When WhyMeWorry stepped over a fairly clear line about racism, many here, myself included called him on it. I will admit I hit the report as SPAM button to call the post to the attention of the PTB.

Have you read the BOJ posts that got him banned or are you just speculating based on this thread?

I will admit there is a fine line, finer than you might like to admit, between racism and frustration over tha activities of some groups of people.

I certainly don't need anyone to accuse me of being racist towards people from the Indian sub-continent, I live in a community which is one third populated by people who originated there. I have worked for political candidates who were born there, but are now citizens here. I work day in and day out with people from there. I call these people friends, colleagues, co-workers.

But there have been on this board a large number of cracking requests that have come from the Indian subcontinent, mostly from India itself. Does that mean that anyone who calls that fact out is a racist? Not at all. I would call out the fact that since Indian schools graduate more IT people now than the US, its proabably what we should expect. If we call that fact out, it doesn't mean we all think that everyone from India is a wannabe cracker.

We had another recent thread about firewalling Chinese addresses to avoid much of the cracking, bots, spam etc that originate there. No one thought that was racist.


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Still only at the coal face

by j-mart In reply to Speak for yourself

I have worked for a firm that is a world leader in its field of technology so what. Like you I was just one of the workforce I was not inventing it. I have seen a BOJ racist post as it was a reply to a post I made. He may not have been cut off for the racist attack as he also posted links to an obnoxious site about the same time. There may be posts that come from the Sub Continent that may be seeking information on cracking, but to put it into perspective, coming to TR to get some cracking info is not going to make you a major player in the cracking game, we are not that good. The serious players are very competent in the technology and I don't think they learned that from TR posts.

As of fire walling China, it did not attack the Chinese on racial terms unlike BOJ's racial attack on Indian people. If you want to attempt to fire wall out cracking, bots & spam just fire walling China is going to fall way short of stopping everything

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Again speak for yourself

by JamesRL In reply to Still only at the coal fa ...

You have no idea what I do for a living.


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by noneedfortenchi In reply to Still only at the coal fa ...

Seriously, who gives a **** what you do? This is a discussion about BOJ. ****, you're so full of your own self-importance that you've forgotten what this thread is about.
Who gives a **** what you do. BOJ is racist.
Racism = Unacceptable.

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