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Do you think that time travelling is possible??

By DeN inc. ·
It just struck my mind. What if we're able to travel to the future rather than the past? I think I would then go 1000 years ahead and start selling the currencies we have today. Haha.. I'll be rich

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No. According to many renown brianacs...

by TomSal In reply to Do you think that time tr ...

I too was/am interested in the concept of time travel. So about 2 years ago I bought a book on the subject, I forgot the name of the book (its at home on my bookshelf if you really want me to post it here) but I'm pretty sure its simply called "Time Travel" or something simple like that.

The book is a compilation of the super guru's of today and "yesterday" -- there is work sighted extensively from Einstein, Newton and even Stephen Hawkins.

As well as various scientists from major universities to whom their name meant nothing to me, but they had lots of credentials.

Most of the book is way smarter than I am , some of the theories (they actually have the real formulas physicists and quantum physics professors use for calculations relating to time travel) give me a migraine if I try and wrap my head around them for too long.

Anyway the *extremely* "Average Joe" simplified answer is no time travel is not possible.

First thing that supports this is the scientific community at large all agree for time travel to even be of even the slightest chance of probablity you'd have to move the mass that is to travel through time faster than the speed of light. This presents a serious obstacle, because as you fans of Einstein's work will know he theorized that the absolute speed limit in the universe is the speed of light. (This is one of those sections that makes your head explode when you understand their reasoning why this is true...about how molecular structure would decompose at that speed and etc. etc. oh and the little fact that even the fastest vehicle made by man (the space shuttle) at about 20,000 no where NEAR approaching the speed of light at 186,000 miles per second).

They also go into the fact that the sheer amount of energy it would require would be on the order of a billion times greater than what the entire planet consumes collectively in a single year.

Very interesting read, probably a much smarter person would gain more knowledge on the subject than me - if they read the book.

anyway..great subject none the less

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Oh lord...don't get me thinking

by jck In reply to No. According to many ren ...

1) I saw a story that physicists are looking into hyper-light subatomic acceleration, i.e.- that matter at the subatomic level moves faster than light by phasing in and out of specific states. It's a hypothesis, but they think it's real.

2) If we ever figure out how to go back in time, I'm going to go back and convince my parents to move to Ireland...hahahahaha

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No Douglas Adams got it right all those years ago

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to No. According to many ren ...

When he was Assistant Producer on a BBC TV series. For a power source the vehicle had the "Eye of Horis" as a power supply which was inexhaustible and went under the name TARDIS .

Now if he could come up with the Answer to the Ultimate Question of "Life the Universe and Everything" he just must be right. :^O

Besides Jules Verne wrote a book about time travel along with his many other books and he never claimed that they where fiction but something that he had experienced he was able to give a very good description on Modern Day Paris with a Monstrosity of Iron and Steel sticking up toward the sky and those horrible Horseless Carriages that didn't actually move blocking the streets. The fact that in his book 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea he predicted that the submarine was actually powered by electricity is something else to be considered.

HG Wells wrote something similar as well and his writings where fairly accurate so could it be that both of these people wrote about what they had seen or could it be that we are shaping our society to suit their writings?

Anyway most likely it has already been done and the evil SOD destroyed the technology so no one else could cash in.

Col ]:)

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Well then

by jck In reply to No Douglas Adams got it r ...

I'll just have to go back in time and catch that dirty sod and give him a swift kick in the arse!

OK...I gotta go hook up the Atomic Vector Plotter and the Brownian Motion Device so I can warm up the Improbability Drive.

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Or they could be like Nostrodamus

by ITgirli In reply to No Douglas Adams got it r ...

And they simply saw it in their mind. It could have come to them in a dream or a trip. Who knows? we can't exactly ask them. Or can we?

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I supposes that would depend

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Or they could be like Nos ...

If any of us where around when the did actually drop in wouldn't it?

Anyway the whole lot where all electrically powered and these books where written in a time before electricity was discovered or at least widely being used. The only electrical things back then where DC powered and the idea of Nuclear Power like on the Nautilus is just too much of a coincidence isn't it?

Col ]:)

Col ]:)

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If it is, I know I'm not the one who invents it....

by TheTechMan In reply to No. According to many ren ...

I know if it is, I'm not the one who invents it. See, I gave myself a date that I would come back to, were it that I discovered time travel and could come back to the past. When I got there, I would give myself the secrets so I could build the machine, an Adams-ian way of thinking, I admit, but funny to wrap your head around, no? I'd never have to learn how it was done, I would have learned from the future me.

Well, I never showed up. I'm a jerk in the future, I guess, if I did invent it, I didn't want to share it with me, I guess...

By the way, if it ever does come around, I'd go back in time and ask Jesus 'What Would You Do?' :-D


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hey, that call into

by Jaqui In reply to No. According to many ren ...

question the whole
which, loosely translated means, the energy required to move something at the speed of light is the mass of the object times the square of the speed of light.

so getting faster than light would be e=(mc^2)+1

this theory sidesteps that by saying the subatomic particles are stepping into a different phase/ space to move?

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Theoretical bull...

by Frenchwood In reply to Do you think that time tr ...

Ok, let me theorise for a second...

Anyone seen superman (2 i think) where the world spins in the opposite direction? my theory is Kind of like that...

the universe starts with a big bang, all matter expands outwards, (this is confirmed by the fact that this year; we will add another second to the last minute of the year, so 1 second before midnight will be 23:59:60 to make up for the difference in the spinning of the earth)

Eventually, as with all explosions, the expansion will stop, and a vacuum at the blast centre will occurr and then efecctively pull everything back in at the speed it went out.

So, (deep breath) in theory, as soon as the implosion begins, every could go in reverse, therefore, spinning the earth in reverse, therefore revesing time and effectively 'Time Travelling' backwards.


Time travel is just not possible! ;o)

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that made no sense

by jck In reply to Theoretical bull...

In respect to time, the expansion or retraction of the cosmos is related to time moving *forward*. You would have to retract time *and* space to reverse time...not just the matter the universe consists of.

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